Awesome Amex Offer For Rimowa Purchases (Targeted)

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Amex Offers for Rimowa purchase

At the moment we’re seeing an awesome offer for Rimowa, which is a luggage brand that a lot of people love and that rarely has sales.

There’s a targeted Amex Offer for 15,000 bonus Membership Rewards points when you spend $500+ at Rimowa by July 15, 2019. You can earn the bonus points based on one or multiple transactions, and the purchase can be made either in-store (at US locations) or at

Personally, I value Membership Rewards points at ~1.7 cents each, so to me the 15,000 points are worth $255, which means you’re getting over half of what you spend back in terms of value of points (again, that’s by my valuation).

There’s also a version out there offering a $150 statement credit when spending $150, though given that I value Membership Rewards points at more than a penny each, I’d prefer the version offering bonus points.

Like most Amex Offers, this one is targeted, so not all accounts are going to be eligible for this offer. If you’re eligible you’ll want to register ASAP, and then you’ll have until the deadline to complete the offer.

Have more questions?

Check out my Complete Guide to Amex Offers for tips, tricks, and how to maximize these deals!

While I haven’t tried this myself, I don’t see anything in the terms suggesting that gift card purchases aren’t eligible. For example, I see this offer on both my card and Ford’s card, so I could potentially buy $1,000 in gift cards (two $500 cards) and earn 30,000 bonus Membership Rewards points.

Rimowa luggage is quite expensive, so being able to reduce the real cost by half (based on my valuation of points) is an excellent opportunity.

Is it time to get Rimowa luggage?

I’m in the market for a new carry-on, and I’ve had a Tumi for years. Ford has been encouraging me to get a Rimowa since he loves his bag. However, I’ve been hesitant. It’s not even the price as such (though they are crazy expensive) but rather that I am not a huge fan of “spinner” bags, and also don’t like hard-case bags where you can’t really stuff them full.

Is this Amex Offers deal a sign that I should be making the switch, though? Getting over half the cost back in the form of points is fairly compelling. If anyone has a Rimowa, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Were you targeted for this Rimowa offer, and if so, will this cause you to make the switch to Rimowa?

  1. I replaced my VIctorinox bag with a TUMI and the TUMI breaks constantly the zipper handles have broken 4 times. I take it to the store and they blame me (though they fix it). It’s not a good product.

  2. I recently bought a Rimowa for JPY 110,000 after having a Tumi that I bought at half that price 5 years ago. So far I’m quite happy with the decision assuming it holds up for as long. The Rimowa ‘rolls’ way better than my Tumi and it feels more secure in terms of the locking mechanism. But I bought the black one and wish I’d bought the silver one because it scratches easily and that’s more noticeable for the black one. Hope this helps.

  3. @ben – Just buy a Briggs and Riley and be done with it. Best soft bags on the market, and their compression system is an actual advantage that, since it’s patented, other manufacturers just can’t beat.

  4. I have several Rimowa bags and would recommend them. I need to upgrade one to a larger size and would have gladly used this offer if I was targeted (I was not). However you seem pretty set in your ways when it comes to the travel equipment you buy, so if you don’t like hard sided four wheel bags, I would be cautious. If I were you I would buy one of the Away bags, which have 100 day trial policies, to see if you like this type of bag.

  5. They are pricey but they hold up and are well thought out. I prefer the designs prior to the LVMH buyout, and they used to make two wheel carry-ons so you may still be able to find some of those around.

    The polycarbonate styles have a little more give than the aluminum if you are trying to pack them fill so go that route. The Hybrid series (ex-Limbo) is good combo of features with polycarbonate and two clasp lock in lieu of a zipper.

  6. Rimowa seems to have gift certificates that you can purchase online, but (1) there is no way to apply a gift certificate code when checking-out online, and (2) the gift certificate purchase page says “The recipient of an online gift certificate will receive an email with a gift certificate code redeemable only at”
    At Really?


  7. Agree with Will. I’ve owned different bags ranging up to Tumi before the Rimowa, and Rimowa rolls better than anything else. I am curious about Away bags but I have enough carryons already.

  8. We only travel with Rimowa, they are the best! Yes status and all that, but it’s the real deal. Also the spinners can be used as 2 wheelies, you don’t have to decide. Do it Ben! You won’t regret it

  9. @ Rob
    The Away bag doesn’t roll nearly like a Rimowa. It’s quite far off actually.

    My carry on broke on my first trip (it wouldn’t lock, i.e. keep the zippers in place and the laundry bag was not even remotely water proof nor water resistant. Put some damp clothes in there and all your stuff is wet.

