American offering double elite qualifying miles between Dallas and Boston through June 30, 2012

American is offering double elite qualifying miles for roundtrip nonstop flights between Dallas and Boston through June 30, 2012. Registration is required prior to travel using promotion code BOSEQ.

What I find rather strange is how they define roundtrip travel:

For the purpose of this promotion, round-trip travel is defined as travel in the same booking class for both the departure and return flight segments.

Seriously? So if one direction prices out higher than the other, it’s no longer considered roundtrip travel?

Anyway, the thing to keep in mind is that you don’t exclusively have to be flying between Boston and Dallas. Instead, you just need a roundtrip journey that includes segments between Dallas and Boston in both directions. In other words, if you fly roundtrip from Boston to Los Angeles via Dallas both ways you should earn double elite qualifying miles between Boston and Dallas.

Of course this promotion is just a friendly way for American to tell JetBlue how they feel about them entering their market in May.

(Tip of the hat to AAdvantage Geek)

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  1. $280 same-day turns right now for most of May. Comes out to about 4.5 cpm. Not great, but not terrible given the relative convenience- leave BOS at 5:45 AM and back by 2:30 PM.

  2. ^^Should note this is just a simple BOS-DFW roundtrip. Didn’t spend much time checking for cheaper options with cxn thru DFW…could be good value to be had there.

  3. With the bankruptcy filing there are a lot of airlines smelling blood. I heard last night that Spirit will start service to DFW from San Diego in June.

  4. I was very happy to hear of this, as I’m flying DFW-BOS tomorrow. I’ve not had the opportunity to take advantage of the SFO/LAX-ORD/DFW promo so this is a nice surprise. Wish it was DRDM too though, oh well.

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