Basics Of Waitlisting Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Tickets

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Singapore Airlines is unique in that they’re one of the few airlines which makes most of their first & business class award seats available exclusively to members of their own frequent flyer program, KrisFlyer.

While most airlines make most of their saver level award space available to partners, Singapore Airlines doesn’t. So that makes the KrisFlyer program pretty valuable, given that their program is one of the few ways to redeem miles for Singapore Airlines’ premium cabins.


I’ve written extensively about how to redeem Singapore KrisFlyer miles:

The best part is that KrisFlyer is transfer partners with all “major” transferable points currencies, so those points are quite easy to come by.

Here are some of the best ways to rack up those points through credit cards:

Earn KrisFlyer Points

One of the other unique aspects of the Singapore KrisFlyer program is that you can easily waitlist awards on their website. I get a ton of questions about waitlisting Singapore Airlines awards, so I figured I’d cover the basics of that here.


What is award waitlisting?

Singapore Airlines has three levels of awards — Saver, Standard, and Full. They’re priced differently, and all have different award availability and pricing.


When there’s not availability at your preferred level you can choose to waitlist the award. This means that you’re basically expressing interest in an award at a certain cost, and KrisFlyer may open up space.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that you get a seat as long as there’s an empty seat. Instead, Singapore Airlines could email you as the departure date approaches to offer you a seat if they decide to open up award availability at the level requested.

Typically they would clear a waitlist before opening up further award seats to the general public, so it’s basically a way of requesting an award seat on a certain flight.

How do you waitlist Singapore KrisFlyer awards?

The process of waitlisting Singapore KrisFlyer awards is pretty simple. Just go to Singapore’s website and do an award search.


If your preferred class of service and award level doesn’t show as “Available,” it may show as “Waitlist.” If it shows as “Waitlist” you can click that button and then will have to enter passenger information.


The process is basically identical to booking an award ticket that shows as “Available,” except you don’t need to enter credit card information. You’ll be given a reference number and will also receive an email confirming the waitlist.


Basic rules of waitlisting KrisFlyer awards

The process of waitlisting KrisFlyer awards is simple, though there are some important rules to keep in mind, which I’ll share in the form of an FAQ.

Do you need enough miles in your KrisFlyer account for the award?

Yes you do. You need enough miles in your account for the award you’d like to book. That being said, the miles won’t be debited from the account, so you just need a sufficient balance so that you could ticket in the event that the waitlist does clear and you choose to book it.

As a reminder, here’s the cost of KrisFlyer awards out of the US in first & business class:

RouteBusiness Class (One-Way)First Class (One-Way)Aircraft
San Francisco to Hong Kong63,750 miles + $68.90 70,125 miles + $68.90Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Hong Kong to Singapore68,000 miles + $253.3091,375 miles + $263.30Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul65,875 miles + $193.3074,375 miles + $203.30Boeing 777-300ER
San Francisco to Seoul to Singapore68,000 miles + $253.3091,375 miles + $263.30Boeing 777-300ER
Los Angeles to Tokyo65,875 miles + $183.6074,375 miles + $183.60Airbus A380
Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore68,000 miles + $266.5291,375 miles + $276.52Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt48,875 miles + $193.3057,375 miles + $203.30Airbus A380
New York to Frankfurt to Singapore72,250 miles + $276.7093,500 miles + $286.70Airbus A380
Houston to Moscow48,875 miles + $201.7057,375 miles + $211.70Boeing 777-300ER
Houston to Moscow to Singapore72,250 miles + $261.7093,500 miles + $271.70Boeing 777-300ER

Can you waitlist for multiple Singapore awards?

You sure can. If there’s no availability over a series of dates, you can waitlist the same flight for a handful of flights over different dates. You only need enough miles in your account for the most expensive ticket you want to waitlist (again, the miles won’t be pulled until you confirm the waitlist).

Can I book a Standard award and waitlist for a Saver award?

No. For example, if a route has twice daily frequency you could confirm a Saver award on one flight and at the same time waitlist yourself for another flight. However, you can’t book a Standard or Full award on a flight and then waitlist yourself for a Saver award on that same flight.


