The Worst Flight Attendant I’ve Ever Had

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In mid-October I wrote about the incredible oneworld transatlantic business class fare sale, whereby we saw many transatlantic routes bookable for as little as ~$1,300 roundtrip. That’s amazing, especially since they qualified for a limited time promotion offering bonus miles for transatlantic travel.

That was enough for me to book tickets to London for Thanksgiving in British Airways business class. I’ve reviewed British Airways first class many times before, so was excited to finally review British Airways business class.


Well, on Tuesday Ford and I flew from Los Angeles to London on the British Airways A380, and all I can say is wow… I’ll never complain about British Airways first class again. I’ve often called British Airways first class the world’s best business class, though that’s a huge upgrade over British Airways business class, which is… well, I don’t even know what to call it.

While I try to be objective and point out both the good and bad of airline products, it’s not often that I actually passionately dislike a product. Well, in the case of British Airways business class I can’t say enough bad things about the experience.


I’ll have a full trip report soon, but for now I’ll focus specifically on the service (let’s forget for a moment that there are pieces of paper thicker than the pillows they offer in business class, that the seats have about as much privacy as a stage with a spotlight, and that the food is unimpressive as well.


But the service… the service…!

People complain about service on US airlines and how not put together the crews look.

This flight had the most unsightly crew I’ve ever seen. Like, they made the American crews working Beijing to Dallas look like Etihad crews by comparison.

I don’t fault the crew for being senior, but rather that they just looked frumpy and like they just got out of bed to work the flight. Everything about the flight attendant working my aisle was a mess, including her appearance. I’d be shocked if she bothered to shower or brush her hair before working the flight. Emirates does appearance checks before every flight, and I can’t help but feel like British Airways would benefit from the same…

But let’s forget that, but rather focus on the “substance” of the service. She was possibly the worst flight attendant I’ve had in my life. Not only was she rude, but she had zero knowledge of their product.

Let me give a few examples:

“We don’t have that”

The flight attendant came around to take meal orders.

“Yes, I’ll have the beets to start please and…”
“The what?”
“The beets.”
“We don’t have that.”
*I pointed to it on the menu*
“Oh, you mean the goat’s cheese.”
“I’m pretty sure they’re beets as well.”
“It says nothing about beets on my sheet.”

Maybe you should look at the menu off of which your passengers are ordering then? Like, there are only two choices of starters, is it really that tough to have a basic understanding of both?


During the meal service she came around with a bread basket that had maybe five types of bread. I pointed at one type and asked “what’s this one, please?” Her response? “Bread.”


“I don’t know what that is.”

During breakfast service there was the choice between a smoothie and an orange juice to drink.

She came around and said “orange juice or… I don’t know what that is… it’s kind of funny looking.”

“Yeah I’ll take the smoothie please.”

“Oh, is that what that is?”

Like, could she not look at the menu? And there was nothing funny looking about the smoothie…


Self service

I was seated in the aisle, though she constantly handed me everything rather than placing it on my tray.

When she served drinks she handed me the nuts, then the can of tonic, then the mini with gin, then the glass. It’s one thing to not even bother with pouring drinks, but to not even bother to place it on my tray?


That continued throughout the service.

Zero patience

The guy seated across the aisle from me was watching a movie when she was taking drink orders. He didn’t see or hear her when she asked “drink?” When he took his headphones off he said “sorry?”

This time she raised her voice and in a very agitated way said “DRINK?!”

There are privacy dividers between seats (British Airways business class has no privacy, thank goodness I was traveling with Ford), and the guy across from me was trying to raise the divider as we climbed out. The button wasn’t working (it’s deactivated during the climb out and descent), so he tried to manually raise it. The flight attendant was sitting in the jumpseat a couple of rows away and yelled “you need to stop and be patient, we aren’t at cruise altitude yet.” The tone was just unbelievable.


I exchanged a raised eyebrow with the guy across the aisle, as we were both taken aback by her tone.

Bottom line

Admittedly the service varies flight-to-flight, as it does on US airlines. I don’t remember ever having a flight attendant worse than this one, though. Every aspect of her service was just abysmal. Unfortunately the product was extremely underwhelming across the board, from the seat, to the amenities, to the food.

American’s 777-300ER business class is exponentially better than British Airways’ business class. Exponentially.

  1. Hello Lucky,
    I really enjoy reading you blog and normally I agree with you concerning the products, I know. But this time you proof to me that likes/dislikes are very different for two people.
    Other than you I really like BA Club World. In my opinion BA offers one of the most private Business Class seats available. You can choose the window seat if travelling alone or the middle seats as a couple. Rising the devider after take off gives you your own little private suite. I know about the complains about seeing the other person during take off and landing because of the ying-yang seating, but I don’t care in sny way about this for about 15 min, if I have my private suite for rest of the flight.

    Concerning the service, I furtunately never had such an experience with BA on my flights.

  2. Yesterday we flew BA business ZRH-LHR-SEA. The service on the short leg was adequate, but on the second leg superb.

    The “gem” you describe bring to mind our experience with a couple of UA FAs years ago who didn’t like each other or their jobs, our strangest 747 upper deck experience. What a difference employees can make!

    I agree with you about the seats when you’re not in couples, particularly when combined iwith BA’s annoying practice of charging for seat selection. We were assigned two MIDDLE seats in the middle section, and fought the website and app to snag two on the side at the 24-hour window on a very uncrowded 747.

  3. They don’t make a customer comment card big enough to cover your flight. If there’s any justice at all, this was her last flight with BA! Maybe Air France is hiring.

  4. Maybe they were rude because they could see that you disapproved of their physical appearance.
    Perhaps you might stop watching reality TV and try something with a bit more intellectual heft.

  5. I fly about 10 times a year. Mostly in the US, but I have also been to pretty much every continent.
    On an American flight from ORD to LAX I had a pretty bad incident by a stewardess. I was in the middle seat with my tray out and reading a magazine on the tray. Just minding my own business and trying to stay out of the way. I didn’t order anything but the women in the window seat next to me ordered a Sprite. Instead of the stewardess handing the can around me, she slammed it down hard right in the middle of the magazine I was head-down reading. I was sat back quickly in shock. And then handed the Sprite to the women next to me. Now, at first I thought I was a bit at fault because maybe the center seat is like a unsaid social contract to be the passer. But then I got really annoyed. Because in the end, all the stewardess needed to do was ask.
    All this said, most employees I meet in the airline industry are great. But it seems when they are bad – they are really bad.

