British Airways Adds Burger To First Class Onboard Menu

Not that the British have ever been known for their food (aside from afternoon tea), but…

In June, British Airways will be adding a “gourmet burger” to their first class menu. Via Business Traveller:

The “Flying Burger” has been developed by a team of chefs using three different cuts of British beef ā€” chuck, cheek and onglet.

It will be served with a side of triple-cooked chips and a choice of relishes, and will be available on long-haul flights.

“It has taken months of trials to ensure we get the perfect texture and succulence, not just for the British palate, but for the hundreds of other nationalities that fly with us.”

He added: “As taste buds are affected at altitude, we have created an original patty, which has proven extremely popular in taste-tests.”

British Airways first class burger (courtesy of Business Traveller)

British Airways couldn’t prepare a burger on the ground if their life depended on it, so I can hardly wait to see how they execute it in the air.

I’m not much of a burger guy, but last time I was at the Concorde Room with a friend he ordered their burger. He wanted it medium rare, but they said due to health code they could only serve it well done, but assured him that it was “more like medium.”

British Airways Concorde Room burger

First of all, it’s ironic that they were concerned about the health code early last year, given that it was before they got a poor hygiene rating. There were 99 problems with their hygiene, and the way they cooked their burgers wasn’t one of ’em!

And then the burger itself was so well done and dry that it was almost inedible.

British Airways Concorde Room burger

In my opinion even the airlines with the best catering couldn’t execute a burger in the air that actually tastes good, much less British Airways.

Anyone have more faith in them than I do? Would love to hear some firsthand reports from people brave enough to try the onboard burger!

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  1. I concur with your opinion. The British in general fail miserably at making a decent “beef burger” – so this won’t go well.

    The promo image with the ketchup swirled into a BA logo is nice. Are we guaranteed to get that? šŸ™‚

  2. No comments on your Kickstarter only having 4 hours left and still 8,000 short? My guess is at the last minute it will miraculously be funded- can’t give up taking other people’s money!

  3. UA does a good job with the legacy CO burger, but it’s been awhile since you’ve been allowed to have one.

  4. You’re constant criticism BA has become a little tiresome, as has the constant love of Lufthansa.

    Your inability to provide substantiated judgement is making this blog less and less interesting.

  5. This is pure cheap marketing. Moving away from expensive food to a cheap burger. But hey, we are the first to serve burger on first. BS!!!!! Charge $15k to serve burger. šŸ™

  6. Their beef and burgers are truly awful. I’ll never order it. Burgers are hugely trendy in London right now, so I assume this is in response to that.

  7. “In my opinion even the airlines with the best catering couldnā€™t execute a burger in the air that actually tastes good, much less British Airways.”

    I had a cheeseburger earlier this month that was out of this world good on a flight in CX first, so it *can* ce done.

  8. Ok, after reading TravelinWilly’s comment, I remembered I did have a cheeseburger in CX F as well recently. Clearly not so memorable that I thought of it in my original comment, but I didn’t hate it. So, I guess it can be done. But I of course have more faith in CX catering than BA catering.

  9. Sorry to disagree with everyone but I had a burger at the first lounge a couple of days ago, which looked remarkably similar to the top picture and not so much with the one your friend had last year. I have to say, it was a delicious burger. Probably one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while. Which is saying something considering I live in NY. The fries were not to my liking though.

  10. I had a cheeseburger from the ANA F menu on my NRT-JFK flight a few days ago. It was listed on the snack menu. Nothing special but surely higher class than a cup-o-noodles served on many Asian carriers F menu’s

  11. There’s nothing first class about a burger, and it’s damn hard to get the burger decent and not dried, the bun not soggy nor microwaved, the lettuce and tomato OK.

    There are so many tasty foods more suited to an airplane and more first class, I hope other airlines don’t try this.

  12. VS serves on an onboard burger as a snack on some of their flights and it’s actually quite good. BA is playing catch-up on this one.

  13. I agree Claudia-Jean; “Youā€™re [sp] constant criticism BA has become a little tiresome, as has the constant love of Lufthansa.”

    Love the blog on the whole, but the Lufthansa fanboy-ism is getting absurd. It seems unfortunately that your BA experiences have been less than ideal. Are they SQ or CX, no. But do they compare well to the other European legacies, let alone North American carriers; *absolutely*. I’ve always enjoyed my time in the Concord Room, hopefully BA will be more consistent for you in the future.

  14. I had a Burger in the First Class Lounge in Dubai and it was delicious. Kobe Beef, rare, great french Fries…
    So it is possible to do it on the ground, maybe also up in the air?

  15. I also agree with Claudia-Jean’s comments that your constant criticism of BA and adulation of Lufthansa is becoming a little tiresome. It’s obviously fine to share subjective opinions, which you do quite eloquently and wittily, but I could do without the cliches describing British and BA’s food. While it’s true Britain has a well deserved historical (and to a lesser degree, current) reputation for terrible food, it’s also true that Britain is one of the world’s great food destinations, as reflected in the unmatched variety and quality of ethnic food as well as the high number of Michelin star restaurants. Subjectively saying BA’s food isn’t great is one thing, but the problem is that you typically reinforce these claims by reference to tired cliche’s about British food, which tend to betray an ignorance of food and is lazy writing that diminishes otherwise great blogs posts. Besides, Lufthansa/Air Berlin/Germany’s food offerings are sometimes lacking anyway, as there are only so many sausages and pretzels one can eat. Still, terrific blog.

  16. FWIW, I don’t think Lucky generally sings praises to LH food.

    Back on topic – does anyone know how they cook a burger patty in-flight? Is it a fresh patty that they somehow grill or do they just warm it up?

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