#&*^ $&*%! American announces double elite qualifying miles promotion!

From March 18 through June 15 of this year you can earn double elite qualifying miles for all American Airlines flights. The catch? Only travel booked on or after March 18 counts towards this promotion, so hold off on booking. Registration is required.

I can’t even begin to say how happy I am. I’m just wrapping up my OneWorld award and after being blown away by OneWorld overall I was talking last night about how I’m probably going for Executive Platinum this year. What a beautiful gift, especially since I don’t have a single flight booked. It’s time to fly, I think!

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  1. Shame its only new bookings, going to need to squeeze in a few more BOS-LAX/SFO/SAN runs now. The Triple-Double.

  2. Angela, that’s probably because registration is only supposed to open on March 18, as far as I know.

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