6 Reasons I’m The Worst Airline Passenger

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I’ve been blogging for nearly eight years, so I have a pretty thick skin. There’s not much which offends me in the way of comments. I’ll always take constructive criticism, especially from people who have a history of leaving both positive and negative feedback, as they clearly mean well.

For the few dozen trolls who have each left dozens of negative comments over the years without ever saying anything positive, well, of course I take those comments with a grain of salt.

I certainly don’t expect anyone/everyone to agree with my perspective on things. When I have a positive experience, I have people telling me it’s because I received special treatment due to being a blogger. When I have a negative experience, I’m told to stop being a whiny bitch. So I’m quite used to that.

Yesterday I wrote about the flight I had in British Airways Club World between Los Angeles and London, where I had atrocious service. I’ve flown almost five million miles in my life, and that was the worst service I can recall. People are free to dismiss my perspective, though it’s not every day I make a post about a flight where I experience truly terrible service.


Regardless of what people think about me, I figured my feedback would be somewhat uncontroversial. Apparently it wasn’t, and some even hailed her as the perfect flight attendant.

I figured I’d share six of my favorite comments left on the post, about why I’m an idiot, pompous, and have ridiculous expectations of airlines:

1. Asking what kind of bread is in a bread basket is completely unacceptable… this isn’t a bakery, after all!

The bread.
If you point at the bread and ask what it is you do deserve to be told that it is a bread. In my experience, stupid questions lead to stupid answers. You are on a plane and not in bakery, cabin crew are there to get your whiny arse off a burning plane in less than 90 seconds and not exactly to know all 5 types of bread.

2. The flight attendant is primarily there for your safety, so how could you possibly expect them to place a beverage on the tray you have extended on your aisle seat?!?

Wow. The crew member was not rude – you were. She is there primarily for your safety. Do you not have hands? Why would you want her to put the items on your tray? You are ridiculous, pretentious and rude. So pleased I never came across you in my career as cabin crew. You would definitely not have appreciated my service, and I’m happy about that, because that means I’m not an idiot. Pompous idiot.


3. What are beets? That’s a great question… perhaps ask the person who designed British Airways’ menu, and explicitly has them listed as an option?

You sound like an absolute tool. What on earth are beets? Because I’ve never heard of them and probably neither had your British flight attendant. When you started asking what bread is, she probably thought you were just simple. Just take the bread that looks the best, sheesh.


4. How dare anyone provide feedback on pillow quality, because business class isn’t a hotel! You should just bring your own or ask for another one (which I did, but they only load one per seat, and there weren’t any extras).

The pillow.
You are not in a hotel! If you have your own preferences when it come to pillows you should have brought your own one! Has it ever cross your mind that most of the people prefer this pillow. If they didn’t, don’t you think they would have changed it by now?!? And it is not that thin and you can always ask for one more. Sorry I forgot that you haven’t got a common sense!


5. As someone who reviews airline products for a living, how dare I share my opinions when I should just be thankful for flying.

This blog has just pointed out all the flaws i hate with stuck up arrogant people! It really sounds like you like to complain about all experiences of life. Why not just be thanksful that you got to even fly!

Ironically when I do post about how grateful I am to travel, I get comments like the following:

Seriously, you’ve done so many of the same ‘I’m so grateful to travel’ posts it’s become mind numbing lay boring. If you can’t think of anything to post about, then just don’t post. Quality is better than this repetitive drivel

6. This flight attendant sounds ideal to some, and makes them want to fly British Airways!

This review just makes me want to fly BA. I dislike pretence and pomposity, so her style sounds great. She did her job in regards to safety, ensuring passengers remained where they should be until cruise altitude. That is her job. Not to wipe your arse for you.

Bottom line

The comments section of the blog never get old! 😉

  1. Is it just me, or do most of your harshest critics seem to be non-native speakers of English? Is there some shadowy global cabal out to continually chastise you or something?

  2. Haha love this post Ben. I’m always amazed at how well you handle all the hate and negative comments on your blog. I love that you called some of the idiots out with this post, especially the idiot that doesn’t know what beets are.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. hahaha the joys of blogging!

    happens to all of us who puts our faces for everyone to see it. high five, ben!

  4. Ben,

    We are in a world now a days where people feed off from doing bad and being negative to others rather than having a positive environment and being supportive of one another. wether we voice our opinions and thoughts, we get those who from time to time will think “less of us” or share their opinion in a matter to bash us. Little do they know it’s us LIVING the experience. While negativity and hate from others at some point truly gets old, I feel bad for those who constantly have to do it, at the end of the day I see it as reflection of who they truly are. You’ve motivated hundreds and help hundreds. Keep doing you and sharing your craft and skills that many of us who appreciate your tips and tricks. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. It seems like all the people who posted a negative comment are British… They all used arse instead of ass… Lol!