    Needless to say I returned it within the 100 day period and will be buying a Rimowa instead.

  10. I just used the offer to buy the Hybrid Cabin PLUS size which I was missing in my collection. The weird thing about the Cabin PLUS size is that it is only available in Rimowa shops or online. I had wanted the size for a while but every time I was in a Rimowa shop in Europe (where I typically buy my Rimowa to save $) they didn’t have them in stock. If I had bought on the online store in Germany (where I have family) I would not be able to save the TAX. So with this deal it is still more expensive than buying in Europe (if I value the 15k at $150) but at least I finally got the suitcase at a discount that I had been having a hard time getting. FYI the Cabin PLUS is really not a size that is allowed on the plane (Cabin is the largest that is allowed) but I needed just a little more space than the Cabin for some trips and it was a pain to always take the larger M size Check-In size.

  11. I also have a Rimowa (two wheel version, not a fan of 4 wheels either), but at least the Original (former Topas) is very durable and really good looking! Have had it for 6 years and it hasn’t given me any problems

  12. I had one once and never again. It is not that it’s bad, it’s just not for me. All the dents marks and scratches it get every single trip was really bothering my OCD. Plus, I get that nagging feeling that I cannot be ready to overload the luggage if needed with a hard shell luggage. I got a black swiss gear made of polyester, which is light and quite durable. Sure, not the best for “protect” delicate items, but if I need, I just use a box inside the luggage.

  13. This pushed me over the edge to purchase the Cabin Plus. I usually get upgraded so only mildly concerned about the slight oversize. I’ve used Away for the last 2.5 years – probably 500K miles. While I want to love it because of the price and light weight, the wheels, unfortunately, suck. On airport smooth surfaces (like the main halls at DFW), no problem. But on carpeted areas (like the walk to customs inside in the sterile zone at DFW) it’s terrible. I also think the handles are cheap which makes it difficult to strap a briefcase on to. I used Briggs & Riley for years – looking forward to giving this a go though.

  14. Rimowa. Incredible customer service and warranty, plus free temporary replacement if you you need luggage and your Rimowa is broken. Some stores will send a representative to your hotel room if luggage needs attention. Exactly the service you expect for the $$$ you spend and can make traveling less stressful.

  15. I never seem to have the offers you mention and this is one I’d actually like to use. Am I doing something wrong? Amex hates me?

  16. Any insight on the cabin plus? I have the cabin original s and it’s good for 2-3 nights max. Looking to get something a little bigger and still be able to squeeze it into AA F overhead bins.

  17. @Matt and BC…I currently own both the Cabin (in Original Aluminum) and the Cabin S (in the Black Hybrid) and have never had issues with either on US domestic flights or flights in other countries for the size. I have however had issues with the Cabin on Austrian Airlines because they have started to enforce their weight limit on carry-on bags. Bag was packed full and the stupid agent made me check the bag even though I was on a flight from VIE to the US and in Business Class. If I’m flying on a small regional jet, I typically try to take the smaller Cabin S. There really isn’t much of a size difference except for the thickness of the cases. ‘

    As noted above, I just took advantage of the offer and bought the Cabin PLUS in the Black Hybrid. I fully expect to have issues with that case if I try to take it on as a carryon because it is bigger and attracts attention due to the larger size. I am sure it will be checked most of the time but I wanted the larger size to avoid taking the M size which is usually half empty if I am gone 4-5 days. I think if you buy the PLUS do so with the expectation of that it will NOT fit in all overheads and that you will likely need to check it you should be ok.

  18. Hit post before I finished…Matt…AA max carryon bag size in cm is listed at 56x36x23 and Cabin PLUS is 57x44x25.5.

  19. Bought 2 aluminium Rimowas 3 years ago (cabin size & check in). Both of them went to repair shop about 6 times. Litterally anything that can stop working, did:

    – Wheels broke apart
    – Wheels just broke off (happened 5 times…)
    – The lever got stuck
    – The locks didn’t open
    – The suitcase wouldn’t close since the parts didn’t fit on each other
    – The inside fabric is torn all over

    Yes, they look sturdy and cute. But as a weekly traveller, I was expecting a higher quality than this.

  20. Thanks Christian.

    One more question for anyone. My wife and I both were targeted for this offer. Is there a way to split payments between the two cards to rack up 30k MR? I’m thinking about calling in but unsure if it will still trigger the credit.

