What Is Air Serbia Business Class Award Availability Like?

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A couple of days ago, Air Serbia began operating nonstop flights between Belgrade and New York, which is huge news for a carrier which otherwise primarily flies regionally.


Air Serbia’s new flight is operated by an Airbus A330, which they acquired from Jet Airways.


The plane features 18 business class seats in a herringbone configuration, so each seat is fully flat and features direct aisle access.


Enter to win two business class tickets on Air Serbia!

If you haven’t yet entered, you can win two business class tickets on this new Air Serbia flight through a giveaway I’m hosting. You have until 11:59PM PT tomorrow, Sunday, June 26, to enter. There are several ways to enter, so just visit the giveaway post for more details on how to enter.

I’m excited to announce who the lucky winner is on Monday, and hopefully they can share their feedback on the Air Serbia experience, and also their time in Serbia.

How to redeem miles on Air Serbia’s new flight

For those who don’t win the contest, but who still want a chance to try Air Serbia’s new service, the good news is that you can redeem miles on it.

Air Serbia is an Etihad Airways partner, so the best way to redeem on them is through the Etihad Guest program, since that’s what they use as their frequent flyer program. One-way award redemption rates between Belgrade and New York are as follows:

  • Economy class: 44,970 miles
  • Business class: 64,082 miles



The catch is that you can only book these awards by phone through the Etihad Guest call center, which can be a bit of a pain. That’s a bit frustrating, since there’s no way to see award availability online.

Etihad Guest is 1:1 transfer partners with both Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou, and with both programs we’ve seen transfer bonuses in the past, meaning you can pay fewer transferable points than the amounts listed above, assuming you transfer at the right time.

So, what is availability like? While I only have a few data points given that there’s no way to see the space online, it seems like economy award space is wide open, while business class award space is highly variable. Some days have no business class award space, while some days have four or more business class award seats.

The good news is that they’re not restricting award space to just one business class seat per flight, or anything.

Bottom line

I really want to take this flight soon, so during the next transfer bonus I’ll transfer points and then book an award on this flight. I hadn’t done so yet since I was hoping they’d have some sort of introductory business class fare sale, though that hasn’t happened yet.

  1. Is Air Serbia considered “safe” by the NTSA? I flew Air Cambodia once, and came to find out afterward that the NTSA suggested I shouldn’t had!

  2. Matt – Air Serbia and before JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) is one of the safest airlines in the world. Former pilots are routinely hired by major airlines worldwide. The safety standards are very high, and to my knowledge there has ever been pnly
    one crash, due to terrorism in the late 60s.

  3. @matt – if you’re uncertain about the safety, I suggest you’d better check the engine, body and anything else on the plane ON YOUR OWN before boarding the plane.

  4. @Matt – Air Serbia is the successor company to JAT (Jugoslav Air Transport), which was one of the oldest and safest airlines in the world. Prior to the 1990s they operated multiple TATL flights. It’s very safe – they wouldn’t be flying in the EU or US if they weren’t.

  5. I’d love to visit Serbia – the culture, history and architecture are fantastic

  6. As Ben always like to try different products, so why not Air Serbia.
    have met countless Serbian people here and have found them to be very sincere and hard working and very much family oriented. This speaks for itself that one will enjoy the visit

  7. Hey Lucky! I hope you will be able to secure a business class seat on this route shortly – and if in Belgrade, pls do review the Crowne Plaza. Would be nice to see whether you like that hotel as much as we did last summer.

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