  6. As an airline employee familiar with the requirements of the job, I would say your post was pretty justified. FA’s are trained to a specific standard and it doesn’t look as though yours was living up to that that day.

  7. Haters always gonna hate, Ben! I’ve just read an idiot saying that Brian (TPG) deserved to have his bag lost because he paid $32k for his ticket to fly Etihad’s residence. Keep on the great job you do!

  8. Ben,

    you put so much effort in your work, do not take them too serious. I love your content & your honesty!

  9. Great post Ben! Loved it!

    My view – if people really don’t want to read your reviews – then they can save their own time and not visit your blog. But for those of us who are very interested in your opinion – we appreciate your blog!

  10. Hi Ben,
    I first want to say that you have built a very successful business at a very young age. You are very accomplished at travel and journalism. I am impressed that you have created a business, impacted lives, had fun, and been able to actually have a meaningful relationship with your boyfriend despite the stress and limitations of your profession.

    I enjoy your reviews and opinions and feel you provide a valuable service. Of course your opinion is a snapshot…you are no different than a physician evaluating a patient. I would ignore the haters because they have no idea what your role is and more importantly what service you provide to them….When a reviewer creates a discussion it is good for ALL consumers.

    Thanks for all you do and continue to strive for perfection!

  11. Hmm,

    I related my experience of what happened on my last CW flight on FT & was initially told there was no way it could happen in CW & then when I related what actually did happen, he apologised.

  12. I always find your posts to be well written, thoughtful, and most importantly, entertaining. I do hope you’ll continue to travel and take the time to record your observations. Your efforts are appreciated. Truly.

  13. love you, love your blog and have been a follower since, well, the beginning. a review is a review so keep on keeping on as you’ve provided great details, educating me and others as we accumulate valuable travel tips/tools from your fair-minded, unpretentious, position. you are a fantastic marketer & writer who knows how to engage with us peeps i.e.. through your many personal experiences/stories. but as we all know, the more you put out there, the riskier it is and sometimes you just get the haters stirred up, those who will pounce on your every word. keep the skin thick and don’t do anything different! (and btw i’m not faultless, i’m so jealous of the many exciting journey’s you’ve reported on, sickly jealous.)

  14. It confuses me why people think asking about types and ingredients is a bad thing. Some people have allergies or are unable to eat things for a reason. I would think a FA would rather tell you what’s in something than deal with a serious reaction to food and possibly have a medical emergency on board and have to divert, or worse, have a death on board. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to just be kind to fellow humans.

  15. Those are ridiculous comments, but this is the trade-off when you get more and more publicity to expand your readership. The more popular your blog has become, the worse the comments section has been lately.

  16. Ben – I loved your post. To all the negative comments, I don’t get it. This website reviews flights, so I find it hard to understand what they expected. Your review of the BA seat was awesome and I actually read it while in the air flying Emirate’s A380 business. All of your complaints are things which would’ve pissed me off greatly if I had’ve experience them on my flight.

    If I’m flying in a premium cabin, I expect premium service, in exactly the same way that I don’t expect (or appreciate) 3 star-level hotel service when I’m staying in a 5 star hotel.

  17. I think some of your gripes about service are completely valid points. However, I would guess the reason for the slight backlash of opinion was the opening tone of the post. It came across (whether intended or not) as very bitchy and harsh about the appearance of the FA. That set the tone for the reader, which would make any valid point then discussed seem superficial due to your dislike of the FA, on account of her appearence.

    If you had left the discussion of appearence out I would imagine the comment section would have taken a different tone. After all, BA do have an image of that type of service, see any Pam Ann skit on BA.

  18. Well this is timely. I was on the same flight in the same cabin, but a day later… same A380 from LAX/LHR but on Wednesday.

    Ben, thanks to you, I was able to book a Thanksgiving getaway in paid business class for my family of 3 to London & Paris well under the normal cost of a single business class ticket to London.

    So, I laughed out loud when I saw your comment about the bread basket… I had the same exact reaction. Couldn’t tell what any of them were. I didn’t even ask, just plucked out a couple and hoped for the best.

    My crew were actually quite friendly and seemed happy to be there, and happy to serve us. Despite being in a middle seat in Club World on the upper deck, the flight attendant always placed anything they were serving me on my tray, with a smile, and asked if I needed anything else.

    Completely agree that the seat was on the tight and exposed end of the spectrum, and that the pillow was on the diminutive side. But overall, it wasn’t the worst overnight flight I’ve had in business class (that honor goes to Varig on my flights between LAX and GRU about 10 years ago).

