Anantara Selling Gift Cards With 30% Bonus

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We’re increasingly seeing travel brands get creative when it comes to generating revenue during these tough times. In particular, we’ve seen hotel brands sell discounted gift cards for future stays, and we’ve now seen these promotions from Belmond, Marriott, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and more.

We can now add another hotel group to the list…

Anantara selling gift cards with 30% bonus

Through June 28, 2020, Anantara is selling gift cards with a 30% bonus:

  • Each electronic gift card will automatically receive 30% extra value
  • You need to use your gift card for a stay within 12 months
  • Only the recipient of the gift card can use it, so it’s non-transferrable
  • Gift cards need to be purchased with a Mastercard or Visa
  • Each gift card can have a value of up to $5,000
  • Gift cards can be purchased in USD or THB, though you can use them globally; for markets with different currencies, the gift card will be converted to local currency at the hotel’s official exchange rate of the day
  • Gift cards can be used at all participating Anantara and Avani hotels and resorts
  • Electronic gift cards can only be used once, towards a single transaction

What is Anantara?

For those of you not familiar with Anantara, they have about 40 hotels and resorts around the world, with a particular focus in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

As mentioned above, gift cards are also valid at Avani properties, of which there are about two dozen, also with a focus on Southeast Asia.

Bottom line

Anantara is offering a 30% bonus on electronic gift card purchases. That’s potentially a significant bonus if you have any upcoming Anantara stays, though also keep in mind the major limitations — gift cards are valid for 12 months, they’re non-transferrable, etc.

I’d only take advantage of this promotion if you have a specific stay planned, but that’s just me…

Anyone plan to take advantage of this Anantara gift card promo?

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

  1. “Electronic gift cards can only be used once, towards a single transaction”
    Does it mean if I bought $1k in GC and my bill was $950, I lose the rest $50?

  2. Typical conditions when dealing with businesses in Thailand. Lots of fine print that often makes no sense with limiting conditions. Once they have your money, you’ll never get it back. That said, Anantara has some beautiful properties, especially Hua Hin.

  3. Selling gift cards that expire is not even legal in Canada… and unless it’s used in the currency paid with, you end up losing a big chunk to hotel crappy conversion rates.

    Hard pass.

  4. Seems like there’s a federal law in the US that prohibits gift cards from expiring within 5 years too. This is some illegal crap.

  5. @AJ

    Not just Thailand but an Asian thing. Stupid requirements that make them useless, better to just book using discounted sites.
    Commons ones are: (and I didn’t even need to read this t&c to know at least half of below is in their t&c)
    1 year or less expiry
    No refund or change for unused balance
    Cannot be used with other promo or discount (often you can get it cheaper with discount)
    Blackout dates
    Limited inventory (1 room per day using giftcard)
    Non transferable
    Hard to redeem (i.e. need to call some number as the only way to redeem)
    Must book 30+ days in advance
    Can’t be used on tax or incidentals or spa or activities.

    I don’t think US or Canada governs these giftcards, especially they don’t even have any presence here.

  6. @Eskimo

    Do they not have to follow US laws if they’re marketing and selling to Americans?

    Terrible loophole if they don’t.

  7. I can’t even purchase when I want to, seems like there’s an issue with Siampay? I can’t pay for it, anyone else having this problem?

  8. @david

    Why would they??
    You’re buying from an Asian company on a website hosted who knows where.
    Should they apply the rules of every single buyers country?

    If I (German) buy something from an American company, on their American site you sure don’t expect me to insist on German law?

  9. @David

    At what point do you think they’re marketing and selling to Americans vs to just everyone on the planet.

    This notion (ego) is why people hates us, even Canadians.
    This is why white supremacy or racism won’t go away, at least for generations to come. twisted US taxation for decades from a tiny online bookstore to become too big to fail, and IRS still can’t collect tax from them, nor the decades of “use tax” that customers fail to report either.
    When a US company like can get away so easily, don’t expect a foreign company with no US presence to adhere to anything.

    Now if you don’t like the t&c, just don’t buy it. And if you really want consumer protection, I believe this chain should be under Thailand laws. So go study up.

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