Angry Non-Rev Plans To Sue American Airlines

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American shareholders better be worried about this lawsuit.

Yesterday I shared the insane story of an American Airlines non-rev who was denied boarding on an American Airlines flight due to a combination of what she was wearing and the fact that she was cussing out American employees.

I’m trying to be more careful about the stories I share, because I don’t think it’s fun to poke fun at people who clearly have serious issues, especially when videos are being taken of them against their consent. However, in this I get the sense that this lady just seems really, really entitled, and she’s asking us to spread the word about her story, “to bring awareness to this great injustice.”

Nardia Bennett’s Facebook page has a lot more about the incident, and it’s a sight to behold. First of all, Nardia’s profile says she “loves the lord,” in which case I’d recommend she maybe read a few Bible passages more closely, and maybe be a better influence on her daughter.

So, what else is on Nardia’s Facebook page? For one, she’s suing American Airlines on principle, and she’s going to win, damnit (but not for the money, because she’s blessed, because her aunt worked hard so she could inherit a house):

Dis is a rasscloth PSA 🤣🗣
Listen when I talk about suing a company that is worth millions or billions due to the fact that they are treating me like sh*t don’t you ever get it f*cking twisted and tell me I can never win against them because it Anit never about the money I was born blessed and I will die blessed it is about the principal! I don’t need their money I have my own house thanks to my aunt for putting in the hard work so Me & my daughter could have something to inherit and my mom got like four houses & my family all get money so FOH far from needy 🖕🏽✌🏽

After the initial video was posted, she goes and raids an American cart for free drinks and snacks, since they’re spending the night at the airport (and while walking away with food and drinks, the young daughter also says “I hate you, American Airlines”):

In this video she says “the only person I’m sorry to is my cousin, like literally, because this needed to not go this far.”

If you actually feel sorry for your cousin, who will no doubt lose their privileges because of this, then stop talking and uploading things to the internet!

If you go further down in this Facebook post of hers, you can see when she’s confronted by several American Airlines managers (presumably after this ridiculous video went viral), where they explain to her that using employee passes is a privilege, and that she won’t be able to use them to get to New York.

They offer her a discount on a paid ticket, but she claims she can get the same price online, so refuses.

There are just so many issues with this story, and the way she’s acting. The only victim here is this lady’s daughter. Has the mother considered that maybe the reason the daughter is crying is because her mother is acting crazy, rather than anything that American Airlines did to her?

She also repeatedly talks about how her daughter is “starving,” in which case:

  • Why were you going to board a three hour American Airlines flight without any food, since it’s not like they have meals in economy?
  • Rather than doing a 30 minute video, how about buying your starving daughter some food in the restaurant right across the way?
  • Why was she traveling without any sort of change of clothes?

Oy, what a story!

  1. You are milking it for the clicks. You don’t give a shit.

    You don’t come across as gossipy or social activist kind of person.

  2. Its so pathetic that she might actually get money in a settlement with them. AA should fight tooth and nail to set an example that suing an airline doesn’t just guarantee u money because of race or discrimination. She clearly doesn’t get the whole idea of a non rev when she points out that other pax are flying like this. Sad that people have become privileged to this point

  3. I’m a labor & employment attorney myself, and she is doing AA such a huge favor by having taped and posted the video. Pretty much all the corroborating info they need is right there on tape. What an idiot this woman seems to be.

  4. I saw the original video and there was not one tear on the daughter’s face. If American Airlines is stupid enough to give this uneducated fool one red cent I’m going to buy a GoPro and a lawyer’s time and sue AA for raising my blood pressure with their poor management skills.

  5. She doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. The entitlement society needs to stop with this nonsense. The rules really aren’t that difficult for people to follow.

  6. If she has so much money why is she flying as a non-rev? Wouldn’t you rather have a guaranteed seat?

  7. on the far side of the scale viral videos, ” the entitle ignorant while Black” the fall out from this is, the relative of her will also lose the job at AA

  8. Since you ran this story yesterday, I don’t see why you’re running it again. Unless it’s just to tell us all what you personally think about the incident, which I’m not sure anyone really cares about.