    Anyway, keep doing what you do; and to the folks that can’t handle one man’s opinion and observation, they can piss off.


  19. Having flown BA First I 100% agree. The service is terrible. I honestly felt my shoes were older then the teenager “serving” me.
    When money is being spent on a high end service I don’t think it’s too much to expect the staff to have bothered reading the menu and knowing what the different types of bread there are.
    I get the feeling that those who are complaining have probably never experienced what 5 star service is like…
    *Hint* You won’t find it on most western airlines… Check out SQ, CX for great, no amazing, five star service.
    Now let the love flow… BTW what sort of bread is that?

  20. If FA’s were there solely for your safety blah blah blah, then someone please explain to me how those premium ticket prices translate into premium safety.

    This is what you get with disproportionately-strong FA unions in Europe – where service excellence takes a distant backseat to a sense of entitlement.

  21. @John: You place considerably more faith in the linguistic capabilities of your countrymen than is warranted. The average American struggles to even read at a junior high level, and writing standards are notoriously laxer online.

    @Jon: I agree with you. Perhaps a line or two as an aside would have been okay, but when readers can start counting paragraphs… unless it’s a problem with something like basic hygiene, it’s uncalled for.

  22. before I forget:
    @Ben – you’re doing great and I am appreciative of what goes on here. Always good reads (some more than others, but of course), which I have made part of my daily routine.

  23. Yes, what a tool! This is an airplane, not a hotel! For mere 12,000$ you expect a nice pillow? Entitlement issues much? 😀

  24. It is my belief and understanding (based upon well-established yet ignored data) that the loss of civility circumnavigating the planet right now is in part caused by our exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. While it is extremely disappointing to witness, first-hand, this type of rude behaviour we should all spare a thought for flight crews who are bombarded with high levels of EMFs etc on a daily basis. The airline industry should invest in designing uniforms (suits even) that protect them. After all, we go to great lengths to protect the wonderful credit cards you promote from rfid. I am all for a flight steward wearing a smart shielding ensemble, complete with tin foil cap….as long as they smile and know what beets are!

  25. Ben,

    As a frequent reader – I read your blog every other day or so, more than any other blog – and flight attendant I must chime in.

    Whilst my employer is ‘only’ one of your top 5 European carriers (which as such are second to all MAE, even I chose them on private trips) and whilst you critisize some minor points about airlines (including us!) you are always (!) absolutely right – because in the end, it is you as an individual customer who matters and as different as opinions can be, you are at all times incredibly fair.

    Whilst some critisism is harsh I would like to thank you for being honest, us crews like hearing what you like/dislike as a customer, especially if you present it as fair as you do. Don’t let the other comments bring you down.

    Thank you.

  26. +1 for negative comments coming from non-native English speakers. Peculiar…

    Ben why you so ungrateful blogger why not just be happy for what you have.

    It almost feels like they’re hoping to lose the argument.

  27. I just thought there were a lot of bored people at their families for Thanksgiving. Kinda sad really.

    Thanks for keeping it real Lucky.

  28. Keep on Keeping on ..Lmao > that was a fun read ..especially the Comments 🙂
    Some of us work WAY to MUCH
    and get to Dream*( lounges , flights , (they served what << oh Yeah Beets the purple root .. love them ) when we read your Blogs<< complaints, insights and other general observations < and of Course The occasional Rebuttal !! LOL
    signed Richard H <in Tennesee

  29. I just flew BA Club World for the first time two days ago. On an aging 772 from SAN. While my crew did not have appearance issues, and were by and large friendly and helpful (I’m hearing impaired so I often ask for repeats since planes are noisy), I agree the food was lackluster and the handing of items versus placing on my tray is counter to what the majority of airlines do. Granted I was in a window seat so it was a bit of a reach, and I really don’t mind being handed items anyway. I just noted it was different than what I’ve been used to. But no big deal.

    What I hate is this outdated business seat with next to no storage (that laptop drawer doesn’t cut it, too far for quick access to things) and an electrical outlet that’s awkwardly placed. Because my flight was mostly empty I used the seat on the other side of my divider for storage of small items. When in bed mode, it’s definitely not the most comfortable business bed in the sky either.

    In two days I’ll be giving AM’s 787 a try. That should be interesting.

  30. I read your posts every time. I recently was on LHR-NRT in PE and the FA didn’t give a sheet about anything. Old seats, bad service and I thought what a waste. Would have been better off putting that money towards Ambien and sitting in Y class for half the price.
    BA like many has attitude and union FA really don’t care. When I flew AC before I saw the same thing. Union protected workers that simply do not care at all.

  31. Come on, stop being a whiny bitch lol.

    I missed that review but now can’t wait to read it along with the comments.