If the waitlist clears, do I have to book the KrisFlyer award?

No. In the event that the waitlist clears you’ll be sent an email, and will be given a ticketing deadline, which is typically about a day out. If you don’t confirm the award then you won’t be charged and you’ll no longer have “rights” so that seat. So you’re under no obligation to book an award you’re waitlisted for.


What are the chances of an award waitlist clearing?

This is the question I get on a near daily basis, and it’s something I simply don’t have a good answer for.

I’ve waitlisted awards a month out which were wide open, and they never cleared. But I’ve also had readers snag five Suites Class seats from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore through waitlisting. So it really can go either way.

As a (very) general observation, it seems like KrisFlyer waitlists sometimes clear about 10-14 days out. Sometimes they clear 11 months out. Sometimes they clear a day out. But I’ve received many reports of them clearing 10-14 days out.

To maximize your chances of having a waitlist clear, though, see below.

What can I do to improve my chances of having a waitlist clear?

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of a KrisFlyer award waitlist clearing:

  • KrisFlyer members with status have a better chance of clearing than non-status members
  • If you’re waitlisting multiple passengers, try to do so on separate reservations. That way if they’re willing to clear only one person at a time, you won’t be skipped over on the list
  • Waitlist for multiple dates and as far in advance as possible, as waitlists do sometimes clear long before departure
  • Try to travel during off-peak times and on off-peak flights; for example, mid-week is off-peak for transpacific travel, since it’s in the middle of the work week, so not that popular with business travelers
  • Based on reports I’ve heard, calling KrisFlyer to ask about waitlist status and seeing if there’s anything they can do to push it through does sometimes help; apparently the agents can “nudge” inventory management regarding the waitlist, though you’ll generally have more luck doing this if you have status

Bottom line

Singapore’s Suites Class award availability isn’t quite as readily available as it used to be, particularly from the US. So under those circumstances it can definitely make sense to waitlist awards. To maximize your chances of having the waitlist clear, do what you can to waitlist as far in advance as possible and for as many dates as possible.


If you’ve waitlisted Krisflyer awards, please do share your experiences below, so I can maybe compile our collective experiences. If you’d like to participate, please share:

  • The route you waitlisted
  • How many seats you waitlisted
  • How far in advance you waitlisted
  • Whether the waitlist cleared or not

Happy waitlisting… and hopefully flying!

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  1. Thanks for the info!

    CX has a very similar system. Yes, the award costs an arm and a leg but I was able to waistlist and clear for CX845 and CX233 both in F whereas BA wouldn’t show availability, even a day or two before. CX waitlist does have an expiration date so you have to do it all over after it expires.

  2. Wouldja believe I just wrote a post on the same subject last night, scheduled for when I’m on an upcoming long haul flight without internet?! Hah. I guess we were both asked the question in San Diego, so top of mind for us both. Still, you beat me to it!

  3. Still about a month from departure date, confirmed F A380 FRA-JFK, confirmed F 777 SIN-FRA, waitlisted F A380 SIN-FRA, booked about 6mos ago. I got my fingers crossed. However, am tempted to try out both types of F service since I am traveling solo.

  4. Ben, Singapore agents are some of the nicest in the Airline Business. A couple of years ago the helped me to confirm 4 Business Class roundtrip tickets LAX/SYD.

  5. A few things to add:

    (1) If you have people on mulitple reservation (record locators), Singapore can link them internally so that you would clear waitlist together, if that’s something that you desire (at least, if booked from same KF account; not sure about totally separate reservations).

    (2) To emphasize — waitlist first and only then book an award ticket for a backup (less preferred date). I also believe it should be possible to waitlist + book the ticket for a different date at the same time if you call KF. You aren’t really supposed to be able to book a Saver award and then call to waitlist for a different flight/date but an agent has a power to make an exception.

    (3) Based on reading SQ FT forum, I believe that you can waitlist for a Saver award and then book a Standard award but it’d have to be done as separate transactions. If Saver waitlist clears, you’d just have to cancel the Standard award.

  6. Hi
    I waitkisted for Auckland to delhi for 25 march on saver in the month of January,and they cleared yesterday is 14 march 2015.

