Earn 7,500 Bonus Hilton Points After Two Stays

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Hilton Honors has a pretty awesome supplemental promotion at the moment. On the surface this seems to be targeted, though I don’t think it is (as I’ll explain below).

Earn 7,500 bonus points after two stays

Hilton Honors is offering 7,500 bonus points after two stays that are completed by January 31, 2020. You receive 2,500 bonus points after one stay, and an additional 5,000 bonus points after a second stay.

This is valid for any hotel in the Hilton portfolio, and you need to register before completing your first eligible stay. Bonus points should post six to eight weeks after completion of eligible stays.

I value Hilton Honors points at ~0.5 cents each, so this is like a return of ~$37.50 after two stays, which I’d consider to be excellent.

This is in addition to the points you usually earn through Hilton Honors, which are among the best in the industry. It can also be stacked with their current global summer promotion, valid through September 8, 2019. With this promotion you can earn:

  • Double points, starting with your second stay
  • Additional bonus points for passing certain thresholds:
    • 10,000 bonus points on your 10th stay
    • 15,000 bonus points on your 15th stay
    • 20,000 bonus points on your 20th stay

Is the promotion targeted, though?

Now, here’s the catch. The terms do indicate the following:

This offer is only valid and exclusive to the recipient of the email invitation, is not transferable and is one-time use only.


  • Ads for this promotion are appearing on Facebook and other media, which suggests it’s not targeted
  • Even those who didn’t receive emails are able to register for the promotion (which usually isn’t the case for targeted promotions)
  • Those who are able to register for the promotion even see the offer in the “offers” section of their Hilton Honors profile.

So it’s totally worth registering for this promotion. I feel like Hilton Honors will honor the promotion, given that it appeared in media this way, and people were able to register. Worst case scenario, if they don’t, it only took a few seconds to register, so that’s not a huge loss.

Bottom line

This has the potential to be an awesome promotion. While Hilton Honors has great earning rates in general for stays, this could make it even better.

The terms do state that this is targeted, though that may be a mistake, given that ads for this promotion are showing up in media, and everyone seems to be able to register for this promotion.

For more ways to earn Honors points, learn about the best Hilton credit cards.

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)

  1. @ Lucky — I assume point redemption stays are a “qualifying rate” for this promo?


  2. Kool — successfully registered with multiple stays already booked during the promo period. This promo is highly generous because its duration is rather long (a good thing) in relationship to the benefit (7.5K HH) and, importantly, one gets the same number of bonus points regardless of whether it’s an award or revenue stay.

  3. I didn’t receive an email from Hilton about this, but I clicked on the link you posted, logged in to HHonors and I immediately received confirmation that I am now registered for the promotion. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Just a reminder that a generous valuation on Hilton Points is 0.5 cents each. This promo is worth $37.50 — generously.

  5. Yup:

    Resource at ‘/content/hilton-promo/en_US/7500-points-media/landing/undefined.html’ not found: No resource found

  6. Error message ,so I called Hilton honors . They don’t know any of anything about this offer

  7. Cannot get to site, Hilton appear to have pulled it, tried OMAAT, The Gate, VFAW and even GSTP, all came up with same error page even before accessing site. Oh well.

    Looks like this:
    “Resource at ‘/content/hilton-promo/en_US/7500-points-media/landing.html’ not found: No resource found Cannot serve request to /content/hilton-promo/en_US/7500-points-media/landing.html on this server Apache Sling”

    Who doesn’t love a good Apache Sling !

  8. The T&Cs for this offer now suggest that the promo is only for new members who sign up through a certain link. I have no reason to believe that this didn’t start out as a widespread offer, but it certainly isn’t one now.

  9. @Mike
    Yes. I see that T&C in my account.
    I have upcoming reservations for this and now I wonder if I should cancel and rebook with Marriott. In case they would not honor the saved promo.

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