  32. This was hilarious – you should make more posts like this. I can never be asked to read the 50+ comments so having a succinct summary of the most ludicrous comments is really good idea 🙂

  33. From another Tom:

    So, this is one reason why I read this blog — actual thought and introspection, carried off with humor. Style, too.

    But Jane’s “tin hat” comment above? Why, that wins my Best Comment of the Day prize, of course. Priceless.

  34. Two things;
    You said you never experienced worst service during your 5 million flight miles. Have you not flown crj-2, erj-135, where you have only one flight attendant who most times acts like a prison guard? Those plane seats retract may be an inch if they do. Try to have 1/2 inch recline accidentally during landing or take off. Not that 1/2 inch will save or destroy some one’s life. I’m Not lying that I had been hit multiple times on the shoulder with a word “seat” or hit even on the back of my head multiple times warning me about the recline.

    Second point. When you buy first class ticket, the responsibility of the flight attendant is no more “just here for your safety”. I fly first class, business class, economy. In each class I expect different level of service. I expect the tone of employee be the SAME. But I expect much more in first class. Telling me to “stop doing it” no matter what class I’m in is unacceptable. Those words remind me of flying InterFlug. Usually we were lucky not being shot by the attendants. They had to be German secret service with muscles of Arnold S.

  35. I love the comment about how flight attendants are there primarily for your safety. Probably written by a flight attendant. And their attitudes greatly reflect that. It seems as though they are doing me a favor. Really?
    While I agree that safety is the most important aspect of their job, they are there primarily to provide a service and are the front line employees of an airline. The asian carriers get it, thats why they are head and shoulders above US based airlines.

  36. Great post and well played, Lucky!

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they are trying to piss on somebody else’s parade. I’m surprised that so many dimwits are able to use a keyboard and the internet to post such drivel.

  37. Great post! It made me think that I probably post more comments disagreeing with you than complimenting you, while the reality is that I read your blog religiously and enjoy it tremendously for the most part. Keep up the good work. I agree with two previous comments on the explanation for some of those over the top comments on your previous post. Combine a full moon with too many people spending Thanksgiving with their dysfunctional families and you shouldn’t be surprised!

  38. The comments you posted remind me of my previous attempts to have a constructive dialog on the BA forum of Flytertalk. That group are the biggest bunch of apologists I’ve ever experienced. It seems some of them found their way here.

    I’d say just do your job – continue to provide honest comprehensive reviews of different products. You’ll know you’re doing your job right if we all keep reading – honesty counts. I for one can say (appearance of the FA notwithstanding) your assessment of BA Business class mimics my own.

    Keep providing us with your observations and perspective. There’s value in knowing what’s great/good and bad.

  39. I don’t understand the haters at all; and this applies across all the blogs I read on Boarding Area. You are one of the more polite bloggers out there and your insights / feedback has been a huge help to even a seasoned traveller like me (fly at least 200K BIS miles a year for work). I am flying Singapore Airlines suites on 12/25 out of JFK (booked with Amex points) because of the tips and trip reports you have been posting on that particular flight over the past 2 years. I needed to go to Asia on a last minute trip and would have never ever looked at that as an option in the past. Even booked the seat you prefer (3 windows :)). F the haters!

  40. It is very common nowadays to see people jealous of the successes of other people. Don’t loose your time thinking of them. Your blog is awesome!

  41. This ridiculous post. Lucky be thankful he no have to eat rice every day like me and take boat instead of aeroplane. At least have I Mont Blanc pen!

  42. It’s great that you have the thick skin to handle all the criticism. Love your blog – and keep all the posts coming!

  43. Where the haterz at now? I don’t even see one comment from them!

    Maybe Brits have some patriotic reaction to criticism of their flag carrier.

    I have a vague recollection of waking up on BA business from ORD to LHR last winter and asking for another water bottle because i was thirsty. The guy, super annoyed that I was bothering him, said, “NO. You only get one.” It was quite bizarre.

    Ben, I hope I fall into the category of mostly positive, but some constructive feedback. And you should be flattered that most of the feedback is “more ben, more reviews.” We’re letting you be in love for a while, but don’t let it slip!


  44. I think those haters do not know what business class service should be. I think they don’t know what the value of what they pay for in business class. In short, they are bunch of uncultured ignorants. Bu the way, that flight attendant work in a fast food restaurant and not in a business class cabin.

  45. I have to agree with Jon above. I love your blog Ben and read it daily, and you definitely don’t deserve the absurd troll comments you sometimes get, but I do have to say that the opening of that post set a tone that was a little strange. It kind of read as “Hey guys, I just had a really ugly old flight attendant, don’t you just hate that?” The service was definitely worthy of a post and sounds terrible, but I kind of felt like the comments about her appearance were a little mean spirited, and maybe, like Jon mentions, that set a tone for some people. Not saying it justifies rude comments at all, just want to point out how some of the things you wrote may have been interpreted.