    Though I m not taking this travel but was amazing bargain for such a long haul businesses class seat for just 61250 miles + 300usd approx.

  7. @Lucky – what’s your experience with changing SQ awards? Currently booked in suites BOM-SIN and in F on 77W SIN – SYD (waitlisted for Suites). But I wanted to change dates and add a stopover in Singapore. Can this be done? Or will I have to redeposit and start over?

  8. A couple years ago I tried to WL for a J award CDG-SIN. Never cleared and there were 40+ open seats in J. I waited until about a couple hours before departure. I went to CDG without a confirmed seat to see if it would clear which it never did. I had to be on the flight and ended up buying a 1 way J fare.

  9. @ EthaninSF — You should be able to add a stopover by paying the $100, though I think you can only do that if you can book a confirmed flight — it might not be possible to waitlist while doing that.

  10. Lucky – I waitlisted for 2 different itenaries because I had enough miles. One actually cleared 3 months ahead of my February trip from SIN-FRA-JFK in F and I already took the trip. The other I still have open is JFK-FRA in August, however I don’t have enough miles anymore. My balance is like 30k

    My question is, would not having enough miles stop my waitlisted reservation from JFK-FRA to clear? I can easily transfer miles but I don’t want to “risk it” by transferring all these miles if my waitlist never clears since I think Singapore miles do expire. Will my reservation clear with less miles than required?

  11. Have only just gotten the 102k miles I need for two SIN-NRT suites. The exact date I want to fly on is on waitlist, but there’s availability a few days after that (on a weekday).

    Can I ‘sign up’ for the waitlist weekend, and then still ticket the available weekday? Or will KF say “nope, your miles are blocked by your waitlist so you can’t ticket the available weekday.”

    Assuming that’s possible, I guess if the weekend opens up in the future I can call up KF, cancel the ticketed award, ask them to re-deposit miles ASAP, and then ticket the waitlist?

  12. I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, but I assume waitlisting can also be done between cabins? Let’s say that I want to fly SIN-FRA-JFK in Suites, but they can only be waitlisted. But Y is available. Can I book Y and waitlist for F for the same flight?

  13. @ CG — Only if you have enough miles for both tickets. You can’t waitlist and confirm seats on the same flight in the same record. So you’d have to waitlist a seat for the cabin you want, and then separately book the seat on the flight you want.

  14. @ Dimples — Yep, you should be able to waitlist and then book another ticket. That shouldn’t be an issue.

  15. @ Jorge — I could be mistaken, but I think you should be fine, as long as you had enough miles when you initially set up the waitlist.

  16. The route you waitlisted
    Singapore – Amsterdam

    How many seats you waitlisted

    How far in advance you waitlisted
    6 months

    Whether the waitlist cleared or not
    Yes, the day before the flight and Only after waging a facebook war.

  17. SQ redemptions are some of the worst in the world. The saver fares are almost never available and they’d rather fly with a half empty Business class than release more than a couple of seats for redemption.
    They often give you the feelings that they think they’re doing you a favor when they do issue an awards ticket. Aside from all that, the ‘taxes and fees’ that are actually 90% internal SQ fees are usually much higher than any other airline.
    As for the waitlist? Pointless on SQ, unless you’re willing to wait until the day before the flight, or even the day of the flight, to know if you got it or not. And that’s when it’s (rarely) available.

  18. I’ve generally had a terrible time talking to SQ over the phone here in SEA/Oceania over the last couple of years, so much so that if I can’t do it on the website I’m not interested. I’ve been really shocked, as quality control on call centre interactions seem to have gone out the window.

  19. I believe you may also book and confirm different cabinet and wait list another of the same flight

  20. I’ve just cleared a few days ago a Business Saver for my preferred flight from LHR to SIN for end July. I have been waitlisted since end January on all the Business and First Savers for the particular day I wanted to go back to SIN, which was a mid week Wednesday. This was actually the second flight that opened up, I had been ticketed for the first one which was an early morning flight that opened up end February, but I wanted a night flight.
    And I agree, the call centre from India for the most of the time, I am sorry to say, is really bad. I go down to the Ion Orchard Road office to settle things nowadays, and they changed this booking for me FOC!

