Akbar Al Baker Calls A350 “Crap Test Airplane”

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There’s nothing I love more than some good old drama, and in the airline industry there are three sources of that for me:

Regarding the Qatar Airways situation, a couple of weeks ago I posted a link to a video of Qatar Airways’ CEO, His Excellency Akbar Al Baker, discussing the A380 delays:


What I missed is the interview he did with Reuters around the same time, which is even more amazing. I think it could compete with the Real Housewives of New York Season Finale (I think Aviva deserves a hand for her amazing performance there!):

Anyway, this Reuters clip is from around the same time, but even better:

“I’m very disappointed with Airbus that they did not bring my A380 to show at this very important air show. Instead they chose to bring their crap test airplane. I would have preferred that they showed this hugely, modern, state-of-the-art, fantastic Qatar Airways A380.”

Then he goes on to claim that the delay is entirely on Airbus’ side. We don’t totally know the cause of the current delay, but even assuming that’s the case, it doesn’t account for the cause of the original delay, which was indeed due to the delayed opening of the Hamad International Airport (not that His Excellency would ever acknowledge that, much less take any blame for it).

Is this guy amazing, or what?

(Tip of the hat to @MeckinsNL)

  1. Is this dwarf have a big inferiority complex or what? I’d love to hear what his shrink says. šŸ˜€

    Reminds me of the form president of France. Me, me, me, mine!

  2. After reading the title, I couldn’t help but wonder if this post and the one about the PEK-DTW toddler this morning were somehow related… šŸ˜‰

  3. He is arrogant,bad accent,dwarf and Airbus should kick him out,for god sake who he think he is??!sending people to ask Airbus.

  4. @Lucky I think Al Baker was referring to the A380 test plane they brought to Farnborough as the A350X they brought there had the Qatari logo with “Launch customer” it

  5. I’m with Drew on this one, I am almost 100% positive he is refering to the A380 Airbus brought to Farnborough which was the test plane.
    That being said, Akbar A B really needs to be put in his place. I wonder, if Airbus cancelled the order and made a public statement of Airbus cancelling it because Qatar refuse to accept the delivery, and gave the planes meant to Qatar to another competitor ***looks at emirates***, what Qatar would respond?

  6. @Drew, Carlos

    Why would they bring a test plane a380 when that aircraft is on the market for years now? The only test plane around from airbus atm is the a350, as discussed in http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/farnborough-airbus-withdrew-a380-to-pressure-qatar-401581/

    But I could be wrong here :p.. thing is that no matter what his character is flamboyant to say the least!

    @Carlos that would be an epic move of Airbus to shift the planes to another carrier(Gulf region) instead

  7. Did the interviewer also interview Airbus and ask them about the Qatar A380? If so, any videos of this online?

  8. I would love for QR (EK,EY,TK) to come to DTW and kick RJ out of town. They will have so much Passengers from the middle east and Asia region. I cant believe QR, EK, EY, and TK don’t have service to DTW. Even RJ will bring their 787 sometime this year, that has lie flat seats. I would love to fly to the middle east from DOH, IST, DXB, AUH. I Hate that RJ is my only connection to the Middle East.

  9. @Jim, I went to Farnborough Airbus brought their test A380, it was really disappointing for sure.

  10. Does this guy really deserve to have his name mentioned so frequently? Could we go a little way to help keep his feet on the ground and just refer to him as ‘the twat’?

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