  6. Great review – I laughed at how piss poor this FA’s attitude was. My favorite part was the gif of Portia Williams from RHOA. Awesome way to underscore it all!

  7. BA business class is the worst product / service combination I’ve ever flown. I fly (paid) business class between Europe and Asia / North America 4-5 times a year and will do everything I can to avoid BA. They aren’t getting a single penny from me. I try to fly Emirates or Qatar even if it costs 30-40% more (though more often than not I actually find them to be cheaper than BA)

  8. Yikes, though not surprising these days. My 2 recents:

    British First to SFO:
    Flight attendant hands me a hangar, points to the mini closet, and says “you can hang up your jacket there.” I was benchmarking against JAL-style service (heck even AA).

    AA First PHX to SFO:
    Me: Can I see the wine bottles before deciding?
    Him: This isn’t a restaurant. I’m busy, do you want red or white?!

  9. I am simply quoting a commenter – Mark -: “Eww, I hate unattractive flight attendants.
    Almost worse is when they are non-white.”
    Am I for certain reading this comment in the right manner? This seems to me is very racist, what do you mean by “non-whites” are “worse” ????!!! If this comment and the commenter is not taken down and removed accordingly from this website, then all of you at Boarding Area will lose lots of readers and advertisers. Thank you.

  10. I’m commenting on Edward’s post, above. It is blatantly anti-intellectual and should be removed immediately!

  11. Dude this is normal service with most legacy flag carriers. The Emirates Etihads and Qatar’s are in service only since the time you were born! So they go out of the way to please it’s guests to catch the market, which is too over the top I feel. Asian carriers like CX/SQ though are quiet old operators their crew is always friendly as generally Asians are hospitable people.

    Next time fly LAX to LHR via DXB/AUH as only EK/EY would match up to your standards.

  12. Predictable the haters knocking your honest take on what sounds outrageously poor service to say the least. Please please tell me you are going to report this?

    I’m British myself and while having had superb service on my last BA flight (which I was shocked to get but obviously happy) First class mind you.

    People like that should absolutely not be in the service industry. I’m actually a corporate pilot where I sometimes serve passengers mid flight (and fly the plane of course with a co pilot or captain!) if I even came close to that rudeness, I’d be gone before we hit the deck!

    Report her with the same gusto as this review. My opinion!

  13. I flew BA first from Lhr to bos yesterday on the 747. I liked the 777 better. except for the mess with boarding the experience was fantastic .. Sorry to hear of your experience ..

  14. All OT, but you seriously want a comment removed because you suspect it might be racist – you don’t even know?

    Here’s a novel idea for you: Question the commenter, rebut him or her, and make your own reasoned argument. This tendency to want to BAN speech that you or he or she or they find “offensive” reeks of totalitarianism.

  15. @Edward Ross “It is blatantly racist and should be removed immediately!”

    No, Eddie, it is sarcasm for effect to highlight Ben’s ageist comments.

  16. Oh my god some of the people here are so sensitive. It was obvious he was mocking either Edward or lucky in their commentary of the flight attendants appearance.

    If you are looking for a safe space, you should stick to Mizzou

  17. Fredd, it’s apparent that those who wish to ban the comment don’t have the raw intelligence to understand the point. The comment criticizes Lucky’s railing on the physical characteristics of the FA in question by adding a race-related comment. It’s clearly meant to illustrate the shallowness of the original article.
    To those who can read intelligently it’s quite obvious. But to those less-fortunate knee-jerk crybabies who haven’t read an actual book in many years the meaning is more difficult to grasp.

  18. I normally fly UA Business Class, so a fairly low benchmark. Recently I did a TATL round trip on BA. The first flight, on an A380 was superb, with about the best service I have ever experienced. The second, on an old 747, had very mediocre service (my seat mate said it was the worst service he’d ever had on BA) and a tired seat. The latter flight was very comparable to UA with one of their better crews. The first flight was at a standard that UA could only dream about.

  19. @ people complaining about Mark:

    That’s a snarky, ironic comment equating complaints about people’s physical appearance when they are serving you, and complaints about those people’s race.

    In other words, that “whoosh” you just heard was the point being made going over your head.

    Getting to Mark’s point:

    Yes, physical appearance does seem to be a rather shallow point to harp on (if all part of a poor service attitude), but come on, this blog author uses gif files from reality TV and writes about luxury travel experiences in commercial aircraft cabins and ways to get them for pennies on the dollar. You weren’t coming here for enlightened and deep social commentary anyways… and I don’t see evidence that the author’s racist. So yes, he was being snarky about a flight attendant’s appearance. And? Have you considered changing your reading habits in a way that encourages social justice, if this is a matter of concern to you?

  20. Sorry about your experience. My history with BA Business Class is the initial reaction of seeing the cabin – could they stuff any more seats in there? One hell of a difference between four across and eight across. It actually felt clautrophobic. It was before they would not let you reserve seats and after the outbound, we changed to two adjacent aisle seats so we could sit next to each other and face the same direction! That said, seats are often available and yes, you can sleep. But you do pay a premium for it.

    As long as I can keep spending the dollars for the Companion Pass and business dollars to gain points, I’ll keep doing BA First. Yes, it’s not Singapore, etc, but it’s still a great experience and guess what – you can get it!!!

  21. Hah, no wonder TATL BA business class is wide open, while American’s own product remains elusive.

  22. Seriously, how did people not get the sarcasm of Mark’s comment?

    @Andy are you that much of a knee-jerk sycophant that you feel the need to defend Lucky’s honor by throwing around the word “hater” at any perceived slight criticism?

  23. I flew BA CW on the A380 earlier in the year and hated it. Partly it was my fault for not paying attention when I was selecting sets but mostly it was the 1990’s Business Class product (with a lot of faults) and the mediocre FAs (I seem to get a lot of those on long-haul). I wrote a review of the experience in October and I had so much to warn people about it dragged on for two posts! 🙂

  24. @travellingdds
    You cancelled a flight because of one guy who over exaggerates everything he does. You’re genuinely retarded, an actual retard

  25. I am a fan of this blog and of Pam Ann, Just wondering if any of the cabin crew gave you “the stare” – as if you were personally responsible for the death of Princess Diana…LOL

  26. This review really doesn’t surprise me! I’ve flown BA in busines class numerous times in recent years. The service and food on my last 2 RT was so bad that I have sworn never to fly them again. Forget about the recent devaluations and credit card earnings reductions….the food and service just plain stink and are not worth the expense when comparing to other TA product and that’s why I’m done. Last trip was on a 380 (out of IAD) and I wonder if the changed service (where one FA takes care of a group of pax and there is no cart service) is the reason for the service level drop off. if you have a bad FA like we did and Lucky clearly did then your screwed since that is your dedicated server for the entire flight.