  46. Yikes! If you’re a whiny bitch, what the hell do these charming examples of humanity qualify as being? If they followed your blog, they’d know that you actually complain pretty rarely. As to whether you get better treatment at times due to being an influential blogger, I’d say that it would be kind of naïve to assume that you never get treated differently.

  47. @ Lucky — Your readership, while impressive in scale, has somehow attracted the most horrible P.C. zeros I’ve ever seen in written form. Airlines do not compete on the service philospohy of “primarily being here for your safety”. The argument is so fucking absurd. I’m just pleased these comments haven’t impacted your objectivity over the years.

    You patiently let shit slide all the time and are one of the most polite pax’s in the skies. Next time toss a scone at the bitch.


  48. Thank goodness for this post. I was really pissed-off at all of the champions of the obnoxiously rude flight attendant who was too lazy to even make herself look presentable.

    I’ve never had truly bad service on BA. Mostly, it has been efficient service performed with indifference.

    My worst flight sevice-wise? May 2014 on a Delta flight from LHR to ATL in BusinessElite. That FA was so comically rude and loudly cranky that I couldn’t help but openly laugh at her. She was my main source of entertainment on that flight.

    Then there was my experience on a Soviet-era Aeroflot flight from LHR to SVO via AMS. This was back in ’81 or ’82. There were two ferociously stern flight attendants at the entrance to the cabin. They were so intimidating in appearance and demeanor that the British business man in front of me turned to me and whispered “Now I know what the Russians do with their shot-putters inbetween Olympics.” I’m sure they didn’t give a damn about my safety but they did keep the vodka flowing so all was good.

  49. I think many of these haters have an issue beyond yr control – anger issues, bigots who resent young people doing well etc.

  50. Here’s another bag of worms: does anyone know how the relationship stands between Ben and “The Points Guy”?

    I far prefer this blog, and I recently followed him on the Etihad Residence experience, which left me with a less-than-awesome taste in my mouth. I don’t want to start name-calling, but I far prefer Ben.

    Is there any scoop? As two highly influential bloggers, I never hear them mention each other….

  51. <3 <3 <3 This post <3 <3 <3

    I had to take a part of my afternoon to read at least some of the comments. You had a TERRIBLE experience with BA, but people reaction to your review was even worst… I felt sick reading the comments… People are completely crazy! You do a great job. Keep on!!! Lots of love from Brazil.

  52. 2/3 of the comments on this blog are either berating you or kissing your ass. I take this to mean people behind keyboards have nothing better to do than troll, which is largely true. That said, credit where credit is due. I personally have similar tastes to you for luxury travel and hotels, so I do appreciate the majority of your posts and your experiences actually do have an impact on my travel planning. I guess having 1/3 of people kiss your ass is an acceptable counter to the other 1/3 that berate you no matter what. It’s the internet. Not much to do about it. Keep the opinions coming!

  53. I have just started reading your blog and I like it. It is thoroughly informative and I plan to use your recommendations and tips in the future to help me travel with my family. That said, you are right to expect a higher level of service in business class and first class. That flight attendant needed to have the taste smacked out of her mouth for being smart. But since assault is a crime, she should have been reported to the airline for discourtesy. As long as you were not nasty to her, she had no right to be nasty to you. I know FAs have a tough job as I have family that work in the industry. They are overworked and under appreciated by their employers (I’m looking at you American Airlines) so I am very sympathetic to their plight. But at the end of the day, the airline companies are a service industry, and I expect service. Otherwise, I would ship myself in a ups box in the cargo hold if service didnt matter. BA, you need to step up your game.

  54. @Ben – what cracks me up is that these readers clearly have poor regulation of their emotions if a blog post on the Internet upsets them. I’d hate to see these people when something truly bad happens to them (but of course, they are anonymous, so we’d never know). That said, I’m truly impressed at how you let these negative comments slide right off you. Is this a function of experience? In other words, did these trolls devastate you when you first started blogging (I know I would be).


  55. Having a thread on FlyerTalk psychoanalyzing every aspect of your personality: priceless. Asking why Ford is dating you, just stopping short of saying yours is a face only a mother could love. Feeling the love?

    Sometimes adding humor to an interaction can bring results. When the FA answered “goat cheese” you could ask:do you have any trouble understanding Her Majesty’s language? When the FA fumbles about service etiquette you could break into a Fiordaliso rendition of “Non voglio mica la luna”. 🙂

  56. Well, trolling for more comments (good and bad) with this article will get you more advertising $$$ for sure. Putting what you learned in your marketing classes to really good use…your professors would be proud.

