$15 Off A $50 Amazon Purchase

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It’s possible to redeem American Express Membership Rewards points for Amazon purchases. The value isn’t very good, as each Membership Rewards point gets you roughly 0.7 cents towards the cost of an Amazon purchase. I value Membership Rewards points at significantly more than twice that much.

That being said, there’s a promotion at the moment which makes it worth redeeming Membership Rewards points for an Amazon purchase. Or perhaps more accurately, redeeming one Membership Rewards point for an Amazon purchase. 😉

Amazon is offering $15 off when you spend $50 or more and you use Amex Membership Rewards points for part of your purchase. Simply use promotion code SWP9AXP15 at check-out. The promotion is valid through November 13, 2015, or as long as supplies last, whichever comes first.


You just need a card which is linked to the American Express Membership Rewards program, and then on the payment page you want to choose the option whereby you can pay with Membership Rewards points. I’d recommend paying off just one cent using Membership Rewards points, given that redeeming Membership Rewards points for Amazon purchases doesn’t represent a very good value.


From there you’ll want to enter promotion code SWP9AXP15 in the box on the checkout page, where you’ll see the $15 in savings reflected.


There are a few things worth specifically pointing out:

  • If you’re an existing Amazon member you can take advantage of the promotion right away; if you’re not, you need to wait 72 hours before being eligible
  • This offer is only available to those who haven’t paid for an Amazon purchase using Membership Rewards points in the past 24 months
  • You can only earn the bonus once per eligible Membership Rewards card

Here are the full terms of the promotion:

1. This is a limited time offer. The promotion will end at 11:59 PT on 11/13/2015, or while supplies last. The promotion code will expire concurrently.
2. You must have an Amazon.com account to redeem the promotion code. If you are creating a new Amazon.com account, please be aware that it may take up to 72 hours before your promotion code will be accepted and applied. Accordingly, you must create a new account on or before 11/10/2015 in order to redeem the promotion code.
3. Offer applies only to the purchase of at least $50 of eligible products, where Membership Rewards points are used for at least a portion of the purchase and the promotion code is entered at checkout. Taxes, gift-wrap, and shipping and handling charges do not apply when determining minimum purchase amount.
4. The maximum benefit you may receive from this offer is $15 per eligible Membership Rewards enrolled Card.
5. Enter the promotion code at checkout through the Amazon.com shopping cart. After redeeming the code, a credit of $15 will be automatically applied to your eligible purchase as long as Membership Rewards points are selected as your method of payment, at least one Membership Rewards point is used for the purchase and your shopping cart contains at least $50 of eligible products.
6. Offer is not available to American Express Membership Rewards eligible cards whose points have been previously used for purchases at Amazon.com in the past twenty four months.
7. Offer does not apply to the purchase of digital content.
8. Offer only applies to eligible products sold by Amazon.com.
9. Items must be purchased in a single order and shipped at the same speed to a single address.
10. Shipping charges may apply to discounted promotional items.
11. Limit one promotion code per Membership Rewards eligible card.
12. Offer may not be combined with other offers.
13. Offer is available by invitation only, is non-transferable, is not redeemable for cash, and may not be resold.
14. Amazon.com reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.
15. Offer discount will be allocated proportionally among all promotional items in your order.
16. If you violate any of these terms, the offer will be invalid. If any of the products related to this offer are returned, your refund will equal the amount you paid for the product, subject to applicable refund policies.
17. Promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.
18. This promotion is available only to Amazon.com customers with an eligible American Express card issued in the United States.

Bottom line

As far as I’m concerned a discount on an Amazon purchase is just about as good as cash. So this promotion puts $15 back in my pocket, which is pretty awesome for basically no work.

Were you able to take advantage of the $15 Amazon discount through Amex?

(Tip of the hat to FrequentMiler)


  1. Can you then use a different card to complete the rest of the purchase? I was thinking Chase Freedom for 5x points. Thanks.

  2. Why the amazon link to gift cards when it clearly says:

    “17. Promotional codes (including those placed directly in accounts) may not be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.”


  3. @Michelle

    No, you can’t use two different CC’s in one transaction, but you can use your Freedom to purchase an Amazon gift card for the amount needed and then apply that.

  4. Promo code doesn’t work on Amazon gift cards, but work on other gift cards. I purchased a Nordstrom gift card and the $15 was deducted.

  5. Am I doing something wrong? I used MR points and bought a $50 DSW gift card as well as something else, but it’s giving me an error and saying the promotional code cannot be applied to my purchase.

  6. @Eric, did you put in to pay a penny with MR points first and then the Promo Code? I just bought a gift card as well as some other items and it worked fine.

  7. Thank you, but I did all of that. I even tried doing it with just a $50 gift card for nordstrom’s as someone above did. Still no luck….

  8. I’m in the same boat as Eric, error message comes up for multiple attempts on different items. Could the deal be dead?

  9. Thanks for the promotion and instructions. I have a Netflix subscription so it was pretty easy to purchase a Netflix gift card on Amazon, apply the $15 Amex Rewards credit against the purchase, and immediately add the emailed Netflix gift card to my Netflix profile. The $50 credit will be applied automatically against future monthly subscription fees.

  10. Deal is still alive.

    1. Item MUST be SOLD by Amazon. Third-party sellers—even if it says “Fulfilled by Amazon—don’t qualify.

    2. Pre-order items cannot be bought with points. Any pre-order items in the cart will disable Shop with Points, and therefore the code will not work.

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