  27. Did you get her name? Will you be writing a letter to BA? It’s unfortunate with these occurrences but BA needs to know to train better and handle these people

    Happy Thanksgving and safe travels

  28. I’m sorry to hear that @lucky! I have flown BA tatl many times in all classes and have never had a bad experience with them! Of course they are not on par with the Asian carriers, but I have always found the flight attendants attentive, attractive, and accommodating. Hopefully your return flight will be better. Happy flying!

  29. Surprising it was that bad. I’ve flown BA in Club (Business) long-haul on the LHR-DEL r/t (both upstairs on the 747) and o/w on the LHR-LAX route, also on the A380. On that same trip I flew AA in Business on the 777 (new configuration) LAX-LHR so I could easily compare.

    For the hard product, the AA seats are certainly better. All aisle access with no stepping over anyone – there are a few BA Club seats on each aircraft that this can be done, but only a few. But the AA seats are strangely not as comfortable to sleep in because, when in the flat-bed position, there’s a small hump where one of the cushion gaps is and that’s where your butt is. Well, at least that’s where MY butt is. On the BA Club seat in the flat-bed position, the butt rests fully on a single cushion and therefor more comfortable.

    Unless you’re in one of the middle two seats in BA Club with a stranger, there is a fair amount of privacy. I didn’t feel a lack of privacy except maybe during take-off and landing when the partition was down.

    For the FA’s, you really had bad luck. All of the BA FA’s, men or women, I experienced were top-notch and professional. No cluelessness on American/Brit-speak for food or drink items and certainly no laziness or abrassiveness. When my DEL-LHR flight was late due to a lightning strike on the inbound, my main FA went beyond the call of duty to give me my new connection options at LHR. It’s hard to imagine an AA FA doing that – I’d love to be proven wrong with that.

    If you’re sticking with OW, you can have confidence the BA Club/Business experience will be better on future flights.

  30. So what you’re saying is I should use my 50K Avios from my credit card sign up bonus to upgrade my SFO-LHR trip from business to first?

  31. I agree that BA has worst hard product ever. The only good seat that I’ve found is the upper deck 747 exit row window. If you don’t get that, prepare for a very poor hard product with zero privacy and relatively narrow and uncomfortable bedding. IME there’s a 1/3-1/3-1/3 split among BA crews of fantastic, mediocre, and dreadful. With US-airlines, if you get a dreadful crew, you can at least retreat into your reverse herringbone seat and sleep. But with BA, if you don’t have a good crew, you’re stuck with worst of both worlds. At their best, BA crews are the quintessential British butler. At their worst, well, they’re just as you described.

  32. I think the other problem here is BA’s config of the CW – 7 across business class and people think thats a good setup?

    Seriously, if the service sucks theres nothing redeeming about the BA CW experience on the A380.

    They got a superb aircraft and stuck a really crappy interior inside it….

  33. I really like most of your reviews, but if feel like you feed off these interactions. For every flight you walk off thinking “that flight attendant was the worst ever” I bet there’s 2 attendants who think ” he was the worst passenger ever”!

    I’m not saying poor service is acceptable but I think your attitude towards the staff could be more relaxed.

  34. Perhaps it was because you’re a young guy? I had crappy service from BA similar to this and I think because my particular FA was at least double my age and he seemed annoyed to be serving a younger guy. All the similar issues of handing me drinks etc instead of placing on the tray. Taking my drink order and that he’ll be right back with it (never happened, I flagged down another FA and got it right away). Same issues with the meal service “we dont have that” when its clearly listed and by the time he checked “we’re out of that” despite me being the first seat order (but by the time he checked and came back the other FA finished the other aisle)

  35. Can’t speak for the service, I’ve never had it that bad on BA. However I really like the window seat in BA CW. Some of my best inflight sleeping has been in CW window seats. The aisle is another matter, it’s pretty exposed, gets knocked all the time and there’s the whole reaching over problem.

  36. Totally agree with Lucky about BA – all classes. After a trip Sydney to London via Singapore return in Business, where menu’s weren’t loaded so we had to order from a single printed excel spread sheet, FA’s refused to issue an amenity kit on one leg ‘because we should have held on to the one we were given before’ (they have disposable elements lady!) to The seat divider being broken, and crashing down every time it was used – especially when the FA decided we needed ‘service’ while we were fast asleep.

    My partner swore we would never travel them again. I’m a price whore, so I am not so firm. But their service in my experience is consistently terrible.

    On the FA grooming front – to defend Lucky, he was not commenting on age or attractivness – just grooming, and that is a matter of employee attitude, nothing else. By the way Lucky, I think we may have suffered from the same FA you described. The indifference was breathtaking. The airline industry invites feedback all the time. I agree with others – you should give them some.

  37. BA in flight crew are dreadful. Recent BA SIN-LHR & SQ LHR-SIN was stark illustration of the vast canyon divide in business class service. I doubt any BA crew would keep a job with SQ …or CX, TG, MH. I had asked for a sandwich late into the flight. The sharp response – “down there dear, down there” pointing to the galley. Horrible people.

  38. @ 2PAXFLY – Not sure either how some reader equated Lucky’s comment about the FA’s poor grooming to scorning FA’s for being non-white. That isn’t sarcasm but trying to stretch a twizzler across the Grand Canyon (how’s that for sarcasm?) I suppose it just shows the effort people are willing to put into demonstrating their “raw intellect” or just riling people up for the heck of it, or both.

  39. Oh chancer -it’s clear from your post that you don’t understand the definition of “sarcasm”. Sorry sweet pea but you are a bit out of your league here.

  40. As a former flight attendant for a large US carrier, I agree that the flight attendant’s attitude was very unprofessional.
    However one of the things that I recall bothered me was the fact that passengers are clueless.
    During the service if you see a flight attendant with a trolley in front of your row of seats, then remove your headsets as a courtesy instead of making your flight attendant repeat the same phrase several times.

  41. I honestly find BA Club World not too bad. In a window or center seat it is more than private enough and most of the time with mixed fleet crews the service is quite good. Food however is quite bland and i would appreciate a proper pillow, but a part from that BA can be good. It’s clear that First is miles over CW however…

  42. @ Mark – Know what else isn’t sarcastic? Using racism as the punchline of some misguided joke. Doing so demonstrates as much sense as that professor who used the N-word in front of her students and thought it was okay in this day and age. If that’s your type of thinking, hun, you can have your “league” all to yourself.