  57. For all the naysayers – get a life and don’t read the posts if you don’t like it.

    I do have to say some of those British airways FAs are terrible .. My last experience with them I had a FA talk to me like I was a mentally challenged fool and when I made it known she was out of line she actually apologized to me and told her colleagues to treat my traveling companion and me well.

    But the real kicker was Shonda, FA on American, CLT to EWR last Sunday. I’ve never been so offended and treated so terribly even by my worst enemy. And when I tweeted American while we were still at the gate the pilot came out to ask what was going on. American asked me to get her name and the details of the situation so when we deplaned I said thank you for the assistance (no shade I was very polite) and her response was “it’s Shonnda 477—” I understand they are there for our safety but really get it together lady, this is not a RHOA reunion, I paid to be here.

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one that was irritated by the service on BA ..

    Flying them in first next May, crossing my fingers the lady who was serving you is retired by then.

  58. So gay….. lol. just kidding. Always wanted to say that for some reason. You’re a cross between a travel blog and a soap opera. Keep it up. The world need to be entertained.

  59. The general public just loves crap — which is why we have such horrible airline service nowadays. The underlying cause is a lack of education.

    Airlines have long said, if people complained, they would fix the problems. However, most of those KJs simply complain to you or their neighbor, instead of the CEOs of said airlines.

    Keep up the good work!

  60. Were these highlighted comments trolling? Most likely. Trolling is engaging in deceptive, destructive, or disruptive commentary, and is usually distinguished by the use of derogatory emotional mud-throwing (i.e. calling the target an idiot, whining bitch, pompous, crank, etc) that just barely stays on the right side of foul language (to avoid moderator action), and lack of rational argument.

    However, highlighting their posts in a special article probably gave them a woody, as it’s attention that motivates trolls most so perhaps not the smartest thing to do feeding them further. Readers are usually smart enough to identity commentary that’s primary intent is to inflame, bait, and troll.

  61. Ben, I will say that I do enjoy reading your blog. However, out of all the bloggers that I read I do have to agree that you are the most negative. I find your posts by following you on Twitter, and when I come across your article’s title, I think “alright, what negative things does Ben have to talk about today!”

  62. If flight attendants are there primarily for my safety then they should be like the police and fire service and subject to annual fitness tests….

  63. Love your blog and quite frankly, whenever I need to weigh my options for premium cabins, I come here to see what you say about them. Your reviews are the most comprehensive of any that I’ve seen and I feel they’re thoughtful and fair. I’ve even used some of your referral links as I want to benefit those who have contributed to my travel knowledge. Keep up the good work!

  64. Long time reader, and I don’t consider myself a hater. Your trip reports are valuable resources. But, IMHO, you have gotten more fussy and whiney over time. I accept it as part of the entertainment value of the blog. Not sure what kind of “brand” you’re trying to establish, but as someone earlier posted, you seem to be turning into a travel blog soap opera.

  65. Hey Ben, just wanted to let you know that while there may be a certain number of viewers who enjoy writing things offensive on your blog, there must be many more viewers (like me) who really love your posts! I’ve been reading your posts daily for six months, but didn’t have a chance to thank you for your work that you have put into this blog. I hope your realize that there are many more viewers out there who love reading your posts while they may not comment on your posts all the time 🙂
    Hope your thanksgiving break is going well!

  66. Haha, too funny. Anyone who uses the words pretence & pomposity in a sentence comes across as utterly pretentious & pompous.

  67. While the criticism you hand picked was absurd (British people have a natural dislike of pomp and extravagance (I personally hate it!), but if you’re paying for it then that’s what you should get), you were rather disgusting in how you described the FA – which is what most of the criticism was about. For me personally it ruined the entire piece and if I hadn’t read your blog a lot in the past, I would be convinced your were a rather odious person…

  68. Oh, and as someone else said, I think most of my comments are probably negative on here but that isn’t how I view the blog – otherwise I wouldn’t still be reading daily! It’s merely because if it was a good post with nothing I disagree with then I have nothing to say (and find the “I’m so in love with you, you’re a God on Earth” posts slightly nauseating!).

