Wadi Rum 10

Review: Glamping In Wadi Rum

Now you'd think, given that we were just up the hill in Little Petra, that Petra itself would be our next stop. Instead, we stopped for lunch in Wadi Musa (and worked for a few hours, I couldn't help it!), before continuing south to Wadi Rum. We arrived…

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Wadi Rum 003

I Was Walked From My Airbnb!

Airlines often oversell space on flights, then ask for volunteers to be "bumped" from the flight. Hotels will sometimes overbook as well, and use the industry term "walked" to describe the process of accommodating a guest at another nearby property.…

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Airbnb Discount 004

20% Off Airbnb Gift Cards

While the focus at OMAAT will always be on hotels where you can earn and use points, there are times when chain hotels aren't available, or alternative accommodations make more sense. Airbnb can bridge that gap nicely -- we had great stays in London…

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Kanchanaburi Airbnb 17

Our Amazing Thailand Airbnb

Yay! We're finally to the fun part of the trip! As best as I can tell, there is not a single chain or points-friendly hotel in all of Kanchanaburi Province, though there is a spate of local accommodations, hostels, and guest houses. Home-stays seem to…

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Airbnb Amex Offers 06

Save $50+ On Airbnb Through Amex Offers

We've written previously about Amex Offers, which is a program through American Express which offers discounts and statement credits for using your linked card at a variety of retailers. These offers save me hundreds of dollars throughout the year, be…

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Airbnb Elevate

Earn Virgin America Points With Airbnb

While we've long seen partnerships between airlines and hotels, I love some of the more creative, "outside the box" partnerships we've seen over the past few years: -- In mid 2013 Hyatt and MGM teamed up to offer members of both of their loyalty programs…

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Airbnb – 3

My First Experience With Airbnb

In the last installment, Tiffany explained why we decided to stay at an airbnb in London. Since we would have needed three hotel rooms, it was significantly cheaper to get an airbnb than to stay at a hotel. And I was excited at the prospect of finally…

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London Hotels Three People 01

When Using Points Doesn’t Make Sense

Without question, I receive tremendous value when redeeming miles and points, and particularly on the hotel front. Combined with elite status perks, hotel awards have not only allowed for some great stays at properties that would otherwise have been…

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