British Midland Diamond Club miles to be transferrable to British Airways Avios on July 3

I just received the following in a British Midland newsletter:

From 3 July 2012, Diamond Club members will be able to transfer their destinations miles to Executive Club Avios at a rate of 1:1.

The online transfer tool, which will be available from 3 July, will allow Diamond Club members to undertake transfers between their Diamond Club and Executive Club accounts.

Please ensure that your contact details, including your name and date of birth, are up-to-date in both your Diamond Club and Executive Club accounts so you are able to use the transfer tool with ease.

I’m excited about this, as it will open up quite a few redemption options on both sides. As of May 31 it’s no longer possible to use Diamond Club miles for travel on Star Alliance carriers, so the uses of Diamond Club miles are pretty limited at this point.

At the same time they do have some cool partner airlines like Qatar Airways and Virgin Atlantic, which you’ll now have access to by transferring British Airways Avios points to Diamond Club.

I’ve flown Qatar Airways in first class and they’re definitely worth a try. As far as traveling to the UK goes, I’d rather fly Virgin Atlantic Upper Class than British Airways Club World, so for the time being it’s a nice option (though I suspect that relationship will end sooner rather than later).

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  1. and all of those government imposed taxes as well.

    But it is very interesting how you can alternatively use some Avios. QR business class is excellent as well. I flew JFK-DOH-BKK return with them a few years ago on the 777. 2-2-2 seating. Excellent service. Good food.

  2. wait, and there’s no redemption from na to doha on qr? and so the surcharges plus taxes would be around ba avios level, around 800 usd roundtrip right?

  3. @ fosij — Yes, you can transfer both ways. The fuel surcharges on Qatar Airways are pretty mild, though you can’t redeem North America to Middle East.

  4. so if I understand correctly, you’ll only be able to use AVOIS converted BMI miles to fly OW carriers plus these non-alliance partners?

  5. @ Tao — Right, though you’ll need to transfer to the appropriate program based on their current partners.

  6. Why does everyone think Virgin Upper Class is so great? I would rather fly AA business class.

  7. @ chris — Well you can’t “transfer” miles, but you can create a household account still.

    @ Gene — You’re kidding? They have awesome lounges and a really cool vibe onboard, in my opinion.

  8. @Lucky — I guess I need to give them another try, because I did not have a good experience on my first round-trip. My experience was tainted by flying to and from MIA (yuck!) and by the fact that they almost made me sit in a business class seat with the tray table duct-taped closed with an “out-of-order” sign on it! After waiting 30 minutes for them to assign me a different seat, they were about to close the door when I finally had to get up and tell the purser, “you better not close that door because I am not going on this flight without a working tray table”. Magically, they then quickly found a non-rev to take my seat (business class was 100% full)!

    I also found the LHR lounge to be gimmicky and in need of a renovation, and found the attitude of the wait staff to be indifferent to rude.

    Maybe I’m just spoiled by LH F?!

  9. Qatar:I think you have to redeem 2 awards if you want to fly Europe X DOH X MLE, for example. Bummer… I have a feeling that they will cancel these partnerships pretty soon.
    Fly BA redeem on Virgin???

  10. The best option is transfer diamond club miles to executive club,as i checked many destinations cost less miles with avios,soon or later ba will digest bmi like they fid decades ago with british caledonian,virgin will cease this unatural alliance,bmi will be missed its really good airline.

  11. @Lucky So if I understand you correctly, I could set up a new account, but no longer transfer miles between 2 HH accounts already established?

  12. @ Chris — Hmmm, they haven’t published all the terms yet, though I suspect you should be able to transfer the points between the two programs even if both are part of household accounts. Is that what you’re asking?

  13. Oops, I don’t have a BA account. What should I do? is it too late to creat one? After I create, do I need to tell BM?

  14. @ Andy — You can create a BA account, and then on July 3 you can start transferring points between accounts.

  15. @Lucky I was just curious if my wife’s BMI miles could transfer over to my DC acct prior to converting to Avios.

  16. @ chris — Unfortunately when you create a family account you’re not actually transferring miles to another account, but rather only authorizing for them to be used by another member. So unfortunately not, in this case.

  17. Create a family membership account on BMI Diamond Club. Transfer all family members’ miles to your account. Transfer the lot from your account over to BA Avios. Simple!

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