Alaska/Emirates mileage redemption reciprocity coming January 16, 2013!

Earlier in the year Alaska Airlines and Emirates announced a partnership, though indicated that mileage redemption reciprocity wouldn’t occur until later in 2012. Then just a couple of weeks ago Alaska announced a delay in their Emirates award chart until early 2013.

Well, it looks like we now have an updated date for this announcement, per a travel agent memo that my friend Chris passed along:

Skywards Program Update

Redemption cooperation with Alaska Airlines (AS): as of January 16th, Skywards members can redeem their Skywards miles on all Alaska Airlines flights. As of the same date, Alaska Mileage Plan members can redeem their Mileage Plan miles on all Emirates flights. These program enhancements give our US based Skywards members much richer redemption opportunities and therefore makes our frequent flyer program stronger.

So I guess we’ll know the award chart in a couple of weeks at the latest. After my flight on Emirates a couple of weeks ago I’m waiting anxiously to see what this award chart looks like… I need another shower!


  1. As I see it, this change means that US based Skywards members finally get some value out of their miles. Not everyone is headed to the UAE. 🙂

  2. Great news! Although, if I’m not mistaken, Alaska award redemptions must originate in the USA, so no luck hopping a LHR => DXB redemption? Please correct if I’m wrong Lucky, as I am currently local to Europe so haven’t been paying attention to my Alaska miles…

  3. @FrequentFlyerRS it will depend on the arrangement between AS and EK, so we won’t know until the award chart is released on the AS site. However, you are most definitely not restricted to ex-USA.

    You can redeem on a bunch of airlines from Europe to the USA, intra-Europe awards on AF/KLM, and HKG on Cathay. With that said, when AS negotiates such agreement, it is apparent that they negotiate with ex-USA based customers in mind.

    Here is the link to the AS award chart for Europe redemptions:

  4. “… I need another shower!”
    I sort of hope you have showered since and you are not waiting for your next Emirates flight… haha.

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