  43. Actually, the subject of a comment has nothing to do with whether something is sarcastic. But I’ll just assume that you are either not well educated or that English is not your first language.

  44. It’s always sad to see someone try to deconstruct a literary device that he so clearly doesn’t understand.

  45. Not surprising. The worst international first class flight I ever had was on BA as well. Bad service, broken seat, bad food, and food poisoning for my wife. Even without the food poisoning (improper storage temperature of dairy items appeared to be the culprit), it would still have been the worst. You may like BA first, but I was totally unimpressed (except for the check-in at LHR – that was truly impressive).

    Surprisingly, I take AA first over BA first from my personal experiences. AA isn’t great, but BA was awful. Oh, forgot to mention the broken furniture in the cabana in the Concorde Room at LHR. Try sleeping on a three legged day bed.

  46. This is what unions and no mandatory retirement age requirements do to customer service. Nothing is ever about the company or customers with unions.

  47. @ Mark – You’re right on both counts. English is not my first language. Thanks for pointing that out and for showing, once again, how obsessed you are with race. I have two master’s degrees but, clearly, didn’t learn much while earning either one. If I had, I wouldn’t be wasting time responding to pinheaded comments on a travel blog.

  48. mark,
    i don’t mind offensive speeches. but, i do mind worthless troll like you occupying space here.
    go away.

  49. Wow! Hell with BA! I am just surprised at the number of people defending and explaining a certain type of humour and sarcasm. “…or that English is not your first langauge.”
    Speaking of inapt polemics…

  50. We just flew from LAX and SEA to Sweden and back in Club and had an excellent experience. Fortunately, our FA’s were all nice and professional and definitely better than the average US FA. On the a380 to LAX, I asked for a vintage Champagne that was on the wine list. The FA went to get it and came back saying she couldn’t find it, so she brought me a glass from First! The worst thing about Club, IMO, is the seat. We were in the center and you have to step over legs when the person on the aisle is lying flat. I’d choose another airline for that reason, but not because of the crew.

  51. @Mark, there is nothing clever, educated, or thoughtful about your incessant, pathetic use of race and religion in an attempt to highlight what you apparently see as shallowness on Ben’s part. It is not “sarcasm,” at least not in any generally accepted sense. It is nothing more than vitriol.

    Ben apparently has a misguided notion that leaving these embarrassing posts up demonstrates his open-mindedness. All it really shows is that he’s asleep at the wheel.

  52. Who was the person complaining that their request to see the actual bottles of wine before deciding on one was rejected?!

    What an utterly pretentious request, I’m not surprised it was rebuffed. The FAs ARE busy and it’s a bit much to expect them to fetch a couple of bottles of wine and stand there while you assess the labels and decide which one you’d like… WHEN EVERY DETAIL YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT IS ON THE MENU.

    Stop wasting the time of hard-working people.

  53. It’s sad how far BA has fallen. From an award POV, I would take AA with no fuel surcharges any day. At this point, I don’t really have a “favorite” carrier to cross the pond in business. Rather, I feel as though I have to choose between the lesser of many evils. West coast to London via Dubai?!?? Thinking about it…

  54. Sorry you had a bad experience with the cabin crew, we’ve all had that from time to time.

    I look forward to your full report but I echo an earlier comment about privacy. A window seat in club world, and especially on the upper deck of a 747, is the most private business class I know. Name another where you cannot see another passenger?

    And yes you may have to step over someone’s ankles to get out but unless you are wearing a full length dress, that’s hardly a problem.

    BA still has the patent on that seat configuration. And I prefer that privacy to other direct access seats.

  55. BA has the surliest cabin crew I’ve encountered. Chalk it up to being Brits I suppose but after 4 trips in Club World and 1 in First with mediocre service, passive aggressive eye rolling, and ridiculous landing fees, I’m pretty much over BA. I’ve asked our travel planner to use Emirates whenever possible.

  56. Well… I used to fly BA transatlantic, but had never been over impressed. IMO the best way to fly between LAX and Europe is definitely the new Air France cabins. I flew AF 069 and back on AF 072, both new cabins and wow… perfect privacy, bright cabin, extremely comfortable wide fully flat bed, plenty of storage, wonderful pillow by Sofitel. But best of all was service : outstanding food beautifully staged, amazing cabin crew, and a real sense of quiet and discreet luxury. One of the FA’s was telling me they are seeing plenty of formerly disappointed clients now returning to AF since they’ve launched these new cabins. I totally see why. By far the best on transatlantic, in terms of service, and if you get the new cabins, then it’s heaven!

  57. First-world oversensitivity. The interactions with this lady were basic anthropological communication: not great, not a failure. There just wasn’t master-slave pandering (did she get down on her knees lower than your eye-line?) going on, which is an aesthetic that comes out of certain airlines that themselves come out of certain nations that have dismal human-rights issues, including, but not limited to, Persian Gulf states. Hi Singapore, hi Malaysia.

    Enjoy that you are in first class, on an airplane, which is an entirely optional place to be, eating, when the vast majority of people in this world are hungry, diseased, untraveled, in poverty, etc.

    What is this blog even about other than the Princess and the Pea experience of life on planet Earth? I only just discovered it and am so turned off. It’s like listening to a bunch of Forbidden City mandarins or Sun King effetes talking about the consistency of frosting. What is this?

    Yes, it’s a pretty strong comment to make but I have nothing to lose and the well-meaning honesty might help someone — even one person would make it worthwhile.

  58. Lucky just so you are aware your gin and tonic are not pre poured so you can mix it to your own taste. I hope after your long list of issues with your flight you either wrote to the company about it or at least spoken to the in charge crew member?

  59. You sound like an absolute tool. What on earth are beets? Because I’ve never heard of them and probably neither had your British flight attendant. When you started asking what bread is, she probably thought you were just simple. Just take the bread that looks the best, sheesh. Talk about first world problems.

  60. To address the “was it mixed fleet” comment. LA is a worldwide flight, and don’t just assume all are “terrible”.

  61. Mixed fleet do not operate LAX, this would be world Wide fleet. So maybe it doesn’t matter what fleet flys the route, but more who is serving you. either they want to be there or not. At end of the day they are all trained to the same level so stop this division between fleets, it’s getting old. Get the name , complain and hopefully they will buck up their ideas.