  21. Thanks Christian. I realize it sounds snobby (but hey, it’s OMAAT) but I rarely fly in coach. I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to get it into the overhead (the Cabin + that is) but time will tell. Thanks for the feedback.

  22. Granted I don’t travel as much as some, but I love my Delsey Helium. It’s been to the repair shop once for a zipper separating from the case, but it rolls well, the hatch design makes packing easier, and it keeps any valuables (liquor, glassware/ceramics, model kits) safe as can be despite the baggage handlers’ attempts to break them.

  23. I put off buying my first Rimowa for the longest time since I didn’t think I could justify the incremental increase in utility and life against the price, finally bit the bullet and bought my first one for about $1500 3 years ago and now I’ve got a set of 5. I’ve also got Tumi’s and Victorinox bags that I can no longer tolerate because of how inferior they are.

  24. For those who don’t have the offer, Amex caps your current offers at 100 for any given card. If you’re already at 100 offers, Add a few to your card and additional offers should populate. The Rimowa offer appeared for me after adding 3 or 4 offers to my card.

  25. Hey Ben, Briggs and Riley products are well made but you’re paying for the LIFETIME WARRANTY which means it could be the final luggage you buy. They’re also built well.

    Having said all that, ohhhhh that damn Rimowa solid aluminum casing makes my testosterone flow.

  26. Just checked and I thankfully don’t have the Rimowa offer on my Amex cards. Won’t get pulled into another brand, so I’m sticking with Briggs/Riley for good.

    Lifetime Warranty. Lifetime Warranty.

  27. I immediately checked to see if I had the offer and I did. Now it the time for Rimowa. I just got one of those really cute Away mini toiletry cases and love it. Away has the phone charger, but I think the styling of the Arlo Skye is better for this type of luggage. Also, I don’t like zippers. In the end, I am a total snob, but want something classic, elegant, a bag for a lifetime (or until I decide to get a new one). What luggage has the cache and quality of a Rimowa? I’d prefer to have one that had MADE IN GERMANY on it, but really I love Canada too. OH CANADA.

  28. I have several Rimowa aluminum suitcases. The large check in suitcase I picked up several time with damaged wheels at luggage claim. The airline sent a $150.00 check for repairs and to my surprise, it was covered by warranty.

  29. Rimowa has great products. Any warranty issue I’ve had with them has been a breeze, unlike Tumi, who makes you jump through hoops or just ignores claims.

    I’ve got 7 pieces and love their ‘Trunk’ model the most. It’s a damned (light) tank.

  30. PS: Away luggage is crap. Every airport millennial carries it and the build quality is nowhere near Rimowa, even though they’ve tried their best to knock them off.

    To me, it’s basically carrying a very noticeable replica of a luxury good.

  31. I would have to agree with Quinten-travels. The aluminum suitcases dent very easily, and the wheels break or break off completely. The aluminum cases are extremely heavy as well, as are the hybrids. Having said that, however, Rimowa honors its 5 year warranty and have repaired my suitcases twice already.

    Tumi is just junk, in my opinion.

  32. Don’t buy Rimowa: Poly or Aluminum. My wife has Rimowa polycarbonate cases which cracked and United replaced free of charge. I’m based in Hawaii and the funny thing is that Rimowa has dedicated repair centers in Hawaii because of the volume of Japanese tourists that come here and crack their aluminum cases or encounter other problems with their cases. There’s a reason why tourists “sticker-the-hell” out of their cases– the scratching and dents. The United rep explained that though the Rimowa repair process was attentive, United sometimes even has loaner Rimowa luggage because of the volume of claims that are done. I wouldn’t enjoy traveling with a loaner… For over a decade I have been traveling with a globe-trotter case for my hand carry. The current generation (locks and hardware) is much better, but I’ve been extremely happy with my older case as it has taken gate-check and travel abuse like crazy (it has been in an actual war zone) while still always being complimented on by strangers. I travel a lot and was considering getting a Rimowa for my “check in only” case, but ended up getting something different: pelican air. With the abuse that takes on non-commercial air at times, I couldn’t have been happier paying a fraction of the cost for luggage that gets abused. TLDR: globe-trotter in the cabin, pelican air in the hold– no problems for foreseeable decades.

  33. I think it might be less expensive — even when you factor in the Amex points — to buy a Rimowa bag from the Lufthansa WorldShop and pick it up the next time you’re at FRA or MUC. You’d be looking at €800 for an alu. rollaboard, but that also includes VAT.