  21. Dear fellow Frequent Flyers,

    I am currently a Lufthansa Senator Card holder for slightly over a decade, hence the emotional connection ;-), about to relocate to Singapore for the next two years. I am debating if it makes sense to enrol to KrisFlyer or just keep cumulating miles on my Miles and More card. The fact that I have Status Stars as well with LH gives me the second highest priority on waitlists for awards and I have to say Lufthansa always delivered except for redeeming awards on Singapore Airlines…
    Lucky what are your thoughts ?

  22. To put some context to the ‘status will help’ section that is mentioned in the article; my boss has been a Solitaire PPS for four years and the only thing that it’s any good for anymore is clearing waitlists (other than the complimentary paddock F1 tickets now that SQ have taken over from SingTel). On the odd occasion that he is waitlisted, his clears within a day or so. At worst a quick phonecall sorts it. We also have two qualified PPS guys in our office whose waitlists clear very quickly as well. For comparison, the KF golds have no such luck although they do always get allocated exit row seats on request if flying in Y.

    We fly pretty much exclusively with SQ and our annual spend is 7 figures in SGD.

  23. @ Daniel Rosner — How much do you fly, where will you mostly be flying, and what fare class are you usually booking?

  24. @Lucky With Lufthansa/Swiss I do about 100,000 – 150,000 a year being based in London my routes include Europe and Asia in an odd mixx of F, C and economy – depending on pricing really. Relocating to Singapore will mean that I am looking at a lot of regional flights and flight to Europe. I am only using points for award F class tickets rather than upgrades as the difference is so minimal that it really that doesn’t worth getting the upgrade.

    On a different note – I am a huge fan 😉


  25. @ Daniel Rosner — Thanks for the kind words! In that case I might just stick with Lufthansa, if upgrades aren’t the priority. That way you have access to Swiss/Lufthansa first class award space in advance. That being said, if you’d rather redeem miles for travel on Singapore, switching to KrisFlyer is your best bet. Good luck!

  26. •The route you waitlisted – SIN-FRA-JFK (Suites class)
    •How many seats you waitlisted – 1
    •How far in advance you waitlisted – ~11 months out
    •Whether the waitlist cleared or not – Yes, cleared in less than a week

  27. @Lucky

    I know you love row 3 for solo travelers as there is 3 windows. Now would you recommend left handed travelers take 3A and right handed travelers take 3F? I ask because on 3A looks like the console is on the left and 3F is on the right. What is your general thoughts on sides of the plane as a solo traveler? Have you felt it even matters at all or developed a side preference from all your trips?

  28. Hi Lucky,

    In your opinion, if you were travelling with a partner in suites on the SQ A380, is there any real difference between 2C/2D and 3C/3D? I’ll be doing it later this year…

  29. Hi Ben

    Was wondering if the number of unsold first class seats affects the likely hood of the waitlist being cleared ?

  30. @ danny — Yes, absolutely. They’re much more likely to release space in a wide open cabin than one that’s full.

  31. Hi Ben

    After reading your posts, I had 2 questions as I am trying to book an singapore airlines award

    1) Looking at NRT-SIN flights I can only see up to march 27th 2016, is it because the flight schedule is not yet loaded? I believe you can book up to 355 days out within krisflyer correct?

    2) I booked LAX-NRT-SIN F for 2 people thanks to your post! I have a stopover in NRT for $100 pp. If i would like to change the NRT-SIN segment later on to a future date, it should be ok as long as there is saver first availability on NRT-SIN? They should be willing to waitlist me even if i have no miles left since I have a booked itinerary?

  32. @ danny —
    1) The schedule should be loaded through early April as of now.
    2) Yes, you should be able to make that change, though I can’t guarantee you’d be able to waitlist just a portion of a one-way award. That might not be possible, unfortunately.

  33. Can you waitlist for first then book the business for the same flight and if it clears cancel the business award to use the points to book first? I don’t have enough points to for both business and first.

  34. @ pw — Yes, just make sure you waitlist first and then book the business award. But that should be possible.