  62. Didn’t you fly them before from Abu Dhabi to Muscat once? Fine that was 40 minutes, but how was that?

  63. Brad, I am afraid I must disagree.
    Firstly, he was in business.
    Now, I have had nicer service in economy class.
    Now, of course, you should not expect them to arrange yournpillows of place ice in a glass one by one with raspberry syrup on top during a rushed flight. Yet, surely, since Benjamin tries to be nice to flight attendants, he should not be treated so badly?

    I watched a trionof videos (A Very British Airline) back a while, and, well, one person got kicked out for not using enough lipstick after hree warnings. They expected their fliht attendants to be the best…. and they were. They were expected to look nice.

    Secondly, what tgis blog is about is reviewing experiences.
    Yet, I would not be turned off by this review.
    It is but one flight.
    Many others have had positive experiences.
    Yet, this was decidedly negative.

  64. The one thing that bothers me about BA Club World is how difficult it is to choose a seat. How is it that in 2013 (not sure if it has changed in last two years) one can not pick a seat 3 months in advance? You pay for a ticket in Business Class with cash…. and you can not select a seat upon booking?! It is necessary to choose a seat within a 24 hour window of departure?
    That was one of the reasons why with 200,000 Avios miles just sitting there, I have no desire to re-experience British Airways again.
    Someone tell me that this simple feature has been updated?!

  65. Thank you, Ben, for your useful review.

    At the risk of belaboring the obvious, I want to say that, although this was a review of just one flight (as at least one previous commenter observed), your commentary about BA first class, together with information about other experiences in some of the comments, will likely help customers price in the service crappiness when choosing flights and provide incentive for BA to clean up its act, even if accountability at flag carriers may not be as good as many of the more capitalist airlines.

  66. Oh Eric W, I see you have decided to share you dim-wittedness with us and let us know that you also don’t understand the definition of the word “sarcastic”.
    I think someone else here mentioned “safe spaces”. Perhaps you can find one to nurture your fragile sensibilities.

  67. Well, I took advantage of the BA J sale as well, but opt’ed for DCA-JKF-LHR on AA metal rather than the BA A380 nonstop out of IAD. Mainly because of the better seat on the AA 77W. But sounds like AA service is much better by comparison. Glad I took the AA metal.

  68. Wow! Sounds terrible (although of course I laughed!). It is the complete opposite of my experiences on British Airways, both in economy and business class. I have found them to be the nicest, politest crews in the market – good enough even to make up for the so-so seats in business class. But obviously with a company that big, there must be a few bad flight attendants in the bunch. You seem to have lucked out …

  69. @ Mark – It would seem it’s your sensibilities that are too fragile since you feel an incessant need to keep coming back to prove just how smart you are. There’s a much easier way for you to do that–inform all the comedians in the world that blatantly racist remarks can be an excellent demonstration of sarcasm. Another idea would be for you to contact the College Board and advise them that the SAT is no longer necessary since a person’s intellect can be measured solely by the ability to disguise racism as sarcasm. No, I’m not being sarcastic. I wouldn’t dare try, at least not your brand of sarcasm.

  70. Bottom line is when you get service like this ask for their name……write them up with a supervisor on the flight………don’t let them run rampart on other customers……..we have an obligation to other frequent flyers to reel them in…………….bad behavior deserves deserves bad reviews………

  71. This post reeks of sexism. My mother is a flight attendant. It is her job, her career, the basket containing all of her eggs. Just let that sink in. Which basket are your mom’s eggs in? Is she getting older, like my mom?

    My mom is also a thyroid cancer survivor whose already coarse hair was absolutely fried by the radiation pills she had to take. I can’t imagine that she adds much value by looking cute, or that she could even if she tried (by spending lots of dollars that she doesn’t earn on futile attempts to tame her unruly hair or on overpriced cosmetics that take hours per week to apply and remove). I also can’t fathom why people think, in this day and age, that it is anything but misogynistic to criticize female flight attendants for failing to look like the models on airbrushed magazine covers. Flight crews’ bodies in particular are absolutely ravaged by the crazy and inconsistent hours and jetlag (which you may think you experience but don’t because you are able to sleep at your leisure throughout each flight in a flat bed with someone catering to your every whim), and by the miles traipsed through airports in heels (another sexist aspect of the FA job for women) that cause them to develop bunions and need foot surgery (yep, another medical issue that my mom has experienced due to her work as an FA). FAs’ job security should depend on their ability to guide you swiftly out of a burning jet rather than on their ability to apply lip liner with impeccable precision (and to look good after doing so). I don’t hear you complaining about the looks of the gate agents or the front desk staff at hotels, who have many fewer cards stacked against them, and I’m sure you’ve never downgraded the service on a flight because the pilot was ugly. You sound like someone complaining that a car mechanic has dirt under his fingernails.

    I am a female 1%-er, and I live and work among the global elite, and I can only imagine the kind of smarm that you surely exude if you exhibit these attitudes towards human females (news flash: men think they can hide it, but it’s blindingly obvious). It doesn’t surprise me in the least that someone whose job is to serve the elite, year upon year, would have a well-honed radar for these attitudes and would have very little interest in pandering to your outdated fantasies of being tended to by a femmebot. True elites deserve (and generally receive) impeccable service because they treat every last human with the same kind of respect and decency that they expect for themselves. No need to be a cranky ass when you’re living the high life (and not just in the air).

    Just a little rant because it makes me sick that my mom has to worry about being given a once-over by every passenger, even as a 60-year-old grandmother (compare the twin concepts for a similarly-situated grandpa: silver fox vs. beer-bellied CEO, a winner either way), and even by young GAY guys whose chauvinism isn’t motivated by disappointment at losing the sexy FA lottery. That’s how deeply ingrained the patriarchy is. I’m sure you love your own mom — just imagine someone else judging her like you judged this woman.

  72. I flew BA recently in their Premium Economy class. I know, not business or first, but hey! The food was ok, tray tables broken (I changed seats several times), but the one thing that really struck me was how nice and accommodating the FAs were. Just the most polite and attentive I’ve had in years.

    These are individuals and their level of service and personalities will certainly vary. Sorry to hear you were dealt a bad card.

  73. @mark, don’t waste your time. Educating the ineducable is a waste of time. Poor Edward made a perfectly good point, a few imbeciles take it literally and get their panties in a bunch, and in trying to explain it all, you are called a troll.
    These are not people with whom can reaon. Don’t bother trying.

  74. @ mbh – The only ones getting their panties in a bunch are the people convinced they are so smart while everyone else is so damn stupid, and anyone silly enough to waste time defending such delusional individuals. As for being a troll, @ Mark isn’t even close. Being a troll actually takes some skill.