  9. I hope we get a strong legal precedent out of this that can be used to reduce the overall commotion we all have to experience when people don’t get what the truly deserve.

  10. @Lucky, you’re getting sloppy. 😉 You know that “hers” doesn’t need an apostrophe, right? :-p

    I couldn’t get through 2 minutes of the first video, so I think I’ll pass on this one as well. I do feel sorry for her kid and her cousin (and this lady, to a certain extent, since she clearly has issues, as you pointed out).

  11. I watched the video. How can I get my 28 minutes back? LOL. She has no legal standing to sue. Her cousin might be without job sometime today, not just flight benefits. The harm that she has done to AA is unmeasurable. Because there will no doubt be people out there that will watch and agree, Unless you are or have been associated with an airline, then folks don’t understand non-rev travel policies or requirements.

  12. Was this post… really necessary? The first one could be claimed as informative of a situation related to the airlines in the US. On the other hand, this post seems a little too… supermarket tabloid-y. I suppose you could have combined the two posts into one, with the facts in the beginning and your opinion towards the end, but then again, this is your blog. You do you, boo. I should be more discrete with what I read.

  13. Well, from a pilot perspective, this whole things sucks for employees. These type of benefits are not always codified in labor agreements (they definitely aren’t in ours) so it’s all up to the airline’s kind hearted (HA!) nature 😛 Airline’s change these rules all the time. If a lawsuit comes out of this, and especially if AA has to pay anything, I would be willing to bet they’ll make their non-rev policies (ie. who is allowed to use them) more restrictive.

  14. As an ID traveller I was required to read the rules and ALWAYS dress nice and respect the crew. This Jamaican trash should be sued by AA as well as the employee that allowed her to use a companion pass.

  15. A non rev travelling on a staff ticket suing the airline. Good luck. Sit back and grab your popcorn. If she was travelling as a companion of an AA employee they sd lose their benefits Furthermore why do US carriers insist on allowing buddy passes and allow all the hoi polloi to travel without the staff member Only the immediate family should be able to do so ie spouse partner and minor children. Anyone else sd only be able to travel with the employee

  16. Dear Lucky — I’m really sad that you’re backsliding on what I thought was perhaps your most perceptive and encouraging post ever, regarding the passenger with a necrotic tissue condition. Your position here seems to be, well, she posted, she’s fair game. Even if she might have a mental illness or whatever — just because it’s salacious.

    There is a fantastic piece called “This is Water,” which is a graduation speech given by David Foster Wallace. It is perhaps the best piece I have ever read about how to approach stories and people like the one you’re discussing here. It is about the choices that you have when doing so. It’s not preachy or attempting to impose any sort of morality. It’s about recognizing your own agency and your own choices when you are confronted with people or stories like the one you’re reporting.

    This seems to be an issue about which you — unlike most bloggers — are cognizant of a dilemma. You should give the piece a read. At a minimum, it will be interesting because it’s well written or delivered. Or, it might be life changing.

  17. I’m sure American is shivering over the legal team Nardia Bennett is going to put together. Shivering.

  18. I would be embarrassed showing up anywhere, not the least at an airport dressed like that. Do people really have no shame anymore? It’s a sad sad society we live in now. Oh yeah and please people put the f**kin phones down! Do you really need that device stuck to your head 24/7?!

  19. She really should have gotten one of those smart phones that has OIS. Maybe after she win, she will get one.

  20. Typical free loader, of course she’s going to sue, and unfortunately she will probably be able to settle out of court for a nice amount of money she does not deserve.

  21. Even though I agree what is happening in the video and what she is wearing is ridiculous. After all, all she needed to do was go to one of the shops and buy a better outfit. That would have been infinitely cheaper than having to purchase a new ticket.

    However, I do think AA holds some (but not the majority) responsibility though. They allowed her on the plane in Jamaica in that outfit, so I can understand the bemusement.

    I’ve had on a couple of occasions been allowed to carry on my tennis bag on the first leg of the flight, but at the gate of the second flight get accosted for having that bag. It’s frustrating, but it’s about how you respond to things.

    She just didn’t respond well.

  22. Dressed like that she probably can’t get even afford the lawyer deposit fee to start the lawsuit. AA legal team is laughing today.

