American adds free beer and wine in international coach as of February 1, 2012

As of February 1, 2012, American will be adding free beer and wine in coach on their flights between the US and Europe, Asia, and select destinations in South America. Kudos to American. Over the past decade of cost cutting in the industry they’ve been (in my opinion) the US airline that has cut the least when it comes to in-flight service. So it’s nice to see them add something to stay competitive despite being in Chapter 11.

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  1. What does AA give you that other airlines do not? Delta still gives free pretzels, cookies or peanuts. The other (legacies) do not. The alcohol is duty free on an international flight, so it costs them less than what they would pay domestically.

  2. yea at my recent visits to the AAdmirals clubs (this month), I think certain beers, well/house liquors, and certain wines are complimentary…I think if you ask them they’re happy to tell you which ones are.

  3. @ Lauren — They’ve offered free beer and wine for a while now, though I don’t believe they offer booze for free. If so, that’s a very recent change.

    @ JA — I was talking more about in first and business class. They still have printed menus, extra hot nuts, appetizers, sundaes, etc., which most of the other legacies have cut.

  4. As an Admiral’s Club member you receive a limited selection of free domestic beers and “rail” liquor drinks. I’ve taken advantage of both on many occasions.

  5. Delta gives free drink (beer of whine) in coach on the international flights. I don’t know about UA/CO or US though.

  6. Ironic a bankrupt airline will offer more, but glad to see they recognize the opportunity to capture travelers who will fly them cuz they can get free booze.

    And honestly, how much does some cheap beer and wine cost anyway? The cost can be made up by selling one or two seats more on every int’l flight.

  7. Admiral’s Club @ MIA free gin was something that just looked like a headache waiting to happen. And on Board with Beefeaters is not much better. I prefer a tanquery or Bombay Saffire if I can’t have Hendricks

  8. I think they offer more because they are going through a restructuring. They have no more backlash from their debt problems. Hopefully, they come out stronger and profitable once again.

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