  75. The most offensive thing about this post is that one of the commenters had never heard of beets. I mean, really??

  76. FAs are there for your safety, not your bread selection. The comment about race was neither funny or sarcastic, it was vile. The first, second and third worlds could care less about the thickness of your pillows and seat cushions. I’ve lost faith in humanity since these are topics of discussions. Don’t bother to respond, I’m never coming here again.

  77. Judging by your bad experience across the board with the service, I do hope you made an official complaint to the airline. Writing about it here won’t solve the issue if the airline is unaware and unable to take appropriate action. The flight attendant doesn’t belong in the service industry and should be fired. If I had the privilege of flying in business and had to spend money on what should be a quality and premium service, I would not expect or tolerate that kind of attitude or behaviour. You seemed to be surprisingly nice and calm about it.

  78. @Eric
    I’ve flown economy my whole life, and I’ve never had a flight attendant this bad. But then again that might be a perk of living in Asia. ☺

  79. It’s reviews like this that made me very nervous about my first BA Club World flight a while ago – I had many now and on *every* *single* leg the service was good up to fantastic!

    Yes the crews are often old, but they were always very polite and friendly. Then I flew a few sectors on American and I really wished for BA again, horrible FAs and so-called ‘service’.

    The seat is bad as an aisle seat but very good as a window seat. When you say ‘BA CW has no privacy’ thats simply a lie, end of story. Some seats have a ton of privacy!

    And to the people with ‘7/8 across in CW, so bad’ – if you see it like that, then Swiss has 9-across, Austrian 10-across on their 777 and the seat pitch of the new Business Class of American/Qatar is around 45-50 inches. Don’t make that silly comparisons…

    Yes BA has many flaws – the hard product is very average, food often not so good, some cabins old/dirty, LHR a horrible hub etc etc. But they are not *that* bad and often times pretty good actually. For example I find service on Iberia consistantly worse – but still better than your usual long haul service on American carriers.

  80. I notice that how the flight attendant looks comes up alot. How often do you go into work and get judged on your appearance. Having been cabin crew for BA for two years I am appalled by your lack of respect. In an emergency these people put your lives above their own to get you off that aircraft. Their first priority is safety not how they look or whether or not they hand you your drink or place it on your tray. It’s not very nice to go to work and be grabbed by men (this happens frequently) because they think you come as part of the ticket price. If that was in an office environment – I think the term is sexual harassment.

    The other thing you have to remember is that BA are not great employers they pay, poorly and the leave that they give is minimal. So what you have to remember is that having only had two days off this cabin crew member may have come from as far as Beijing or Tokyo – you just don’t know. The other thing is that yes the gentleman with the headphones may have missed it but I am always aware enough on a flight to have the courtesy of taking them out when someone is talking to me. In an emergency situation they won’t have time to repeat everything because of your tardiness. They have to deal with that multiple times so imagine repeating your self 20 times a day to people who write reviews like this as a result – it’s really appealing not to be sarcastic, right? The other point along these lines is that Take off Taxi and Landing are the most important times for crew to pay 100% attention to the aircraft as thats when most air incidents occur. By messing around with the screen which didn’t need to be down at that point it was a distraction jeopardising your safety. Again with repeating ourselves people try to get up out of their seats and all sorts of fun antics during these points when the seat belts signs are on and the crew are strapped in. Is that not enough of prompt to stay seated as we all are too? They may have thought that was the next progression of the gentleman. Misjudged admittedly, but you never know what people are going to do.

    When it comes to the menu – that is entirely her own fault – BA advise to have it on your trolley so that you can look at it if required. However your being very unfair if the crew was older using a colloquial term like ‘beets’ rather than reading the menu in a clear way. You have to remember some other wise crack on the flight also read the menu in a weird and wonderful way. Bit unfair we get slated for your lack of communication. I was once asked for ‘hard water’ I worked it out but the gentleman got infuriated – I think the word your looking for is ice.

    So next time you fly remember your crew are people going to work just like you are so treat them with a bit of respect and look at the bigger picture.

  81. “Ben apparently has a misguided notion that leaving these embarrassing posts up demonstrates his open-mindedness. All it really shows is that he’s asleep at the wheel.”

    Wrong on both account. Lucky keeps comments like that because it makes more sense for him financially to keep them up. He knows members of the Defend Lucky’s Honor Brigade will come out in full force to comment and defend him/attack the poster, which ensure more comments will be made on his articles. And the more comments are made, and the more time people come back to each article, both his comment count and hit clicks will go up, which is what advertisers want. They don’t care what type of comments are made, they only care that there are a lot of them. So the more comments, the better for Lucky. I wouldn’t be shocked if people like mark were Lucky and/or someone in his clique.

    “then Swiss has 9-across, Austrian 10-across on their 777”

    No, not really. Those are split across 2 rows. So Swiss has 4 per row, then 5, and alternates throughout the cabin that way. Same as Austrian, but that is 5 per row.

  82. @Mark: “Eww, I hate unattractive flight attendants.
    Almost worse is when they are non-white.”

    Buddy, you got it all backwards. Time and again, a plethora of flight reviews from bloggers the world over have confirmed an irrefutable truth: It’s the white FA’s that are the nastiest, ugliest, rudest and … as Lucky has now reviewed … the most unkempt.

    There’s NOTHING more worse than white (not only applicable to FA’s).

  83. @shogun not only is your comment racist but please don’t ever come to Asia with that kind of bigoted mindset.

  84. OMG! Lucky is a little whiny pretentious queen without common sense who is after the Aviso.

    I actually wonder if he was on that flight or is he just sitting home and making up these comments!?!
    He himself pointed out the lack of common sense.

    1. The devider!
    If you are trying to break a part of a aircraft you deserve to be shouted at! There is a obvious button for the devider and if it doesn’t work call cabin crew don’t force it by hands.

    2. The bread.
    If you point at the bread and ask what it is you do deserve to be told that it is a bread. In my experience, stupid questions lead to stupid answers. You are on a plane and not in bakery, cabin crew are there to get your whiny arse off a burning plane in less than 90 seconds and not exactly to know all 5 types of bread.

    3. The earphones.
    If cabin crew approach you and it is beyond the obvious that they are about to speak, have a courtesy and take them out otherwise you do deserve the attitude!