  23. That non-rev doesn’t have the can’t sue the company and the non-rev guidelines clearly state that they’re representing the airline and must act accordingly. I don’t think she really has a case.

  24. What’s the difference between someone being entitled and someone being mentally ill? Their mind has been “altered from the norm” in both cases.

    If you want to gossip then fine, but the rambling you keep putting in every post about how much you care etc. is complete nonsense. If that’s true then put your money where your mouth is and stop posting them!

  25. As a general rule, I hate the airlines but as it stands now they are a necessary evil. It is what it is.

    However, in this case, if American wants to set up a GoFundMe page for their defence in court, I’ll gladly contribute. Put that passenger in the garbage heap where she belongs and call protective services for not taking care of her child.

  26. Scooter – Only a complete idiot would donate money to a highly profitable business that has billions of dollars at its disposal…

  27. Word on the street in some of the nonrev FB forums for nonrevs to check loads is that her cousin got fired…

  28. Isn’t this obvious? This lady isn’t an entrepreneur, she isn’t blessed, she doesn’t have a house her aunt owns. Being in the residential property management business for a while, primarily in not-so-wealthy, blue collar, section 8 type of neighborhoods, I’ve seen this plenty of times. This lady is poor, can’t afford that flight, can’t afford food for her daughter, and she’s pissed off she is stuck in Miami now. Her primary (or only) outlet is to blast this nonsense on social media so she can feel better about herself and this situation. She isn’t going to sue anyone either. These people make up these stories, they lie to their friends/family, they lie to their landlords, they live from paycheck to paycheck, etc. Again, I’ve seen this plenty of times over decades.

    Lucky, it is entirely possible that this lady actually does suffer from some sort of “serious issue.”

  29. Even though she is rude. Airline has no say how people dress unless they violate any rule or law. Her pants are ok to me. The other problem would be the first leg of the flight. If the pants were acceptable for the first leg of the flight, what has changed for the second leg. If she was escorted out due to her behavior but, the airline blamed the pants, then good layer will make good buck of the AA.

  30. @Callum I think the complete moron might be the one that took my statement literally. If someone says “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” do you lock up the barn and stand in front of it with a gun to protect the horses?

  31. What a piece of trash & she did try to pull the race card. Stupid card she is allowed to pull. Enjoy your 32 hour bus ride, and you facebook 3 Day suspension.

  32. @sandro

    ” Airline has no say how people dress unless they violate any rule or law.” The airlines can set any rule they care to regarding NON-REVENUE pass travel.

  33. Sorry for her relative, that will probably lose traveling benefits, because this lady’s ignorant outbrust. As a former airline employee and mother of a current airline employee flying non rev is a privilege. This person ( not lady) sense of entitlement is just plain disgusting. Paid for your fare.

  34. Her cousin, who worked for AA, graciously gave her a BUDDY PASS, which is a GREATLY reduced standby ticket. A buddy pass means you are a GUEST of the airline and you are willing to accept the requirements for this GIFT. All AA requires from a BUDDY pass rider is to DRESS appropriately and follow basic guidelines (treat people kindly, wait for your name to be called etc) All BUDDY PASS/ GUESTS are provided these RULES for this GIFT. I do not know how she slipped past the agent in Jamaica but her dress was INAPPROPRIATE and BROKE the BUDDY PASS RULES…..period. Now add her verbal abuse and her viral video rant and she has single-handedly got her cousin FIRED. No good deed goes unpunished. If she wanted to wear what she wanted, she should have BOUGHT a normal ticket! SMDH

  35. >> Nardia’s profile says she “loves the lord <<

    That's a bit different from "loves to follow the teachings of the lord." After all, I love some good looking celebrities, but that doesn't mean I'm going on a diet and going to the gym every day to look like them

  36. I love that on her Facebook page she quotes Confucius, which I’m paraphrasing, says that if you plan on taking Revenge, dig two graves. In this case she’ll be laying her ugly in both of them.

  37. @Sandro –

    She’s flying for free on someone’s company benefits. There are rules that go with that.

  38. Allegedly both agent in jamacia and cousin fired, and banned from traveling with AA. In addition according to her friend Facebook banned her from logging in and her account is in danger of being shut down.