  69. I think Ben just needs to embrace a little bit of Taylor Swift and just Shake It Off… https://youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM

    Forget the haters, trolls just want to bitch and moan as it distracts them from their own crappy lives. And just for the record,
    beets are an Australian favourite, so I would be equally offended if they didn’t know what beets were either Ben #beetsarelife

    Apologies if the reference to Tay Tay has already been done before. I couldn’t resist 😛

  70. First of all I’m not a hater. “Haters gonna hate”. Was there ever a more ridiculous phrase? What I am is a loyal and regular reader. However I’m just going to say this simply – Ben you piss a lot of British people off. This may be on purpose or not and you probably don’t even care. You hardly (ever?) say anything positive about the UK or anything linked to it. I’m thinking mainly BA and LHR but you have never really been very nice about London either – I was surprised that you chose to come here for Thanksgiving. The only thing with a Brit connection you seem to like is One Direction. But this is not a British website after all and you are entitled to your opinions. The reason I point this out is not as a “hater” – it may however go someway to explain a “knee-jerk” response in some to defend BA, many of whom I am guessing were Brits. I missed the “whiny bitch” comment but I did see the “whiny pretentious queen” one. All good fodder for encouraging more comments – which in turn helps bring in the cash for the website and Ben – THIS IS A GOOD THING. After all we all USE this site don’t we? Long may it continue.

  71. I flew with British on First and also on Club World (LHR-SFO usually). I must say that I share the opinion that British’s Club World as a hard product is outdated. It was great when – among the first – it provided truly lie-flat seats for business passengers. But nowadays it is not state the art any more: does not provide privacy, does not provide direct aisle access to each passengers etc.
    I also had some issues with the First class on the 747 (very low resolution IFE screen with very limited selection of movies, some defects with the chair and also with the cupboard you normally do not expect from a first class product).
    (So far I did not have the opportunity to fly with the BA’s 380, but I hope I’ll soon try that as well.)

    On the other hand on the intercontinental flights I never had any issues with the service. And I was also happy with the crew on the intra-European flights as well – they did their job efficiently and were also nice/helpful.

    My opinion about the whole story is:
    1) There is something called ‘voice of the customer’ in lean management. This is the basis of deriving how the product / service and thus the processes should be designed. Ben is one of the customers, who especially has a lot of experience (call it benchmarks / best practices). It may make sense to listen to him, take a deep breath and make a decision: either to continue with that product and try to win people with the lower price OR enhance the service/product. Up to BA. Do not make a big fuss, and take it as a question of the ‘national pride’ or whatever. This is an airline and its service level.
    2) Ben, you really got used to being pampered… Fly economy more often and you’ll really enjoy business class services regardless of the carrier 🙂

    PS. sorry for my humble English. I’m not a native speaker.

  72. The comments from that post were the most entertaining & intriguing ones I’ve read in a long time. I did have to read one particular controversial comment twice before I realized its sarcastic context. I was amazed the commenters from OMAAT kept me entertained for quite a bit from their sense of social justice and their personal view of Ben. I can understand where each of them came from and why they feel the way they do. That been said, the reader seems to forget that ‘reviews’ are expression of ‘personal opinion’ that will include both positive & negative comment by nature. If they disagree, they also need to accept the fact that some one else will disagree with their disagreement. A blogger’s job is not to offend anyone, but to generate site traffic. From the number of comments from that particular post, I guess it’s safe to say that ‘any publicity is good publicity’…

  73. Hi Ben,
    I am allways looking forward to read your posts, they are so much fun and as you travel a lot, you realy know the edge on F- or C-Class on different airlines and their steady services they provide. The balanced reports are carefully thought through and show the readers what to expect and how a good flight is depending on the cabin crews. Keep up your blogs, I love to read them and take more pictures to everyobody can see the real world instead the “show up” on airliners webpages.

    By the way, we (my BF and me) love Krug Champagner aswell, second will be Dom Perignon and that one being followed by La Belle Époque from Perrier-Jouët.

    Greatings from Cologne (CGN),


  74. Ben, I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times… The people who have followed your blog and used your “tricks of the trade” are enterally grateful. You’ve created millions of memories for people who couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for helping everyone else create lasting memories.
    For all the haters
    First Class to Russia $10.70 for 2
    business Class to Africa $8.40 for 2
    Business class to asia(still hoping for first class) $10.40 for 2

  75. With a huge and growing readership, it is inevitable that it will also attract a couple of snarky individuals who want to stir things up. It unfortunately can come with the territory of being awesome Ben. So just take it easy, chill and enjoy being on top of the world – which is something those individuals will never know what feels like.

    And for the record, the worst First Class flight I ever had was on BA. I almost felt I had to kowtow to the FA when asking for a glass of water, the attitude was that bad. This is why I avoid BA altogether now, which is a shame as they used to be quite good, up until around 2001 or so.

  76. Ignore the haters. I loved your post and would have had the same reaction. That service would have appalled me as much as it did you. And that seat! Ugh!

    Love your blog!