  34. @Quinten-travels…how in the hell does the fabric get all torn inside? Never heard of such a complaint and why not get it fixed by Rimowa? Dents? Yes…but that’s part of owning a Rimowa aluminum case. All I can say is there’s a reason they are so popular and people are willing to pay big $ for them…they are worth it.

  35. Rimowa is the best bag I’ve had so far. It’s holding up quite well. It’s expensive but worth it.

  36. I love my Rimowa! I have the larger Cabin Salsa Deluxe and I have to say I can fit more into that bag than a standard soft roll bag. The rolling technique works wonders with this bag. I packed for 2 weeks in Japan clothes, few pairs of shoes, cosmetics, and handbags, and it ALL fit in there. I got my husband hooked and bought the same size for him too. Fits in 95% overhead compartments (even managed to get it into a small JetBlue and AA regional plane). The only time I had to gate check it was when a (first class) JFK AA gate agent made me even though it fit easily in the sizer, but I heard a lot of JFK AA agents are pretty ridiculous about carry on size.

  37. Tumi is far more practical than Rimowa. Rimowas do not expand, clamshells are annoying to open, and spinners are only good on very smooth, flat surfaces. Rimowa’s main advantage is in signalling status.

  38. @MattR, I did exactly what you said and the offer came after adding 5 offers into my card. Thanks

  39. How does US Airlines like AA and Delta handle the cabin S or the cabin plus? The width is greater than their carry on size requirement.

  40. Rimowa sucks! I love the style but its quality is terrible. The aluminum got dented and misaligned. There is a huge gap after closing. Sent to service center few times and they said they couldn’t fix. Sent it away and came back the same. My poly one was cracked as well. Luckily Rimowa in Singapore sent the refunds instead of repairing it. Going back to Tumi. Better quality.

  41. After spending over a grand for a Rimowa, my conclusion is I’d rather get 10 sets of Samsonite from Costco than one of this over priced bag. Is it better, a bit. Is it 10 times better, hell no. It’s a nice show boat bag. But I hardly need to drag my bags far enough that Samsonite wheels are noticable.

    Save you money, get any bag that doesn’t pop open after 10 flights. My Costco so far clocked 30 flights fine. And I haven’t bought my 2nd set yet. Already saved a grand easy.

  42. @MattR Thanks! I never knew that. A bunch of new offers came up for me on two cards that were at 100. I’ll be refreshing them often in the future. Great tip!

  43. For those who don’t have the offer, use the “Nearby Offers” option in the app to pull it up if there is a Rimowa near you. Click on the pin in the map and add the offer to your card that way.

  44. @Theraintan….as stated above, I have never had a problem with the Cabin and the Cabin S sizes on any flight (both US domestically and overseas) for the the size. I have had issues with Austrian enforcing their ridiculous weight limit and they made me check the Cabin size even though I was in Business Class. I just bought the Cabin PLUS myself and I know that version is big and it look big and I am under no illusions that it will be allowed on domestic US flights. Internationally I fly mainly business Class so I likely will try and take the Cabin Plus on a few flights. If you are on the upper deck of a 747 or the A380 I do find the overheads to be tight even for the Cabin so the Cabin S could present some issues.

  45. Any luck on getting rimowa to split payments to maximize the offer between two cards? Gift card maybe?

  46. Agree with Eskimo – cheaper Samsonite (though non spinner wheels) are best. Spinner wheels are just designed to break whereas the older inline ones just go on forever and if you ever have to pull the suitcase over the cobbles of Gion (which I did recently) they hold up very well. Miss the Samsonite pro series cases with non spinner wheels.. those things were tough! Save a ton of bucks and get a cheaper bag and then replace more often. Plus these days you always wonder about any German companies past alligencies. Panera….

  47. I am using Rimowa since years, flew probably a million miles with it. Very happy with both, big suitcases and cabin suitcases. I use the plasic ones and not the Aluminium version due to their weight. And I make sure they got 4 wheels.

    I had some TUMI suitcases as well but they are not very protective and often they would simply break, sometimes a wheel, sometimes the handle. So in short: Their suitcases are not good. Instead I use 4 different laptop bags from TUMI and I love them.

    Oh, and do not buy Away. They are not a match for Rimowa.

  48. Thank you Christian!

    @Kerel, where is the “nearby offers” feature in the app? I’m using an iPhone and I can’t seem to find that feature. I apologise for this ignorant question.

  49. Rimowa luggage are beautiful when you buy at the store but once you put them to use it looks like you took them to a war. If you are OCD (I think you are) you will hate the way the Rimowa looks after 1 single trip.

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