An Aer Lingus Business Class Award I’ve Never Seen Available Before

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I’m hoping to fly Aer Lingus soon, as they’ve greatly improved their business class product since I last flew them. They now have fully flat beds in business class, free wifi, pre-flight dining in Boston and New York, an arrivals lounge, etc. They’re also a fun and quirky airline, which I appreciate.


In general the best ways to book awards on Aer Lingus are through British Airways Executive Club and United MileagePlus. Finding awards from the East Coast to Ireland isn’t too tough, while finding awards from the West Coast to Ireland is extremely difficult.

Aer Lingus flies from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Dublin — only a couple of times have I ever seen award availability in business class out of SFO, while I don’t ever recall ever seeing business class awards out of LAX.


Well, at the moment Aer Lingus has two business class award seats for many flights this summer (especially in July and August) between California and Ireland. The two best ways to book these awards are as follows:

  • Through United MileagePlus for 70,000 miles one-way (you can search award availability directly through United’s website)
  • Through British Airways Executive Club for 75,000 Avios one-way (you must book these awards by calling British Airways)

Ultimately those aren’t cheap awards, but it’s a rare product and extremely convenient if traveling from the West Coast to Ireland.

United’s website or ExpertFlyer are the best places to search for availability, and you’re looking for “U” space to be available if you want a business class award. For example, here are the dates with two business class award seats available from Los Angeles to Dublin in July and August:

  • July 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 22, 25, 27, 30
  • August 1, 2, 5, 10, 14, 15, 18, 25

Availability is similarly good out of San Francisco, and in the other direction. Like I said, this is an award I’ve never seen available before, and in this case we’re seeing it over peak summer dates, so it’s a great opportunity, in my opinion.


Anyone plan on taking advantage of this excellent Aer Lingus business class award availability?

(Tip of the hat to Jimmy)

  1. I booked business class (from Boston to Dublin) via BA & it was only $114 taxes/fees. Dunno if that’d change coming from the West coast, but it wasn’t crazy like straight BA flights are.

  2. Please take advantage of this Lucky! Aer Lingus is one of the few airlines, and probably the only transatlantic airline, to offer completely free Panasonic wifi to business class

  3. You forgot the biggest benefits of flying Aer Lingus – they provide a free shuttle service so you can skip the lines at immigration in Dublin.

  4. Flew them last year SFO to CDG, then AMS to SFO. Perfectly comfortable product. Decent food. Paid cash and it was only around $3,500. And you clear customs in Dublin on the return.

  5. Great tip, thank you!

    Lucky, who has the better hard product? .Aer Lingus LAX -DUB or Vienna airways LAX-VIE?

  6. @beachfan, I would say they are very even in terms of seat and food. I think it comes down to where you want to be DUB or VIE. Neither is that much better than the other to warrant an extra flight to get to your destination.
    Perhaps it comes down to whether you are collecting Avios or *A miles

  7. Yeah but preclearance is such a pain, and transiting in DUB sucks if you fly into DUB on BA, don’t have your onward boarding pass, and have an onward flight on EI.

  8. Are Lingus lost our bags and while they admitted fault, they refused to offer compensation and wouldn’t provide us with the documents needed for credit card insurance coverage unless we flew back to Dublin to make a claim. Not sure about bread but agree with Hamsterboi, AVOID AER LINGUS AT ALL COSTS.

  9. Aer Lingus is “fun and quirky”? They seem like any other airline to me – what makes them so quirky?

  10. @callum They’re Irish!
    @BFD I believe BA is going to nominate them this year but as of now they have some sort of temporary agreement.

  11. I have become a fan of Aer Lingus, as I’ve had great experiences flying with them thus far, even in economy from the East Coast. Though, these flights have just been connections to other European destinations. From these experiences, we’ve decided to add Ireland to our travel destination list.

  12. @ Kenny Dublin is a fun visit for a short time, especially if you have Irish ancestors and/or are interested in Irish History. Especially the Rebellion of 1916, which Dublin seems to be obsessed with.
    For a very informative 2.5 hour walking tour, take the “Historical Walking Tours of Dublin”, conducted by Trinity College History graduates. Quite informative, extremely professional, and very reasonable at 12/10 pounds. Take solid rain gear, even in August.

    The Morisson (Double Tree) is in a perfect location for walking to all of the tourist sites, albeit pricey in both $ and points. It’s just across the bridge from the Temple Bar area. But don’t expect too much from that. It’s like Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, but minus the parades and jazz bands. In the Summer after dark the streets are filled with drunks, the bars are over flowing with the same. And forget about hearing traditional Irish Craic, it’s mostly American rock from the 70s and 80s. Weird to hear “Hotel California” played in an Irish pub.

    So 2 nights and 1 full day are plenty to see everything. Then go to the countryside, or head on to the Continent.

  13. @Robert H
    Wow, awesome info. Thanks so much, I’ll take note of all of this, for when we start planning our Ireland trip. Very much appreciated.

  14. Dublin’s 1916 Rebellion Tour (led by Lorcan Collins, in case you want to Google 🙂 is just amazing — you feel like you’re THERE, in the midst of the flying bullets and gunfire from ships on the Liffey … best 12 euros I ever spent on a tour 🙂 Tours leave daily from the International Bar on Wicklow Street — just show up, grab a pint, listen to the pre-tour back-story, and enjoy!

    I have to agree about the “fun and quirky” Aer Lingus: When my daughters and I flew them from Stantsted to Dublin, the crew had us in stitches with every announcement and seat visit 😀 There was a bit at the end about remembering “to take all of your personal belongings, bags, umbrellas, children, etcetera …” They were a hoot! And on a previous flight, heading to Paris from Dublin, the plane was filled with a group of middle-school-age kids on a class trip, and god, were THEY entertaining! (Also super-pleasant and polite 🙂 As the plane landed, they all burst into applause and cheered wildly for the pilot and crew — a wonderfully positive and happy start to our vacation!

    On both visits, we’ve stayed at the Ashling Hotel in Parkgate (right at Heuston [train] Station, and it was a fabulous — and CHEAP! — experience: a 5-star hotel at 2- or 3-star prices. It’s not in the center of town, so you don’t get the noise/drunks mentioned above 😀 But it’s a five-minute tram right from everything you might want to see, and you could even walk it, if you like to walk. It’s close to the Guinness Storehouse, Kilmainham Gaol and Phoenix Park, and the 747 Airlink bus goes right from the airport to Heuston Station.

    Buy a LEAP card at the airport (good for 3 or 7 days, I think — whatever works best for you), and it’ll get you on all of Dublin’s public transit: buses, trams and the DART train system, dirt-cheap. It’s even good on the Airlink, so there’s your airport transportation taken care of 🙂

  15. The pre-clear at DUB is great but allow plenty of time. I saw a few people miss connections because they under-estimated the time it can take.

    Used to be there was no lounge post-clear but I hear there now is one. So it’s a great facility but ARRIVE EARLY.

    To the person who asked about Shamrock joining Star Alliance, know that Aer Lingus is moving closer to OneWorld.

  16. Question – if I want to set up an alert on Expert Flyer for Aer Lingus SFO to DUB, but will use United Miles, should I search on Aer Lingus or United?

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