Bonus miles on American and United between Boston and California

For the past three weeks American has offered extremely generous bonuses on flights between Boston and California. As a matter of fact, they’ve offered triple miles, regardless of the type of fare purchased. Their offer is good through May 31 and only applies to travel booked on or after March 2. Registration is required here.

Oddly enough, a full three weeks later, United just unveiled a similar promotion. The main difference is that any segments between BOS-SFO, BOS-LAX, and BOS-SAN count. That means you can connect, and you don’t even have to be traveling from BOS-SFO. For example, you could theoretically fly from IAD to SAN via BOS and SFO and earn the bonus miles for the BOS-SFO segment. Furthermore, “L” fares don’t qualify. Registration is also required here.

While I’ll never complain about free miles, I’m not sure I follow United’s logic in matching this offer. Unlike American they don’t have a hub in Boston and they don’t have a new route they’re trying to promote.

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  1. UA is matching so they don’t ended up losing customers to AA (or VX).

    Also, this has happened before – see promo in 2002 when they did the fly 2 R/T BOS – to west coast = free economy ticket anywhere, which is an exact match to AA’s response to B6.

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