Inspiring Updates From The AvGeek Airlift To Puerto Rico

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Last week I shared the details of a fundraiser/rescue operation for Puerto Rico that some aviation enthusiasts were organizing. Many of you chipped in cash or supplies, so I wanted to share a few updates from the group.

So many donations were received that two plane loads of goods have been delivered to Aguadilla — a town that is cut off from what remains of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure. A third plane took another shipment of goods yesterday, and as Spirit Airlines provided the plane, there was space for 200+ passengers on the return flight.

What I love about this (in addition to seeing desperately needed goods get directly to people who need them), is seeing all the support from our community, and how much is happening because of it. Chris and Lara originally had plans to raise ~$10k — enough to charter a small plane that could take maybe 7,000 pounds of supplies.

Instead, people have sent tens of thousands of pounds of supplies. Spirit and Lufthansa Technik have stepped in to help with the logistics and permits, making it possible to carry more freight on every flight, and to bring people back to Florida where they can receive medical attention.

This has become a massive operation. Chris has written up the full details of the experience so far, which I highly recommend reading. It’s amazing to see how this idea has grown, and the scale at which an airlift is being executed by volunteers. And the images of supplies being handed out in Aguadilla and a plane full of evacuees are really something.

The team has put a hold on the Amazon Wishlist until they can get the rest of what they have currently to Puerto Rico (they estimate they could easily fill a few more A321s).

If you’d still like to contribute, however, they are collecting monetary donations which will both be converted to supplies and used to help support the people who have evacuated to Florida.

Gift cards to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Walgreens are also welcomed, can can be sent to the 2C Media offices:

2C Media c/o Nikki Coloma
12550 Biscayne Blvd Suite 700 North Miami, FL 33181

At this scale of need, anything and everything helps, and it’s especially nice to see people come together and support others like this. Thanks to everyone who joined us in contributing, and for all of you who make this such a wonderful community to be part of.

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    So why bother with all this “giving” garbage?

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    And this initiative to do what this racist administration won’t bother doing is very heartening. Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!!!!1!

  2. Thank you for finally breaking through the blockade put by the racist white republicans trying to carry out a silent genocide.

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