American Gold status or upgrade from Gold to Platinum for $99?

I have no insight here, but figured I’d at least pass this on. There’s a member on FlyerTalk who belongs to FoundersClub, “a members-only community for industry leaders and visionaries, providing elite access to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and business opportunities.” The fee to join is $99/year, plus there’s a $35 initiation fee.

Anyway, apparently they’re now offering American Gold status with membership right off the bat, or if you’re Gold, an upgrade to Platinum.

Unlike other airlines, American doesn’t typically status match. The best they’ll do is offer you a challenge which is quite expensive nowadays, and they don’t even give you the status up front. So getting Gold status for $99/year would be very nice, especially for someone looking to mileage run towards Executive Platinum. Starting off without status is rough, so this would make it a bit more tolerable.

Just PM the FlyerTalk member in that thread for a referral if you’re interested (and apparently he gets some kind of referral bonus too).

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  1. JohnNYC, caution is important, but when you say “check travelingbetter site for an advisory on this” and provide the URL, you should more clear that that “advisory” is basically just speculative posts by you and “nako” and that you are listed as a “founding member” of that forum. Thank you for using the same user name here and on, but, for users who are skimming dozens of pages on this subject and might not click through and notice the matching user names, your eliding this information gives the false impression larger organization has come to a negative conclusion (especially your referring to your own postings as “an advisory” without specifying in line that they are just your own postings).

  2. My information, as always, is as solid as you’re gonna get– I don’t post rumors as facts. Wanna throw your money away? Be my guest. My info is NOT “speculative”

  3. If in fact this is a scam, it works because it sounds believable and… the target audience is quick to jump in.
    Words to the wise. If this is legit, then there’s no rush to jump on the bandwagon. If a scam, then the wise man that waited it out will not be taken in.

  4. Let me state that I am guessing that FoundersCard felt they had an agreement with AA, but that being said an AA contact posted on flyer talk that there is no agreement:

    Maybe FoundersCard jumped the gun or maybe AA revoked it when they realized this program was going to loose it’s non-exclusivity as members from random forums with a “consulting” business applies?

    Its interesting that the Guest Preview just went back up and AA is still listed.

  5. While it’s nice to think they had an agreement with AA and then it got revoked, or that they felt they had an agreement, and it was a genuine misunderstanding– and maybe evidence will emerge to support that– at this time, there’s absolutely _zero_ reason to believe either scenario.

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