    4. The pillow.
    You are not in a hotel! If you have your own preferences when it come to pillows you should have brought your own one! Has it ever cross your mind that most of the people prefer this pillow. If they didn’t, don’t you think they would have changed it by now?!? And it is not that thin and you can always ask for one more. Sorry I forgot that you haven’t got a common sense!

    5. Self service!
    You are not in a first class cabin and there are another 47 people that need to be served. Everything is always handed!

    I bet that you are always a very difficult customers, purposely!

    @Lucky you need elocution and etiquette lessons!!!

  85. It is fascinating to see the divide in comments on this post – between what I assume are North Americans and the rest of us….North Americans firmly come down in the “cabin crew are here for your safety and nothing else” camp – the rest of us (me included) expect good service and some charm and tact from them. Cabin Crew are on board for the passengers convenience not the other way around.

    Personally I dislike Club World as a hard and soft product but am a fan of (most) BA crews. I think this post from Lucky was broadly fair if perhaps a little over dramatic. But heck that’s why I like the blog!

  86. In reply to Craig with his initial comment. No this wouldn’t have been Mixed Fleet Crew, they no longer operate this route, it would have been Worldwide.

  87. @Robert D – I too had never heard of ‘Beets’ until I googled it and realised it meant ‘beetroot’s’. I wouldn’t call it offensive that someone didn’t know this – just a difference in culture. In England, we call them by their English name, ‘beetroot’s’.

  88. @sebastian
    no! they are there for your safety first! don’t forget that! and then, as you rudely put it, your convenience!

  89. This reminds me the okd grumpy FAs from Northworst Airlines. Once on a flight to Singapore on business class the FA was handling out bottles of water. She had crappy Dasani which is tap water in a bottle and Evian which is for me a great taste real mineral water. She gave me a bottle of Dasani and I politely asked if she could exchange it for a Evian. She looked at me with an angry look and said: Why do you care? They are both waters.

  90. Why would an airline be serving 2 different brands of bottle water in the same cabin? That doesn’t make sense.

  91. It’s interesting that yet a few more posters have decided that my original remark wasn’t sarcastic.
    What is sad is that people who clearly can write in English have no clue that the word “sarcasm” has an actual meaning and it’s a word that describes an objective use of speech (not subjective, like “humor”).
    Please educate yourselves on the language in which you function.

    Secondly, I do love the people who say some variation of “you’re a troll but not even a good one”. Well, I have stimulated as much discussion as the point of the original post AND I got you to respond – so your attempt to shame me by criticizing my skill is contradicted by your very response.

    It’s evident that the IQ of many of the posters here is so low. I guess it’s not surprising; a whiny, pretentious, shallow OP attracts a dim, slow-witted following.

  92. This blog has just pointed out all the flaws i hate with stuck up arrogant people! It really sounds like you like to complain about all experiences of life. Why not just be thanksful that you got to even fly!

  93. @ Mark – Now you’re claiming not only intellectual superiority but that you are actually a skilled troll as well? Seriously, your apparently highbrow sensibility has left you totally clueless. If you’d ever been in a multiplayer chatroom (of course, such pursuits are too low culture for the likes of you) then you would know exactly what a troll can do. They couldn’t give a crap about stimulating anyone’s discussion.

    BTW since you’re furiously plowing through all these posts, looking for every reference to you and your inflammatory take on sarcasm, better count yourself among this blog’s “dim, slow-witted following” that you so despise.

  94. Wow. The crew member was not rude – you were. She is there primarily for your safety. Do you not have hands? Why would you want her to put the items on your tray? You are ridiculous, pretentious and rude. So pleased I never came across you in my career as cabin crew. You would definitely not have appreciated my service, and I’m happy about that, because that means I’m not an idiot. Pompous idiot.

  95. Also, this review just makes me want to fly BA. I dislike pretence and pomposity, so her style sounds great. She did her job in regards to safety, ensuring passengers remained where they should be until cruise altitude. That is her job. Not to wipe your arse for you.

  96. I flew BA business 22 times last year> I thought it was bad but the seats were better than my alternative which was LT through Frankfurt. However, one flight the flight attendant work me up at 3am by poking me repeatedly because he needed to see if my seatbelt was on, which was evident as I fastened it over my blanket as required. It was visible. I honestly don’t know why he did it, and i couldn’t get back to sleep. These tickets were about 8k each and I never flew them again, even if they are the cheapest and most convenient. The service was just too bad.

  97. @ Dale
    Sorry to say, but I think your comments are just unjustifiable. I do agree with all the lack of service provided by this crew as pointed out by Lucky. Bread is a generic term – if BA is going to have 5 different type of breads served, you would of course like to know if it is, brown, whole grain, white, garlic, etc
    As for the headphone – it really depends on how the crew is asking. If this particular crew was not looking at you (and looking somewhere else when asking a question) it could be for another passenger. If the passenger was engrossed in watching entertainment system – it could have been not obvious to him that the crew was asking a question. Furthermore no matter what as a crew to provide service (of course 1st priority is safety) there should have been no reason to raise your voice.
    In my opinion, since Lucky was sitting in the aisle, there is no reason why she could not have placed the drinks on the tray table (unless it was not opened).
    Pillow – especially in Business, I would as Lucky expect a good quality pillow – why would I want one that is of no use? This is one of my complain of BA, in both Business and WTP – the pillows are horrible – they basically are the same as Economy except for a nicer pillow case.

    @Lucky – I am not surprised. I have had in my travels with BA a mixbag. Some of the crews are superb – even better than any of those ME3 carriers, some are worst as you observed compared to US based carriers. In general my perception for these flights are formed during boarding especiall how the CSD behaves. My observation so far is if the CSD is good, the crew will generally be good. If you see a CSD that is not interactive, the crew will either be OK (just doing what is needed) or a bad crew.
    From my experience, I actually find AA having less of such variation compared to BA – they might not be super good, but at least they work as expected. BA when the crew is bad, they can really be bad.

  98. Last month we returned from Rome via London to Phoenix and if you think you flight was bad then try the BA flight to Heathrow in business on one of the oldest 747s still able to fly. The business class seating is atrocious – narrow, cramped, no place to store anything other than your shoes in a dirty foot locker, small fuzzy monitor, video system that didn’t work, very scruffy flight attendants all but one of which were quite rude, ran out of meal choices even though we were in the second row, no attempt at a smile or interest in passenger comfort. Unfortunately BA is the only trans-Atlantic out of Phoenix so we have no choice unless we connect.

  99. As one who flies a crapton in BA CW each year, I’d generally agree that about half the time I’ll get FA’s that are less than awesome (though, not as bad as yours most of the time). And, about half the time the food isn’t awesome either.

