Great Deal: Earn 10,000 American Bonus Miles After Four Partner Transactions

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Nowadays more than half of airline miles are issued through non-flying means, so it’s not unusual for frequent flyer programs to have promotions encouraging members to take advantage of all the partners that airlines have.

American is offering 10,000 bonus miles for partner transactions

Through June 15, 2017, American is offering up to 10,000 bonus AAdvantage miles if you make purchases with four of their partners. Specifically, you can earn:

  • 2,000 bonus miles if you make purchases with two partners
  • 5,000 bonus miles if you make purchases with three partners
  • 10,000 bonus miles if you make purchases with four partners

However, this doesn’t apply to all partners, but rather there are four specific partners participating in this promotion, and there are some terms associated with the purchase:

  • 1-800 Flowers
  • Vinesse Wines
  • AAdvantage Dining — purchase must be at least $25
  • AAdvantage eShopping Portal — purchase must be at least $50

No registration is required for the promotion, though be sure you read the full terms & conditions to understand what’s needed in order to qualify for the promotion.


Is the promotion worth it?

I value AAdvantage miles at ~1.5 cents each (strictly for partner airline redemptions, as award availability on American’s own flights is virtually non-existent), so 10,000 miles is worth about $150 to me.

How much would it cost to take advantage of this offer? I guess this can be looked at in terms of the opportunity cost of these purchases, or the actual out of pocket cost of these purchases. Which math makes more sense depends entirely on your typical purchase patterns.

Mother’s Day is next week, so I was going to order flowers anyway, and always do so through a mileage shopping portal. At the moment American is offering 30 miles per dollar spent with 1-800 Flowers if going through this link and using promotion code A54.


On top of that there’s an Amex Offer for $15 off a $50 purchase with them.


So between earning 30 miles per dollar and getting a $15 discount, I actually consider this to be the best deal on getting Mother’s Day flowers anyway.

As far as the AAdvantage Dining bonus goes, there are some decent restaurants in a couple of cities that I frequent that belong to the program, so I shouldn’t have a hard time completing this task. The opportunity cost is very low. If you’re new to AAdvantage Dining, you can even earn an additional 2,000 bonus miles after your first dine of $25. That’s killing two birds with one stone!


As far as the AAdvantage eShopping Portal goes, I try to make most of my purchases online through these portals, and I’d easily spend $50 during the promotion period, so there’s not much opportunity cost there.

So that leaves Vinesse Wines. There’s no way in hell I’d ever pay for one of these services (not even factoring in the challenges of the logistics), so I’d be taking advantage of this exclusively because of the promotion, and won’t place any value on the wine.

They charge $41.95 including shipping for your first shipment of six wines, and you even earn 3,000 bonus miles for that. The 3,000 bonus miles alone should cover the value of the $41.95 you’re spending. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to cancel after your first shipment since this is a subscription service, and I don’t have any experience with what that process is like.


Bottom line

The way I see it, this is a way to pick up 10,000 almost free miles. I’d use the dining and shopping portals during the promotion period anyway, I need to order flowers for my mom for Mother’s Day, and the wine club offers 3,000 additional bonus miles with the first purchase, which covers the $41.95 cost.

While this promotion won’t make you a mileage millionaire, taking advantage of it is a no brainer for me. However, I realize it might not be quite as easy or economical for everyone — if you wouldn’t otherwise send flowers, if there’s not an AAdvantage Dining restaurant near you that you’d otherwise eat at, etc., the economics of this promotion change.

Do you plan on maximizing this American partner promotion?

  1. i purchased an amazon gc on through aa shopping portal to achieve the $50 required spend. also did the same thing you mentioned to order the flowers. not sure about doing the wine, you have to call to cancel m-f so i bet its a pain in the ass

  2. Just wondering. Why do you have a picture of Finnair’s business class for this post about American?

  3. I think you are overvaluing American miles by a lot. If you don’t live in a partner gateway, you have to buy a ticket to get to the gateway for international, and there is nothing for domestic that isn’t 2 stops or some other horrible routing.

  4. I ordered something from the portal yesterday, ordered flowers today and will be eating at a dining place in Las Vegas this weekend. So 3 of 4 will be done. Just need to figure out the Wines offer for the extra 8,000 miles (5K + 3K).

  5. I find American miles to be incredibly valuable for my travel patterns typically getting 4 – 6 cents of value per mile. Not typical for some but typical for me.
    On a separate note: the Vinesse subscription seems to me to be the most iffy proposition here. The rest of the requirements being both easy and no brainers. It would be 8k miles ( 5k bonus + 3k from vinesse ) for a 50 dollar order. It seems canceling before the second automatic shipment may be challenging. Does anybody have any experience with them as they have run promotions with American Airlines in the past?