  35. i wanted to book a flight from sydney to copenhagen one way however i was provided with the waitlist option. when i split the flight into its relevant segments ie i searched for syd – singapore, there was a standard redemption available and when i searched for singapore – copenhagen, there was a saver redemption available.

    my question is – can i book those two flights seperately and connect in transit in singapore or will i have to go in and out of customs in singapore? will the airline allow me to go one segment in standard and the next segment in saver?

  36. @ ImmyV — If you do one segment in saver and one in standard then you’ll pay cumulative pricing. In other words, you’ll pay for a separate award from Sydney to Singapore, and another award from Singapore to Copenhagen. If that’s cheaper it is indeed possible. You could get your boarding passes for both segments when you check-in.

  37. Lucky, you wrote that we cannot book standard awards and waitlist for same flight, but can I book a saver award in a different class (Economy) on same flight that I am waitlisted for Business or First? That way I can at least make travel plans…

  38. Quick question – as I’ll be moving miles to Krisflyer just to waitlist: do I need to have the online discounted 85% to waitlist or the full non-discounted price?

  39. Another data point for SQ waitlist.
    Waitlisted for saver First LAX-NRT SQ 11 Departing JUL26 1 passenger
    Waitlist submitted JUN 29th.
    Waitlist cleared JUL 22nd
    Checking current flight load – it looks like only 1 seat left in First for sale
    A#SQ 11 R1 F1 A0 Z4 C4 J0 U0 D. LAXNRT 345P 715P#1 388 0E
    Y9 B9 E9 M9 H0 W0 Q0 N. V. G0 L0 K.

  40. I’m waitlisted NRT-LAX for Oct 31 in F. But I did book for the same day ICN-SFO(since im coming from north China, works for me either ICN or NRT) . I do prefer to do the NRT flight for the a380 suite. My question is, if my NRT-LAX clears, how long does take for the miles to be refunded into my account after cancelling my ICN-SFO? I dont have enough miles to issue both at the same time……thanks

  41. I’ve got a confirmed seat on ‘hold’ and also wait listed for a later flight. Someone here mentioned that I should have booked the wait list first . Is this correct?
    I haven’t paid for the ‘confirmed seat yet, nor have points been taken from my account. Both seats are in the same booking.

  42. Just went to book a business saver on points from Melbourne to London through Singapore – first time on the site it was available, session timed out, when I went back it was waitlisted. Very frustrating! Especially as it’s a flight back to the UK for my own wedding. Fingers crossed!

    Have tried calling them directly to see if they can help – the kind person on the end of the phone said he’d put the request in and see what he could do.

  43. Quite a number of time, on waitlist for 1st or Biz on SQ.

    Most of the time, SQ / SIA rather fly with empty seats.
    Last year Zurich – Singapore, A380 only had 2 blokes on flight, our waitlist didn’t clear despite at the frontdesk.
    Last Nov Milan-SIN, BIZ only had 8 passengers, nevertheless, they decided to fly on, rather than accept a few hundred K miles…
    Last Week SIN – FRA, FRA-NY, and back… same things, Krisflyer points were not sought, SQ rather fly a couple of empty seats…

  44. Willing to work on the waitlist thing, but I have to transfer miles from AMEX and/or Chase. BUT -if it does not clear, those miles are gone – probably forever as I do not see us getting back to that part of the world.

    Any suggestions?

  45. @Gary — I’m kind of in the same situation. I decided to take the risk and transfer the miles from Amex to SQ. Here’s the back up plan — the redemption rate on SQ for star alliance flights is actually not that bad — check out their redemption chart online. They allow one way redemptions on star alliance flights too. The best part: their fees/taxes on star alliance flights are $80. So, in my view, even if you transfer the miles, they aren’t lost… just safely stowed away until you find a star alliance flight you want.

  46. I’m planning a long trip from June until October this coming year. We’re not really planning ahead much, just going from one spot to another but we’ll end up somewhere within a couple hour flight of Singapore. My plan to get home is to book (or more likely waitlist) any one of the flight options from Singapore back to the States in first/suites. We’ll have about a 4 or 5 day window to book it in and I’ll try to book about a week before we fly. 5 days and approximately 10 different itineraries means 50 chances or so. With that many options is it a pretty decent chance 2 seats will free up? Any of the Singapore > US routes easier than others? I’d prefer to fly to JFK just for the duration and it being a suite.