  39. The employee whose pass she was traveling on and the employee who boarded her in Jamaica have both been terminated. Ms. Bennett had also been restricted from travel on American.

  40. Btw
    She is not an AA EMPLOYEE ; travelers on a D3 classification are not employees but friends or extended relatives of an AA EMPLOYEE . Additionally , they are still guided by rules and regulations such as proper attire that AA employees must follow to the letter . Rudeness or fowl language uttered to any AA employee in the boarding process will never be tolerated and usually the person will not be accommodated .
    Also , AA employees are told that they will be held responsible for any transgressions by their D3 travelor ;so be very careful who you allow to use your D3 pass privilege ; the company consequences can be severe ; as in this particular case .

  41. Long time Delta employée here. DL takes a pretty lax approach to nonrev dress code these days. And probably AA should as well. No one on the airplane is going to care about this woman’s pants. In fact no one is even going to know she is using a pass from an employee. To deny her boarding because someone takes offense to the style of fashion she is wearing is pretty unfair. Also these rules are arbitrarily enforced depending on each gate agent’s personal preferences and decisions. It’s easy to feel discriminated against in these situations and just serves bad publicity to the company when the event goes viral. UA got some bad press not too long ago for insisting a nonrev change out of their leggings. Those rules are actually doing the opposite of what they are intended to do, which is to protect the company’s image. Loosen up these rules and save employees and customers the aggrivation of an embarrassing and difficult situation.

    I’m disturbed by other comments that hold racist and discriminatory sentiment towards the woman in the video. While her actions are inappropriate and violate company policy, I don’t think it’s worth being condescending or leaving remarks like “Jamaican trash.” I question the blogger’s (Ben) intent of posting this video as well, if he’s doing this to invite others to make fun of her. Seems like a tabloid piece for TMZ.

  42. @Hal why even mention race? Urgh
    You are on level with her.
    She did not purchase a regular ticket. She is using an employee benefit. She is endangering her cousin’s privilege and possibly her job. What an ingrate. AA will never be sued for this because there are rules for her type of travel.

  43. I feel bad for her cousin and the airline person who got fired over this crazy woman. This is messed up. Can they even do that? Forget this crazy woman, she doesnt eveb have a case, but the 2 other people who got fired because of her are the ones who should sue

  44. SHAME ON her!!!! She is representing American Airlines and the Employee !!!!!! She has a disgusting and disgraceful attitude. She NEEDS TO SHOW RESPECT AS A D3 PASS RIDDER ( NONREV)!!! Go buy your own full fair ticket and walk up to the gate naked for all I care, but not as a D3!
    Her Cousin who was on the ramp in PHL was FIRED because of this Lunitic Crazy lady!!!!!! So very Sad the AA employee who gave her the buddy pass – lost her new job…… As a D3 you are governed by NONREV RULES – which means certain dress codes are to be fallowed and to BEHAVE on the best behaivor, Respecting the American Airlines Employees…. All she had to do was CHANGE HER DAMN CLOTHES!!!!…. She did all the opposite. The agent in Jamaica was also Fired for letting her on the outbound flight in the first place…. So Sad! @ jobs Lost because of this CRAZY LADY. She can’t sue the airline – because she was on a Guest Airline Buddy Pass AND ……. She was acting all crazy…. She SHOULD be BANNED from Air travel BY ALL AIRLINES!!!! She needs to be deported back to Jamaica – She is a DISGRACE to the Human Race!

  45. I work for this airline and remember the days when a suit and tie was required. Recently the dress code has become very relaxed. A dress code still exists, no jeans with holes or that are ripped, no clothes tha have indecent words on them and no shirts that are midriff. It’s so easy.

  46. Callum,

    I think the point of Scooter’s post must have gone right over your head. Might want to learn to understand figurative sayings and sarcasm so you’ll appear smarter.

  47. I miss the good old days. Suit & ties. Dress like you were going to church. The only words out of your mouth were “yes, please, and thank you”. The rules were right there, in black and white. But, that was then, and now is now. I am really surprised at the restraint shown by American. She should have been escorted out of the airport by the police.

