Best. Airline Pajamas. Ever.

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Yesterday I made a post about my thoughts on whether it’s appropriate to walk around a plane in pajamas.

I literally have more pajamas in my closet than all my other clothes combined, given that I’ve received hundreds of them over the years (nowadays I just give my airline pajamas away). I certainly have favorite airline pajamas, in terms of style, comfort, durability, etc.

That being said, on yesterday’s post reader BHill shared a link to some pajamas which outdo all the others:


A set of onesie tuxedo pajamas? If that doesn’t put a smile on a crewmember’s face, I don’t know what will…

I just ordered a pair, and can’t wait to wear them at the bar on my next Emirates flight.


  1. YES !!!!! I am so doing this for QF9 next month (And I may even walk through J / Y cabins as well!)

  2. “If that doesn’t put a smile on a crewmember’s face”

    You realize there is a difference between people laughing at you versus with you…

  3. @ Boeing 777 – Shut up, he’s only wearing them on the Airbus A380. 😉

  4. Hey Lucky, so next week I am about to get on CX first from ORD-HKG. First time on first, kind of excited. So do we get to keep the pajamas offered from them, not sure what to do…thanks in advance!

  5. Anything they give you in F, you get to keep. On my first and only international trip in F on Lufthansa, they let me keep the menus that were passed out.

  6. @ SteveStifler — Hah, fair enough. Guess we’re talking about my closet at my parents’ then.

  7. My fiancé and I are flying BA first class from ORD to LHR in July. We’ve always flown business class overseas and I’m looking forward to the pajamas since this will be in first. She thinks I’m nuts. How many people actually put them on? Thoughts?

  8. @ Brad — I’d say at least half of passengers wear pajamas. You’ll be totally fine wearing them!

  9. @Brad – My wife found them so comfy, the top, especially, she still wears it every-now-and-again around the house. Just tell her “when in Rome”.

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