  47. Ben–any idea how SQ deals with trips where one leg might be available but the others are not or mixed cabins? I’m trying to book a REP-SIN-FRA-JFK redemption. REP-SIN is available in Y and the SIN-JFK legs are waitlisted.

  48. Does anyone know if I make a redemption booking for flights I am able to get but have a preference for alternate flights that are only available as a “waitlist” can I book what I can get confirmed (at saver level) and then waitlist for the flights I would prefer? If I can does this mean I would need to have double the number of points in my account?

  49. Hey Everyone,

    I just got cleared off a First Class waitlist. I used points to waitlist First Class Suites on the A380 LAX –> NRT –> SIN.

    I waitlisted seats on both a Mon and Tue in May ’16. I waitlisted only 1 seat each day.

    I first made the request in January ’15. I got cleared because I called in. The first time not much happened but when I called in the middle of this month (March ’16) they called there reservations dept and the next night I got a text saying I cleared.

    Yahoo. Proof the calling in does work.

  50. Not Cleared

    Waitlisted booked March 2015 for September 2015 flight for 2 adult on Business Class from JFK-FRA
    We waitlisted the 4 consecutive days and called periodically until the day of. Called in like 12 times and talked to the ticketing counter at JFK over 6 hours. Counter kept telling us to call in, KrisFlyer kept saying it’s out of their hands and the counter should help.

    Terrible experience since we flew in from SFO and waited 8 hours of going back in forth with the counter and calling in. Luckily we had a confirmed economy as backup. Will not waitlist again!

  51. Hello
    I have a question! I have just transferred points from Velocity to Kris Flyer and went on line yesterday and booked a one way London to Sydney. I really wanted to come back business class but they were all waitlisted and I didn’t want to take the chance of missing out so I booked premium economy
    Can I now I waitlist on a business class seat flight even though I have confirmation on a premium economy or do I have to put my points on for the wait list as well. I am booking another flight (same journey but 2 weeks later) for my husband) so don’t have enough points to wait list my flight and then get his flight in 2 weeks??????
    Thank you

  52. Hey Lucky – my apologies if you have already answered this question, but I am trying to fly SFO-SIN-SYD. SFO-SIN is available in J, but waitlist in F. SIN-SYD is available in F. Can I waitlist the SFO-SIN F and book the mixed class award, but substitute in the F leg if it clears? Obviously would waitlist before booking.

    Thanks for the help!!!

  53. You can book a Standard award and waitlist for a Saver award on the same flight, I am doing it right now, just call the customer service centre.

  54. Hi, i did an economy flight redemption for 2 persons from Samui to Singapore which was waitlisted. This is a last minute booking, as the travel date is in 3 weeks’ time. I managed to get this confirmed the next working day, however, I did make a call to the SQ call centre to make enquiries about timing etc and the kind person said they would help me to put in a reminder although there would be no guarantee. Waitlisted flights can be confirmed any time from waitlisting up to 3 hours prior to the flight.

  55. Possible to purchase paid seat while staying waitlisted?

    I am currently waitlisted in PE SIN-FRA in a few weeks (on SQ 326, the day flight, not the one continuing to JFK). I am pondering if I should purchase a paid ticket (cancellation fee relatively acceptable) and hope for the waitlist to clear. Worst case I use the paid ticket but would still keep the option open to use miles if it clears.

    Is this possible or will SQ auto-cancel my waitlist if I purchase a paid ticket?

    Thanks in advance!

  56. In your experiences and readings, how long does it take for a Saver Award to clear? I want to waitlist for a HKT-MEL flight in Jan 19′, however, i’m afraid if it doesn’t clear and its December 18′, I’ll have to book my flight with cash for 4x the cost.

  57. Hey Lucky,
    I was redeeming a ticket and was only in the waitlist for 5min before they emailed me a confirmation to book it, WOW! My question is, now that I’m in the ‘confirmation list’ (but haven’t clicked on confirm), if I tried to be in the waitlist a day earlier than my confirmed date, will they cancel my confirmed ticket?

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