Air France’s new business class product… you’ve gotta be kidding me!

A few nights ago a friend sent me a link to what he claimed was Air France’s new business class product. My reaction? “Eh, dude, you sent me a link to Air France’s “new” business class product from five years ago. It just has the wrong press release date. Way to go!”

The product looks identical to when I flew Air France over five years ago. And as far as I can tell it really is the same seat. It’s not even fully flat, which is truly pathetic. Rolling out a new seat now which will take years to implement, which is at least one to two generations behind the current “standard” business class seat, is sad.

And it’s not like Air France has the world’s best service either…

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  1. you’re quickly becoming view from the wing jr. as soon as i see gary post, i know that you’ll post the same thing pretty shortly thereafter

    come up with some new material lucky!

    It’s all about quality not quantity

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