Buy Hyatt gift checks at Costco to get 20% off your Hyatt stays

I realize this isn’t news, but it just occurred to me that I never blogged about it. Anyway, many Costco locations sell 2x$50 Hyatt gift checks for $80, which is basically 20% off any Hyatt stay. Keep in mind that these aren’t gift cards, so you have to use them in $50 denominations, but they can go towards all charges on your folio at check-out, so this is quite a deal.

Now, if only I had a Costco membership, or for that matter had a Costco nearby….

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  1. Lucky, a household may have two cards per Costco membership, but they just have to be listed on the same mailing address. You can even sign up online and then go to a warehouse when you travel.

  2. Don’t forget that there’s a Costco just north of SFO and that there are TWO In & Outs close by, one north and one south of the airport…

  3. Huge Costco in Clearwater just on the other side of the Rt 60 Bridge headed from the airport (forget its real name). I travel to Tampa all the time and go there occasionally when I have an evening to kill, usually combining it with a visit to Quaker Steak and Lube for dinner.

  4. On a show yesterday was this coupon code for 25% off Angie’s List.

    Angie’s list is like a craigs list but to help find contractors, dentists, etc.

    Use the coupon [b]PAUSE[/b] for 25% off at checkout, it is applied instantly.

  5. I noticed the best rate at my Hyatt is an internet prepayment. Any way to use the gift checks to pay this?

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