  48. If Nardia is as blessed as she said in her pots, why didn’t she fly Spirit Airlines? And she had “holy” pants too!

  49. @Adam
    Loosening up the dress code rules is what caused this mess. We don’t know what happened in Jamaica. Maybe the agent never noticed her rags/pants because she/he was busy and the traveler stood behind the podium.
    I’ve been with AA long enough to remember when you knew that your flight benefits were actually a privilege and you were scared to step out of line by one inch. Dressing up for the flight was a must! That so-called pair of “pants” were very offensive! I’m glad they denied her boardfing and should have done the same in Jamaica.
    In a way I hope the cousin doesn’t lose his/her job!

  50. A couple of points. First, she is going to have to find a lawyer to take her case. I seriously doubt she can afford the legal fees, not if she has to come to the US to make money so she can go back to live in Jamica. Second, I used to work for Continental Airlines and I let me friends use my buddy passes, I MADE sure they understood the dress code, the expectations, e.g. they may have to wait for several flights before they find one they can board, etc. Her cousin should have explained non-revs are supposed to dressed to business casual. I have also been on the other end when I have been flying for work and I flew first class from LA to Sydney in First Class and to have the rest of the cabin filled with non-revs. They knew I wasn’t non-rev because I work a track suit. Sure, it may not look “suitable” for first class, but I was going to be on a 13 flight and United did not give out p-jays I wanted to be comfortable. The person I feel sorry for is her cousin who is going to lose her flight benefits. However, the cousin should have told her cousin what was appropriate attire and she should have been denied boarding in Jamaica.

  51. Er, why on earth should there be such things as Buddy Passes?!

    I suggest they are a hangover from the days before computers when flights were expensive and many people were on changeable tickets.
    So the airlines could not predict load accurately, and thus there would often unfilled seats at the gate.
    Allowing standbys involved low marginal cost.
    Because typical tickets were sufficiently expensive that most people could not easily afford them, the leakage to people who would otherwise be willing to pay was small.

    The world has since changed.

  52. AA needs to use this video to train its new employees as to why we have rules for NR flying privilages. And this is why you WILL lose your job.

  53. Just so you know she initially was not denied because of her dress, there was one seat left on the flight and they could not split. The gate agent while transferring her to the next flight advised her that the pants were not acceptable travel attire for an employee’s guest…she started using profanity which the agents who happens also to be Jamaicans were embarrassed about. Then she started the Facebook live

  54. The real issue here is not the lady’s delusional feeling of entitlement but rather is ammunition in the airlines arsenal to further erode or eliminate our travel benefits. This lady’s behavior is somewhat Darwinian since she has effectively removed herself from any further opportunities to abuse her non-rev privileges but the rest of us, who do our best to abide by the rules, dress and act appropriately and try to be a credit to our airlines through our civility, are going to pay the long term price……Dave P…a Delta retiree with 37 years of service.

  55. This takes entitlement to a whole new level !!! Nardia-ment now mean crazy entitlement, a humble bow to insane craziness.

    America is no longer the country I immigrated to :(.

  56. I’m waiting for the outrage over a non rev and her child being denied boarding due to what their wearing on AA to be voiced by #chrissyteigan.

  57. Nardia says she is doing this for the “principal”. Does anyone know if she is talking about her elementary, middle or high school? Perhaps her daughter’s school?

  58. Because of a few, these kind of people ruin and makes all other employees look bad. Next time pay and don’t complain.

  59. I kinda feel for the cousin; but I have to believe that she knew this girl had the potential to act this way….

  60. DIDN’T listen to the BS being spewed on the videos and based on how THEY appeared she is obviously an under-educated moron and total idiot who was trying and did abuse her “guest” pass privileges.
    Hope if it sues, that the judge tells it and ANY greedy “lawyer” she finds to “STUFF IT” and then chrges both court costs for idiotic lawsuits.

  61. She is too stupid to file a lawsuit pro se and can’t afford a lawyer. Mother of the year has had her 15 minutes.

  62. Your flying with your daughter for FREE !!! Why can’t you put on some normal pants. I feel bad for your cousin who gave you the buddy pass, show some respect!!

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