Angry Flight Attendant Video

Not sure how I missed this given that it was posted several months ago, but… wow:

Can anyone translate or have a clue what’s going on?

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  1. The man was upset with the quality of champagne being served, and there were no warm nuts to start his flight. The FA was apologizing.

  2. @enwei: IF your translation is true, I can see that in her face. The guy she argued had a digusting smile at the end.

  3. I honestly didn’t expect to see this type of behavior from an Asian airline. The Asian flight attendants seem so friendly and accommodating.

  4. Wow, love a good angry video! wonder what the real story was, there’s obviously more to it.

  5. @Jonathan – I would’ve thought the same, but if Enwei’s translation is correct, she has every right to react that way, IMO.

    Or perhaps she caught Alec Baldwin playing Words with Friends? šŸ˜€

  6. There’s a translation on the YT video that is all kinds of hilarious.

    LADY-1: You touched me…you touched my Bum/bottom, he pinched my bottom! LADY-2 (Tries to Restrain LADY-1) LADY-1: Get off. MAN-1 (SAT DOWN): You accuse me of this…really!….you pressed against me when handing me nuts and coke!! LADY2: Stop now. LADY-1 You think im making this up! You touched me you pervert/creep. MAN-1: Yes.. yes you are overreacting, you shouldn’t be working this job. LADY-1: You go to hell, all of you go to hell, Shouting at me when this man is trouble, not me, Go to hell all of you!! ALL/MOST PASSENGERS: Arrrhhhhhhhhhh you start on us too now/She bitch/Bitch/Shes just doing her job/Boooooo and (More mummmbling and Boooo’ing)……Get her out of here, take her to training school. Lady walks off. OTHER MAN: She should not be on a plane. Lady3: She fully trained, now please stop, situation is over. MAN-3: This is stupid, arguing over bottoms, I think you all overreact, now settle down, or I arrest people now. MAN-4 You police: MAN-3 No I’l make a Citizens arrest. MAN STANDING UP: I want a full refund for this delay, Look at the time, I miss my wife’s funeral, how will I explain this, you tell me! I want money…or at least some free drink or food or something! Crowd: Free, Free we all want Free something. Women2: I want shrimp or lobster. MAN-3: No shrimp or lobster, stop or I arrest people right now! Women4: Are you police. MAN3: No I not police, I told him, I make fast n quick arrest, I was security director for top-end Ice cream parlour in Beijing. (Translator comments – Best description of what I could hear, I’ve been college translator for 10 years. And yes ice cream part is true. END of recognisable speech in clip. Thank you.ļ»æ

  7. If it’s what enwei said, isn’t the protocol to report to the pilot, write the guy up, have him removed from plane, etc., not yell and argue and then let him remain onboard?

  8. The funny thing is, for those of us that have spent an appreciable amount of time in China, the behavior in this video is not at all surprising.

  9. I was on board this flight and I just want you all to know–the lobster bisque was just fabulous šŸ™‚

  10. It would be interesting to follow……..I would find it hard to believe that this FA is still working for the airline after they saw this……..

  11. This is normal uncivilized chinese behavior. Just few days ago, a chinese man cut me and my friend in line and almost knocked my friend into the tram section.

  12. LMAO SOMEONE GRABBED SOMEONES ASS.. THEN someone said something about 2.. tell her to come back and something 2.. She was suppose to give them 2 of something.. LMAO.. These GUYS on this flight are not very nice.. Shes not happy LOL

  13. All of you who posted on here are racist. Whether it’s an off hand female joke or country specific, you should be ashamed of yourself. Why are you supporting this lucky? Pathetic western holes.

  14. I am native Chinese and I can tell you I cannot recognize the most. The FA was furious and thus was not able to be heard clearly. The man had a serious norther-eastern district accent and that’s painful to hear as we’ll.

    For all I can clearly recognize:
    FA: (arguing with the man)….get off me (to another FA)….I am doing my job. Did I do anything (wrong)?
    At some point all audiences, not booing but saying “it’s ok….” Ans tried to stop. Someone asked for a flight marshal a bit later.
    At the end a man for rear end of the flight: “… He said it’s two hours…call him to get out (and explain)”
    (FA: he said ‘a bit more than’ two hours.”)
    Man: “is it two hours that we are now? Call him out!

    So it’s obviously an argument about the delay. I guess some body contact happened and the guy is trying to accuse that the FA, during the regulations, “hit” his neighbor and demanded an apologize, and that’s where it bursted out. It’s a common way to pick up a fight in china, like this:
    (Unintentional touch/general regulations like “don’t stretch your legs so others could pass)
    Man: “hey Ugly you hit me wife/daughter/father!!!”
    FA:”I didn’t!” And the fight starts.

    It’s hard to say who’s fault it is. Chinese flyers can often be over demanding for flight delays while the FAs always have a lot of self esteem because Chinese FAs are often young, pretty females that are highly paid, and they consider themselves to have a high social class. So when conflict starts, no one would back off and say sorry.

    But in general I would blame the FA in this case. No FA can show such anger unless it’s sexual harassment or direct physical violence, and in this case, it is obviously not. Her job is to cool done the delayed flyers, not to regulate them and cause fights. Not professional (as I found on a lot of these Chinese FAs)

  15. Zen said,
    All of you who posted on here are racist. Whether itā€™s an off hand female joke or country specific, you should be ashamed of yourself. Why are you supporting this lucky? Pathetic western holes.


    Do you not realize the hypocrisy of your last sentence? You are accusing the rest of the posters of engaging in racism or prejudice by categorization but then you sum it up by lumping everyone as “pathetic western holes.”

    Really. Before you claim the moral high road, if you want to see the face of prejudice, perhaps you should start with a mirror.

  16. regardless of the issue, she was clearly upset. i feel bad for her. FAs have to deal with a lot and — as this video shows, if the translations are at all correct — lack of class knows no borders.

  17. a hillarious example of uacceptable behavour.See it for yourself. holi celebration at 35000 feet.[[]]

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