  6. The flower tip is worthwhile in it’s own right.

    The Amazon gift card is a great tip too, thanks.

  7. After the debacle, I’m going to hold off subscribing to a useless service all for some useless AA miles.

  8. Turns out a better deal for flowers can be had if you are only going for the flowers for the 30x bonus (i.e., not the multi partner bonus) and value them at less than 1.25 cents a mile..

    By going though EBates, you can stack a 20% 1800flowers discount with a 22% Ebates cash back. So on a $70 purchase, I get $14 from 1800 flowers, $12.30 from ebates (not including $15 back from Amex) vs. 2100 miles. For $26.30, 2100 miles workes out to be buying them for 1.25 cents/mile, not including the partner bonus. If you ascribe 1000 miles of the partner bonus, then it’s better at .85 cents/mile. But there may be even better deals out there.

    I value AA miles at a penny a piece since even miles/copay upgrades suck domestically. I

  9. AA miles at 4 to 6 cents? Are you talking USD???? That’s INCREDIBLY generous if USD

  10. I already had 2 of these completed without even knowing about the bonus. Just ordered flowers and also used my Amex offer for $15 off.

    Im happy to add all these additional miles to my account. Ive been using them for international redemptions with partners. Ill net about

    I just don’t think I can sign up for the wine. That one looks like a bad idea imo.

  11. Do I have to order the flowers from through the AA shopping portal or just using the link directly and inputting the A54 promo code and my AAdvantage membership # at checkout?

  12. I noticed that you can make purchases on 1-800 Flowers through the AA shopping portal. Would it be possible for me to buy the flowers through the AA shopping portal to fulfill the flower and shopping requirement in 1 purchase?

  13. The deal ends with the wine. I don’t drink wine (migraines) and no (good) options for shipping the wine elsewhere as a gift. I think I will wait for another Match dot com promo…

  14. Anyone got suggestions on how to join the Dining program as a foreigner with a non US CC?
    Can I purchase a prepaid card and register that way?

  15. Maybe we should be cautious with regards to any reliance on the Amex offer. I have not seen my offer statement credit post yet, 12 days after placing my order (and yes, the charge has posted.) There was a post this week indicating that others are reporting similar issues of not seeing their Amex offer statement credits.

  16. @James – I immediately received an email from Amex once I placed my 1800flowers order saying I had taken advantage of the statement credit and would be seeing it applied shortly. Did you add the offer to your card in your Amex account before making the purchase? I’ve taken advantage of these Amex offers a couple times before and never had any issues. Generally they credit your account relatively quickly.

  17. @gareth

    The T&C for through the eshopping portal say “Gift Card Listings are not eligible,” so I assume an Amazon gift card won’t earn miles for this, unless someone has experience to the contrary?

  18. It doesn’t hurt to use the shopping portal if you’re needing something regardless. Not worth going out of your way for. Stack offers like using the shopping portal to link to BestBuy, then get BestBuy points, then pay with AmEx and get double points there. There are a surprising number of restaurants that are linked to the rewards network so that’s an easy one as it requires (literally) no actions on your part. If it’s easy, go for it. Just don’t get something you don’t need to earn miles are effectively worthless these days.

  19. all raise sells is gift cards so I would be shocked if it didnt count. i shop amazon weekly so not a risk anyways

  20. @James @Jeff the Boxed offer is the first amex offer that didn’t auto post for me. chatted with amex cs they said there were problems with that particular offer posting for some accounts and to give it a few days. I’m not confident it will post in a few days but will call later to sort it out this week if it hasn’t – amex cs is typically pretty good so i’m sure the credit will work out in the end.

  21. On 1-800 flowers, It won’t let you enter the promo code if you have shoprunner. I’d rather get the points, and pay a little extra for shipping and not use my shoprunner benefit, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it charge me for shipping (i.e. not use shoprunner). anybody else have this problem or know how to fix this? I didn’t sign in through shoprunnner or anything, I just clicked on the link in this post but maybe I have some cookie or something that automatically recognizes me from buying there in the past? In any event, if anybody knows how to solve this problem, it would be appreciated!

  22. @[email protected] C, Yes the offer was saved to my card. The problem may be just a glitch in their system like Brad C has related. I think I will follow his path and contact Amex about it, but, frankly I do not like having to make extra efforts to get an offer fulfilled. Maybe I am a bit lazy and an occasional problem should be understandable, but, if it starts to be a trend, I will shy away from their offers. You have to weigh just how much effort you want to expend for the size of the offer.