  77. @ Kieran – There are trolls and then there are trolls. Someone who posts comments without any substantive content just to inflame other readers usually ends up providing more entertainment value for this blog. They can seem crazy like the guy earlier this week who was ranting about Nazis or they can pose as pseudo intellectuals scolding Lucky’s readers for being dumb as sheep. What these wannabe trolls don’t get is that they are making the very blog they so despise. Real trolls employ their venom to use others. They don’t get used like this.

  78. Think the world of you for what you are doing and love the blog. Keep it up and this was one of the most hilarious comment sections I’ve read in a while. Go gettem Ben

  79. We flew BA Business Class from LHR to JFK last month, our first experience with them, and it was very similar to yours except the cabin staff weren’t as obnoxious. We’ll certainly avoid BA in future. I thought your review was quite amusing and probably quite fair, based on what we encountered. Hard to see what so many people got so riled about, unless they think that BA and its staff are supposed to be beyond criticism (!) I found the suggestion that FAs are there for your safety (only) to be ridiculous. And what’s this with serving beets, for crying out loud? One fork slip, or a little turbulence, and you have a nasty red mark on your clothes.

  80. I think its a nice change from the credit card pumping that dominates most bloggers. If people only knew how much money bloggers make from that they would be shocked! Only 4 more days until the post about the best credit cards for December!!

  81. Okay, I read every damn comment to be sure this wasn’t addressed already : how can ANYONE not know what beets are? Do brits have a different word for them? (Leo? Can you help us out, here?)
    Not that an FA shouldn’t know what’s on the menu, but I do still wonder about this particular comment.

  82. Some people treat service people like someone doing a job. That’s me.

    Other people treat service people like servants. You seem to be one.

    By far the worst are those who exploit a loophole and act entitled.

    On Thanksgiving I would expect you to thank your lucky stars there existed a way for you to live above your means. And then give thanks again because you were able to make good money, with little acumen other than luckily being in the right place at the right time, by showing others the loophole. A third round of thanks because greedy unethical banks decided to teach you how to pimp CCs to make additional income from a loophole.

    Instead you provided your entitled article to show others that it’s okay to shame someone else. Given you are gay that’s inexcusable, to me. But then I made my money through hard work and acumen. While I don’t tolerate sycophantic behavior, you act like you belong. You don’t. Someday, if you mature, you’ll look back on incidents and writing like this and be embarrassed. I hope.

  83. My experience on BA First has been good, thus far, but I love the sense of humor with which this blog post was written 🙂

  84. @chancer

    Chancer: “Someone who posts comments without any substantive content just to inflame other readers usually ends up providing more entertainment value for this blog.”

    I strongly disagree – making nasty cheap comments that have no substantive content other than to offend, inflame, and destroy is not **entertaining** to me, or most adults – whether it was a reader or a poster that made them. I suppose if a person is immature and damaged of mind, they might enjoy that (or find chucking fireworks into crowds and running off, or torturing small animals, funny – which ain’t that much of a further escalation from that behaviour as it’s all forms of sadism), but let’s please not pass it off as “entertainment” – like it was a normal behaviour or practice.

    That doesn’t mean rational criticism can be misleadingly and faslely labelled, but rational criticism has never involved flinging poo like trolling does, so it’s pretty easy telling the difference between two. There’s not good trolling and bad trolling – trolling is always poison (even in the days it was called the poisoned pen letter). It’s really just a form of mental illness.

  85. This may be your best post so far! 🙂 Those are some outrageous comments. Mind-numbingly stupid, but also kind of entertaining. As someone who works in the airline industry and is involved with putting together service plans and training cabin crew at a leading carrier, it is disappointing to see such appalling service.

    Keep up the good work Ben!

  86. I like beets. I’ve loved them out of a can for 55 years and I had my first fresh beets at a culinary school in Vt earlier this year. What’s a henway?

  87. @chancer – please don’t take this the wrong way but I’m not into you the way you are into me. Sure we would start off having hot sex but then we would settle into our ways. On Sunday mornings I would sit on the sofa reading a book and you would be adjacent to me lost in thought and wondering why your finger smells like poop. Go out there tiger and find yourself a new guy. You can do it!

  88. Ben. When I fly business or first, I expect more room and very good to excellent service. I don’t pay extra to feel extra safe. Especially since, it seems, the front part of the plane seems to be the least safe. In any event, I don’t pay extra expecting extra safety. I pay extra for extra room. Extra food and drink. Extra service.

    I try very hard not to fly BA (trying to boycott them altogether) for some of the same reasons you expressed. I even had to sue them once for stealing my points. We settled and they still didn’t pay. I sued again and won and they still refuse to pay or live up to the settlement. My judgement against them stands and is going on 11 years (interest still accruing).

    BA’s fuel/surcharges are crazy and their service is below par. Thanks for informing us of your experience.

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