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For years, Panama-based Copa Airlines used United MileagePlus as their loyalty program, which goes back to Continental having a stake in them. However, in 2015 Copa decided to launch their own ConnectMiles program, which very closely mirrored MileagePlus.


Fortunately Copa still awards miles based on distance flown rather than revenue, and they don’t have a revenue requirement for earning status, but otherwise the program looks quite similar. Copa is also a Star Alliance member, so you can earn and redeem Copa miles for travel on any Star Alliance airline. I know many of us have taken advantage of the opportunity to status match with Copa, so I’m sure I’m not the only ConnectMiles Platinum member among us. 😉

Copa now lets you buy and share miles

As of this month, Copa ConnectMiles has added the ability to buy and transfer miles, something which they previously didn’t allow. Perhaps they’re inspired by their Star Alliance partner to the south, Avianca, and what they’ve done with their LifeMiles program.

ConnectMiles is using to process these transactions, and it looks like Copa is charging 1.5 cents per transferred mile, and 3.0 cents per purchased mile.


Copa is offering up to a 50% bonus on purchased miles

At the moment Copa ConnectMiles is offering a 50% bonus on purchased miles.


The bonus is valid through March 31, 2017, when you purchase at least 5,000 miles in one transaction. The bonus is also tiered, meaning you get a bigger bonus the more miles you buy, as follows:

  • Buy 5,000-9,000 miles, get 15% bonus miles
  • Buy 10,000-19,000 miles, get 30% bonus miles
  • Buy 20,000-29,000 miles, get 40% bonus miles
  • Buy 30,000-50,000 miles, get 50% bonus miles

So if you purchase 30,000 or more miles, you’d be buying miles for 2.0 cents each. That’s certainly not a rate at which I’d speculatively purchase ConnectMiles, though I’m sure some people will find value in buying miles at that cost.


If you’re considering buying Copa miles, here’s the Star Alliance award chart for ConnectMiles members. Copa also has a pretty good online booking tool.

If you do choose to buy miles, keep in mind that the transaction will be processed by, meaning that you’ll want to use a card which maximizes your return on everyday, non-bonused spend:

Cards For Everyday Spend

Bottom line

Personally I’m not a buyer at two cents per mile, though I suspect others may find value in buying miles at that rate, especially to top off an account. Let’s see a 100% bonus next, Copa! 😉

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  1. I have a 10,000 mile roundtrip flight with Copa (booked in T class) coming up in April and have been debating which program to credit the miles to. They give the option of Alaska, but I don’t see Copa listed as a partner of theirs. Any thoughts on best value options?

  2. Copa redemptions seem to focus on the Americas, especially the Central America area. Redemptions on *A European airlines from say, JFK to any European destination are hard to find, especially in premium classes. Unless this changes I am not a buyer of their miles.

  3. This program stinks. I left United’s Mileage Plus at the end of 2015 because COPA supposely let you earn miles by miles and not by ticket fare, well this happens only when you flight COPA then when flying Star Alliance partners they didn’t acrue miles to you account because of the fare but they even didn’t acrue the flight segments !. So I had nothing at all from more than 12 long haul flights segments made with Lufthansa, Swiss, Bruxelles and other Star Alliance partners (enough to keep my premier status). They took 3 months just to reply so the customer
    service is slow like a turtle. I’m even claiming to Star Alliance because COPA did not recognize their dlight with other group partner airlines.

  4. The evolution of Copa’s rewards/awards program is glacially slow. Either their search engine for anything other than Central American award flights (in Y) is simply crap, or the Star Alliance partners are just feeding them scraps after dishing out the best flights to the more established partners. If your flight horizons are loftier than pottering around central/south America in Y, then you should very carefully consider whether buying Copa miles is worthwhile for you.

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