Cool: Russia’s Azur Air Launching Miami Flights

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It looks like Aeroflot will no longer be the only airline flying nonstop between Russia and Miami, and I’m kind of excited.

Azur Air to launch Miami flights

Azur Air has filed with the US Department of Transportation this week to operate nonstop flights between Moscow and Miami. According to the filing, the airline wants to operate these flights twice weekly starting in December 2020.

Azur Air intends to use either a Boeing 767 or Boeing 777 for the route.

Azur Air 777-300ER

This would be the second airline to operate nonstop flights between Moscow and Miami. While Aeroflot has temporarily suspended operations to Miami, the airline is expected to resume flights this fall, and will even fly its new flagship A350.

While Aeroflot operates out of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, Azur Air operates out of Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport.

Azur Air’s new proposed route

What is Azur Air, anyway?

For those of you not familiar with Azur Air, this is a Russian charter airline with a fleet of 31 aircraft. The predecessor to the airline, Katekavia, was founded in 1992, and in 2014 the airline was rebranded as Azur Air.

Azur Air’s fleet consists of 737s, 757s, 767s, and 777s. In addition to operating domestic flights, Azur Air also operates all kinds of international seasonal flights to popular Russian vacation destinations, ranging from Cuba to Thailand.

What are Azur Air’s 767s and 777s like?

As mentioned above, Azur Air intends to use a Boeing 767 or 777 for the route to Miami, so what are those planes like? As an avgeek I find these planes to be super interesting…

Azur Air has a fleet of a dozen 767s, which are in a one cabin configuration. The planes have a total of 336 seats, in a 2-4-2 configuration (as opposed to the standard 2-3-2 configuration). Ouch.

Azur Air’s entire 777-300ER fleet used to fly for Emirates. Some of the 777s have a total of 428 seats, including 42 business class seats and 386 economy seats.

The cabins might look familiar, because Azur Air quite literally maintained Emirates’ interiors, minus the seat finishes. Business class is in a 2-3-2 configuration.

Azur Air’s 777 business class

Azur Air’s 777 business class

If you’re worried that 777 is too spacious, worry not. Azur Air also has a version of the 777-300ER with 531 seats, including just seven business class seats and 524 economy seats. Interestingly Azur Air installed different seats on these planes, and there’s just one row of business class in a 2-3-2 configuration.

Azur Air’s 777 business class

Bottom line

Azur Air is hoping to join the Moscow to Miami market. This would represent Azur Air’s first US route, though the airline would be competing directly against Aeroflot. Personally I wouldn’t be too confident that the timeline will stick given international travel restrictions with coronavirus, but who knows…

As an aviation geek I’m fascinated by Azur Air’s fleet, from the extremely dense 767s, to the ex-Emirates 777s that remain unchanged. I look forward seeing these fly over my home in Miami, and maybe even eventually taking this flight.

Has anyone flown Azur Air before, and if so, how was it?

  1. Because a cut-rate Russian airline isn’t tacky enough on its own, they have to fly with ex-Emirates interiors too. Two styles of decor where the phrase “tone it down” never soaked in.

    Also a 2-4-2 configuration on the 767? Are they certified to fly with that density? Are the aisles narrower, the seats, or both?

    It sounds atrocious all around. Who would be this desperate to fly to Miami OR Moscow?

  2. @James I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture here – a certain family and their lackeys will settle in Palm Beach post Jan 2021, and will need quick transport options to Russia often and at short notice.

  3. Fred, political comments aren’t necessary on this site, keep
    your opinions to yourself if political comments are all you can think of – this is a travel site and comments should be restricted to that subject!!

  4. Perhaps Putin wants to ensure his operatives and Trump’s have direct-flight access to each other.

  5. Yeah, I’ll stick with Aeroflot. I’m looking forward to them introducing the a350 on the NY and Miami routes, as I frequent those routes. Hopefully, the introduction of competition will at a minimum drive down the prices on Aeroflot.

  6. Mark my words: That family and their lackeys will be settling in Moscow before inauguration day (where they will rule by decree as emergency-president-for-life, with the full support of buddy Vladimir). These flights will just be for their lower-level minions and admin staff to come and go….those that aren’t worried about going to jail starting in February.

    Face it: The Orange One has never been held accountable for anything in his life, and he’s not about to start facing the music once he has been booted from the White House. He’s looking at the prospect of real jail time (so are multiple members of his family, and plenty of his cronies). He’s gonna go where he’s beyond the reach of the next Justice Department: Moscow. He’ll live out his days there on Putin’s leash.

    And I’m utterly serious about this. This is the end-game. You’ll see. You heard it here first.

  7. Economy class passengers can upgrade your service class to Business class by making payment at the box office along with execution of documents to provide the service.

    Cost of upgrade to Business class:

    10 000 rubles (for the flights Vnukovo-Antalya)
    13 000 rubles (for the flights Vnukovo-Bodrum)
    21 000 rubles (for the flights: Vnukovo-Cayo-Coco, Vnukovo – Varadero, Vnukovo – La Romana, Vnukovo – Cancun)

  8. Who with a right mind will fly an ex-Emirates 2-3-2 Boeing 777 instead of a 1-2-1 newest A350 seat on Aeroflot
    That said, I hope they will drive down the price

  9. Dears sirs,

    As a azur worker I do not have such an information. Did you have it from American sources? Waiting for reply.

  10. Aeroflot has already been offering one of the most competitive fares over the Atlantic. I wonder how much more price advantage Azur can have.

  11. Yeah… Russia… The country whose self-appointed autocrat-for-life has offered bounties for the killing of American troops in Afghanistan. Definitely open-up the U.S. to any and all of their airlines. Of course America’s wanna-be autocrat-for-life would probably prefer Azur Air serve Palm Beach rather than Miami…

  12. I don’t understand all the negativity here. While I won’t be flying it myself, an increase in competition can only be good for consumers.

  13. And Pearson Grane…
    Lighten up, you big tool.
    This is a thread for all comments, not just those that should fit your agenda.

  14. @Roberto

    Why not? America already voted for an illiterate, uneducated, racist, lying, serial adulterer who admits he has the hots for his own daughter.

  15. @ mark You sir , really are disgusting ….. I know this website does attract the LGBTQ crowd, and I respect that…… But keep in mind that those guys barely look 18 …. and I dont know your tastes, but even if you are gay , I really don’t think you want to to be seen or viewed as a pedifile

  16. Lucky,

    I hope you will stand with the LGBTQ community and NOT travel to Russia. Their 2013 law known as the “Gay Propaganda” law has hurt our Russian brothers/sisters but has had horrible repercussions for Russia’s LGBTQ youth.

    I wanted to go to St. Petersburg so badly during the summer to see the mansions; however, I won’t use my hard-earned dollars to support a regime that panders to a movement that denies basic human rights to our brothers/sisters.

    Here is the link if you want to read more:

  17. @ Spencer… Since when this blog cares for LGBTs rights or the lack of respect to them? The only thing that matters is travelling while sipping overpriced champagne

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