#Awesomeness: Passengers Push Frozen Plane

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Via rt.com:

Freezing temperatures didn’t stop intrepid passengers from “helping out” a Russian plane that couldn’t move, because its wheels were frozen to the ground. The “selfie” won the day in a remote Siberian town beyond the Arctic Circle.

74 passengers, who were on board, offered the seven-member crew and technical staff to help move the frozen Tupolev Tu-134 plane to the takeoff runway on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the UTair company told TASS.

Having spent over 24 hours on the tarmac, the airplane’s wheels simply froze to the ground. However, the brake system wasn’t harmed. According to the company, the ice-covered ground was the reason the plane couldn’t be moved. The incident is currently under investigation, and will involve airport staff, the airline, crew and passengers.

And that’s how you win at life!


  1. That is awesome – here “in the land if the free” there would have been security breaches, airport shutdowns, and lawsuits :). I’m also wondering what so many people were doing in Siberia….

  2. @Brian great comment(s)! I would ask “what are so many people doing in Russia” but Siberia is funny too.

    I flew many times the Tu134 not sure which is more cramped. The Tu134 or the CRJ. The Tu134 had (has) open overhead luggage holders like Greyhound buses, that during rough landings made things interesting as luggages flew randomly.

    As many Soviet era passenger planes, they could be modified quickly to become bombers. While never used to drop bombs, I think this is the most widely used Soviet plane of its time if not the Tu154B. The Tu134 (TU134UBL) is also the bomber crew trainer. The nose of the plane is “glass” where the bomber pilot placed. Of course it is called the “navigator” seat for civilian versions.
    I set in that seat once, it is truly an awesome view.


  3. Sincere gratitude for all the masterminds at Boarding Area. I can literally say that BA has changed my family’s lives. We travel more gloriously than we ever dreamed and we do it for pennies on the dollar thanks to the expert advice. Thank you for all my family!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You to all our troops serving away from home today. The long standing tradition of the military to deck out their dining halls and open them up to family members is a strong reminder of how we view our obligation to world peace. We are especially grateful on this day for their sacrifices.

  4. As *later* reported, this was for fun. The passengers were not really pushing the plane to any effect.

    A Tu-134 weighs anywhere between 30 (completely empty) and 50 (max takeoff weight) tons. Twenty people with poor traction pushing with their arms raised (some of them “pushing” lackadaisically with one hand) are not going to get the plane moving.

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