New Plan: Berlin Tegel Airport Will Stay Open Through November

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Berlin Tegel Airport’s management can’t seem to decide whether or not to stay open this summer…

Berlin Tegel Airport was supposed to close on June 15

As recently as last week, the plan was for Berlin Tegel Airport to close as of June 15, 2020. The idea was that:

But now the operators of the airport have backtracked.

Berlin Tegel will stay open after all

With the latest plan, Berlin Tegel Airport will remain open through November 8, 2020, so it will continue to operate until about a week after Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens.

What has changed, according to airport management?

  • There are clear signs of an impending recovery, as it’s expected there will be 40 destinations to Berlin as of mid-June, and 100 destinations to Berlin as of mid-July
  • The airport expects that the number of daily passengers will increase from about 3,000 to 6,000 in June, and to about 20,000 in July
  • Many countries are starting to lift travel restrictions, allowing more opportunities for international travel
  • Several airlines have announced increased flights to Berlin, with EasyJet resuming flights in late June, and Ryanair resuming flights in late June, and increasing service in July
  • With increased demand plus the need for distancing, the airport management has decided that it makes sense to stay open

Bottom line

Berlin Tegel Airport is now forecasted to remain open through early November 2020, until after the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport opens.

Clearly the airport management is optimistic about travel making a significant comeback this year, though one has to wonder if it’s not at least somewhat wishful thinking.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Berlin airport situation progresses throughout the year, and whether Brandenburg Airport does in fact open, while Berlin Tegel eventually closes.

  1. @Wylie probably not before the USA will lift restrictions on incoming passengers from the EU.

  2. Germany (or at least Berlin) is making Italy look good. What a mess. BTW I am 1/2 Italian so I can make fun of my own people.

  3. @francesco – yes, that was my thought. whatever you call him recently signaled that restrictions for flights coming from the EU might be lifted soon. if so, or whenever that happens, i hope that would be greeted with a reciprocal gesture by EU authorities.

  4. Maybe in the current situation it actually makes sense, since Tegel has checkpoints at the gates and doesn’t funnel everyone into the common security checkpoint area.

  5. @Wylie I hope so dude, still did not make my annual visit to Vegas this year! 🙂

  6. The EU did not close their borders to Americans as retaliation – they shut it because of the number of corona infections. They will not be reopened until those rates fall significantly. The US is amongst the countries hardest hit so this will take some time. Anyone hoping to be able to travel to Europe this summer will be disappointed.

  7. My favorite airport in the world! TXL I hope will live on past November! So convenient for me compared to Schönefeld out in Brandenburg…

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