    You might want to take a look at this post and the comments. It seems to give some concern that others are also experiencing problems with this and other offers. I haven’t given up on Amex offers yet, but I am watching with concern. Up until now, it has been great.

  23. @Lucky I think you definitely overvalued AA points because of its terrible, in execusable, disgusting avabilities…. I recorded last 365 days of AA/US/DL avabilities to Asia, Latam, Europe and it turned out AA was the absolutely worst among all three for saver award avability in bsuiness classes. (No matter I tried 1,2 or 3 passengers)
    I wouldn’t count on Oneworld partners – Latam was infamous for it’s a avability. Both Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines are trying to cut down cost which means even less avabilities in future. BA/Qantas are stinky as while. Oneworld, as an alliance is getting worse and worse in award avability as a whole compare to other alliances.

    Not only me, many people believe AA miles are totally a hoax due to its worst avability. I would hope you can use your connection with AA to let AA respond and using numbers to prove that they are avabilities is not the worst among all airlines in America if they dare.

  24. If you have a credit card you plan to cancel in the next 30 days, put Vinesse on that…easy, peazy. Otherwise, you can still cancel but have to go through the phone process.

  25. For the flower promotion, the fine print says “offers cannot be combined.” Would using the AMEX $15 credit be considered combining offers? In other words, I wonder if the miles would not be credited if it’s considered combining offers?

  26. The link for AA members to go to the 1800Flowers site that Lucky provides shows a different banner now that does not specifically say 30miles per dollar spent anymore.

    Did this change already? The link I see for 1800Flowers through the AA shopping portal mentions 10 miles per dollar, but I wasn’t sure if Lucky’s link was special as it mentions a promo code as well.

  27. Nevermind, sorry. The banner for the 30 miles per dollar spent is there now. You have to go through the right link Lucky provided though.

  28. @tommy
    My next booking is for a Cathay Flight from JFK – HKG_SGN in Business during Thanksgiving
    Cathay is selling the one way for $4,779.28 . It cost me 70,000 AA miles so I am getting a value of 6.8 cents a mile.

  29. Never mind. It was a cookie. When I tried it from a different computer I didn’t have the Shoprunner problem.

  30. For Vinesse, once I got the first shipment, I emailed them and suspended automatic shipments. Then, a month or two after the miles posted, I cancelled the membership.

  31. In case it helps anyone…

    Bought flowers for my mom not using Lucky’s link, then emailed customer service and asked them to add the promo code and my American frequent flier number. Called in later to 1800 Flowers and they confirmed I’d be getting 30 miles per dollar (not including shipping).

  32. When ordering flowers you have a choice of promo codes A54 (to earn miles or) or 25Mom (to save 25%) or Compship (this will wave the mandatory $14.99 fee) that gets tacked on at check out. So you end up paying for those extra miles

  33. I’m already a member of Vinesse using the AA miles deal for the first two shipments. So I can’t sign up as a new member. I just called Vinesse to ask about “making a purchase” (say, the two bottle minimum) to qualify for this four-action extra bonus and they say I can’t qualify because I already have an AA bonus on my account. How can I try to check whether the Vinesse component is only for people signing up for the first time and excluding those of us who already got the AA sign-up bonus from Vinesse? By the way, I got the first two shipments (2000 miles then 3000 miles) and called to put the membership on a 6-month hold. Will call them back to cancel before that third shipment goes out. But can’t sign up under the same AAdvantage number again no matter what.

  34. No, but it is way to soon. I keep notes on an excel file. This offer said.

    Bonus miles are anticipated to be posted to the members AAdvantage®account by September 15, 2017.

  35. I am waiting till Friday September 15th the day the miles are supposed to be posted by if not then I will start exploring contact numbers Etc

  36. Miles posted to my account on Thursday, September 14th. That was the day before their anticipated posting date.

    “Bonus miles are anticipated to be posted to the members AAdvantage®account by September 15, 2017.”

    Good luck!

  37. This was a huge disappointment. I made all four qualifying transactions to be met with only 2,000 bonus miles. Called and emailed their customer service and found out that the Vinesse and 1800 Flowers transactions were posted to my account after the 6/15 qualification date.

    I figured out that even though I purchased these services before the cutoff, they were shipped later (Father’s Day for the flowers) and the ship date is when they were counted by the partners.
    I’ve relayed this to the AA rep and will see if they give me any wiggle room, but I doubt it. They have a disclaimer in the original promo saying it’s not their responsibility how the partner counts the transaction. Very displeased with AA for this one.

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