Air France/KLM Flying Blue status matching up to Platinum tier

Through March 31, Air France/KLM are status matching many elite tiers to equivalent tiers in their program. Simply follow this link, fill in all the information requested, and upload a copy of your elite card to get a status match. At the bottom left of the page, under “see offer conditions,” is a link with the information about which airlines they match and to what tier in Flying Blue you would be matched. Top tier status with American, Continental, United, and US Airways, for example, match all the way to Air France top tier.

Or if you’re not all that much of a frequent flyer, this could at least save you on bag fees. If you just recently got British Midland Diamond Club Silver status for free, you could be matched to Flying Blue Silver. This would get you free checked bags on Delta, for example.

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  1. 1) How long is this good for?

    2) Isn’t it better strategy to status match when you plan on flying the airline?

    3) Since most of us have to requalify every year for the airline we are loyal to, how does this make sense?

  2. Thanks for the link, Lucky. Just submitted my 1K card. Have a couple of DL flights this summer for vacations to non-UA/CO destinations, so this was an easy $100+ savings on the baggage alone.

  3. Thanks, also. I have an AF and KLM flight in a few weeks, I will still earn to DL but at least this will give me lounge access and better baggage.

  4. Signed up for the free silver status on bmi, but it will take them awhile to send me a card in the mail, and Flying Blue needs to see a photo of it in order for this deal to work. Since this offer expires at the end of the month, I doubt it’ll be here in time to take advantage of it. Still, if you have elite status on another airline already, I can see this being a fantastic deal.

  5. Since airline status matches are (as far as I understand them) once-in-a-lifetime match, would doing this status match potentially prevent one from status matching to AF later on down the road? I would imagine not, since this is a pretty public offer, and not a “one time exception,” and I don’t see anything about that in the terms, but it makes me wonder….

  6. If you want to use Amex mr points for a first class award on AF, I believe you need elite status on AF to gain access to any f inventory.

    I will do it.

  7. Keep in mind that FB offers a ‘soft landing’ if you credit a flight at least once a year. This means if you match to platinum now, and credit a flight once, you will still have Gold next year. And silver the year after. So basically the offer could potentially give you three years of Elite status, of which two years include lounge access. Even if you don’t fly them!

  8. I’m not sure whether this is “once in a lifetime” or not, and while that’s generally of concern to me, this is Flying Blue. I don’t ever plan on having the need to status match to them, because, well, they aren’t a great frequent flyer program.

  9. @Lucky,
    Would this entitle you to access to Delta Sky clubs when flying Delta domestically if you register your account with a US mailing address or must you register with an address outside of US/Mexico (Canada perhaps) and THEN you’d be granted access…

    The terms seem a bit wordy. Your .02?

  10. @Nybanker,

    Yes you need the status on AF for 1st awards, but their mileage requirements are WAY inflated, so beware, etc.

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