American double miles!*

This is clearly a response to Delta’s double miles promotion for their American Express cardholders. Basically members residing in the Greater New York Area (whatever that means) can earn double redeemable miles through December 31 on all tickets, even those booked before the start of the promotion. The promotion code is NYDBL and while it seems like everyone can register, I’m betting only those residing in the NY area would get the bonus. That also raises the question as to whether or not those that switch their addresses to NY would get the bonus.

Either way, I like where the promotions for the second half of the year are going. It’s still July and we’re already seeing some amazing promotions.

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  1. It states in the T&C anyone with their AAdvantage address state listed as New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut can register. So its a pretty broad definition of “New York”.

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