Aer Lingus’ New Hartford To Dublin Flight Now Bookable

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In late-October I wrote about Aer Lingus’ US expansion, whereby they’re adding three new routes. At the time I wrote about the new Dublin to Los Angeles flight, which is possibly the most significant, and was also the first of the new flights to become bookable.

Aer Lingus’ two other new US destinations include Hartford and Newark. It’s worth noting that Aer Lingus’ new Dublin to Hartford flight is now bookable for flights as of September 28, 2016.


Via airlineroute.netthe new 4x weekly flight will be operated by a Boeing 757 with the following schedule:

EI131 Dublin to Hartford departing 2:40PM arriving 4:40PM
EI132 Hartford to Dublin departing 6:10PM arriving 5:20AM (+1 day)

The flight will operate in both directions on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It’s blocked at 7hr westbound and 6hr10min eastbound.

As of now the flight has plenty of economy award seats (typically four per flight), though I’m not seeing any business class award space.

Aer Lingus’ US expansion lately has been extremely impressive, as they’ve gone from a struggling airline to adding more than a handful of flights to the US. In 2014, Aer Lingus started flights to Toronto and San Francisco, while this year they added additional frequencies to New York and San Francisco, as well as a new route to Washington Dulles. With three further destinations, that’s quite some growth in a short period.

Perhaps the most surprising route of the lot is the new Aer Lingus flight to Hartford, as it’s an airport which presently doesn’t have any transatlantic service. Admittedly Connecticut does have a large Irish population, but it’s still interesting to see a fairly small airline add a flight to a market which isn’t currently served at all, and which has very limited potential for connecting traffic.

One thing to be aware of with the new route is that while Aer Lingus has an excellent new business class product on their A330 aircraft, the Hartford route will be operated by a leased 757. This plane features a total of 12 business class seats, which are angled flat, so they aren’t nearly as nice as Aer Lingus’ new product. Still, this is a fairly short transatlantic flight, and it will also be convenient for many.


Bottom line

Of all the new Aer Lingus routes, this one intrigues me the most. Kudos to Aer Lingus for thinking outside the box and adding a flight to a destination which presently has no transatlantic service.

Do you have any interest in taking Aer Lingus’ new flight between Dublin and Hartford?

  1. I see on the Aer Lingus website it says “Operated by Asl Airlines Irl For Aer Lingus Boeing 757”. The wiki says this is a “damp lease” to Aer Lingus.
    I assume this means it is operated by different crews/pilots/maintenance service than the typical Aer Lingus flights, and if so, is there a concern that this flight will be less safe or otherwise inferior to those?

  2. My guess is that they’re trying to target the insurance crowd. Hartford is the insurance capital of the US. Dublin (and London) are both insurance hubs

  3. Being from Connecticut, I’m really happy about this. It’s nice to see BDL getting a little love, since it doesn’t have any transatlantic routes and we always need to go to NYC for flights. Now, what points transfer to Aer Lingus?

  4. It’s interesting that you think of Aer Lingus only in the context of flights to Ireland and not connecting traffic flying through DUB.

    When you look at using DUB as a European hub, the play at BDL makes more sense. For those in the Hartford/Springfield area looking to fly to Europe (and Aer Lingus covers a lot of European cities), they no longer have to fly/drive to Boston or New York saving time and quite probably money given Aer Lingus’ generally low fares.

    They already get a fair amount of connecting traffic on their other routes. I recently flew them ORD-DUB-LHR and I found several passengers on the LHR-DUB return segment connecting to various US bound flights in business class. Probably 1/2 the business class cabin on my DUB-ORD flight were passengers I recognized from the London flight, mostly either returning from work in London or traveling to the US on business.

  5. WooHoo! BDL is in my backyard. I hope Biz awards open up. Do you guys suggest using UR to Avios for this route?

  6. Working in insurance i have a lot of contacts in Hartford and they hate having to drive to Boston or NYC for international flights. Since you cant really fly from Hartford to NYC/Boston its either a long drive or a backwards connection (such as BDL->ORD->LHR). I suppose BDL->DUB->CDG makes more sense than BDL->DTW->CDG or a 3 hour drive then BOS->CDG

  7. Alexion Pharmaceuticals lobbied hard for this flight. The two main locations are in Hartford and Dublin, and probably 50-200 people a week are flying between the two locations. Sometimes even more, but that is what happens when an American companies put their headquarters in Ireland/UK for tax purposes.

    There is definitely a market for people from Conneticut too – not having to go to NYC or Boston to fly to Europe will be nice.

  8. Did someone really write “Aer Lingus low fares?”
    They never removed the fuel surchages even with oil at $45/barrel
    Being flying across the pond for 27+ years and nothing cheap about EI and their economy seats Suxx, almost as bad as Delta……sorry many of us on here cannot sit up front (but do love the articles)

  9. I took the NW BDL-AMS flight once, but that was in 2007. It was not anywhere near full. Still, I can see this one generating good traffic now.

    “Damp lease” refers to a wet lease where cabin crew is provided by the leasing airline (in this case Aer Lingus), but the plane, flightdeck crew, maintenance, etc is provided by the lessor.

  10. BDL is a great airport with short TSA lines, rocking chairs and free wifi! Great to see more options there.

  11. I think it’s great that Aer Lingus is willing to give BDL a shot. I must admit that I have doubts about how successful this route will be. It seems like a long shot when one considers the lack of success with nonstop flights to either LAX or SFO…let alone AMS. I hope I am wrong! Really!

  12. I am happy about this. As long as the flights are not significantly (+20%) more than NY or Boston flights I will use this as my route to Europe. Right now I can fly one way to Europe from $200-500 one way from JFK or Boston depending on airline/ arrival city and time of year. This could save the time and aggravation of driving to either city.

  13. I love the fact that AER LINGUS is flying from BDL to DUB. I will be taking that flight many times.
    Hopefully the fares will be reasonable.

  14. I just booked a flight, the 6:10 departure time, with a connecting flight in Dublin to/from Paris. After some digging around, I was able to find an amazing price, $670 RT, and with the cost of the ticket plus travel to/from the city, I will be saving almost $300. When I fly to Europe I try to only take direct flights, but at such a cheap fare, I could not resist. I’m anxious to see how the experience will be. I’ve read very mixed reviews regarding their customer service.

  15. The only reason this flight exists is because the State of Connecticut is paying for all marketing costs and up to $9 million/year in subsidies for three (3) years. So for $27 million, the state has found a carrier to fly internationally out of Bradley.

    The convenience is nice, but doubt it will last past the subsidy timeline. If there was market demand, airlines would have no problem firing up some flights.

  16. Short-term, state-interventionist stupididy. Up to $27m of taxpayer’s money to prop up a business idea which doesn’t have legs. My goodness, what a smokey back-room conversation that must have been…. and, with CT already the most indebted state in the nation, it’s little short of heinous. Insurance hub, my a**. Rough-riding arrogance of the first order. Even Aer Lingus have so little faith in it they’re renting equipment and crew for the job.

  17. Hope EI do not use the same planes as they did all summer on Boston to Shannon route as they were the WORST seats ever………even hobits from Lord of the Rings would have felt the need for some space

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