    However, when it comes to hard product – it’s totally about the seat. Specifically, if you’re in a window or aisle. For me, the Window seat is THE most private seat in biz class right now out there – no question. I close the little divider-window, and it’s totally private there. Not even the oft-loved new biz seats on other carriers like AA are that private.

    But on the flip-side, when you get an aisle like yours, they’re horribly no-private – worse than anything else. It’s funny that it’s that drastic. But if you get a chance to fly BA Biz again, I’d highly encourage you to get the window instead.

  100. @ Mark – That would be ditto for you since you keep coming back for more. And, since you insist on wading into gaming parlance in your vain attempt to continue trolling this blog, you are a noob.

  101. I love all women, white and non-white. That’s why I get laid and paid much more than all the losers here arguing. Keep going at it!

    Yikes Lucky, sounds like this was a one-off bad apple you got.

  102. I can’t wait for the utterly childish and rather pathetic sounding “troll” to fall out of fashion again. It’s not even used correctly most of the time…

    Mark used obvious sarcasm (i.e. made a joke, and yes you can joke about racism) and was then (overly) critical of those who didn’t understand it, jumped to conclusions and criticised him. That isn’t being a “troll”, it’s being stroppy.

  103. I guess people who run websites like this need to generate a bit of ‘shock and awe’ to keep the hit-rate going.

    I don’t know how many tens of thousands of miles I’ve flown in BA Club World … it’s “OK”. Some trips are better than others, but frankly my primary concern is getting to the other end of the flight and getting on with my life. So I guess I really don’t have my head stuck so far up my backside that I worry about having my drinks decanted into the glass in front of me … I’m actually capable of doing that for myself, you see?

    Can I just file this under “YAWN” and go and read something interesting? Thank you. goodbye.

  104. Have to use BA now on domestic flights in UK as Virgin Atlantic have pulled out of UK Domestic. Worst Service, its the cannot be bothered, I work for BA attitude that is really disappointing and you pay a fortune for it. Long Haul I always use VS, fantastic crews (in general) and they always look spot on, FSMs are on the ball too, 789 is a dream in UC.

  105. In contrast to your review, I had my first flight aboard BA from LHR-JNB yesterday and was quite impressed. Albeit I was in economy, the young lady working my side of the plane was as pleasant and polite as can be. But the AA flight from JFK to LHR was terrible. I guess just like everything we do in this hobby, YMMV

  106. Thanks Ben for your review and I am really not surprised at your review of British Airways. I am never been a fan of BA Club World and almost feel that the seat (a generation behind) and the catering are always below par. However, the service is usually okay. I had a bad Open Skies flight but since the crews were trained differently, I don’t think it is fair to blame BA. The service on your flight reminds me of United, more than a premium European airline. Those kind of behaviors are not acceptable and I hope you have contacted BA, which is usually okay in addressing customer service concerns, and I am sure BA has already read your blog. That F/A should not be working in the customer service business.

    People really need to understand that when you purchase a premium class ticket, it is beyond just getting you safely from Point A to Point B, or else the airlines will not charge an arm and leg for a premium ticket. A premium class F/A obviously realize that they have additional customer related duties on top of safety.

    Thanks for sharing! I am 100% behind you!


  107. Pays an economy fare and expects first hard and soft product…doesn’t work that way bub. And you can blame Tony Ben and the unions for the lousy service and the geriatric crews.

  108. @John
    Well, it doesn’t matter how much he paid – there are people on that flight that paid much more and got the same crappy service. It would only matter if he was the only passenger and BA had flown that flight especially for him, but it’s not. Prices change, expectations shouldn’t.

  109. Hi Ben , I fully agree with your comments. I had similar experience with BA club world as well, and once on BA first. Sadly that’s my experience as well.

  110. For the avoidance of confusion, the benchmark for customer service is the response Homer Simpson received when he asked for a clean glass in that episode he was looking for a new pub.

  111. This Mark person is probably a poor guy who has never been to another country either never been exposed to diversity, probably lives in middle of nowhere village in midwest or the south. If someone speaks like him in California, he wouldn’t survive.

  112. I am a mature FA and find every one of your ageist comments offensive. I wouldn’t dream of looking anything other than glamorous at work because whether we like it or not, that is the public perception of a FA. Of course there will always be people, young and old, that need to be reminded,however comments of a personal nature have no place in complaint….and by that I mean that we cannot all look like Mrs Pitt!
    To comment on specific points:
    Bread….specific roll type is not detailed in the catering sheet……however a little light conversation about what it may be works for me and my aisle.
    Headphones……it is tiring to repeat oneself constantly when people do not even move their one ear….however that is my job

  113. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience Ben.

    Since getting into the hobby 18 or so months ago, BA J is the only premium product I have tried (ironically through an OPUP) and I had a completely different experience to you. I’m not sure if the CC are aware who has been upgraded and who has paid but my friend and I couldn’t have been made more welcome, our coats were taken during boarding, she was attentive throughout the flight and apart from a lull in the middle, I always had a drink and/or snacks. Most importantly, she was just very pleasant.

    Obviously I’m at the other end of the scale to yourself with regards to premium airline experiences but most fliers would love travelling in BA J.

  114. To continue….
    Gin….you should be offered a choice of Gordon’s or Tanquerray however we are on an a/c and if it runs out I can’t run to the ‘offy’ (0ff license for the non Brits)
    The seat… it or hate it, its patented and was the first flat bed introduced. Some transatlantic carriers have only just introduced them!
    My advice to both sides is that not all the grumpy people picked that aisle when they chose their seat just as the FA didn’t come into work intending to be grumpy!
    And maybe that’s where a little more maturity and empathy can truly be an asset?

  115. I think she sounds great fun! Personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s if I’m handed my gin or given it on a tray. I particularly like her responses, “Bread” and “Oh is that what that is?”. Hope she’s on my flight next week. Stirling woman. Sounds a hoot!

  116. “This Mark person is probably a poor guy who has never been to another country either never been exposed to diversity, probably lives in middle of nowhere village in midwest or the south. If someone speaks like him in California, he wouldn’t survive.”

    That has to be the third dumbest counter-argument ever, after “Haters gonna hate!” and “You’re just jealous!” Assuming anyone who doesn’t agree with you or criticizes someone you like is some redneck living in the south says as much about your own prejudices as it does about theirs.

    Though I suppose it is a step up from “You live in your parents’ basement!”, so maybe the fourth dumbest.

  117. @Mark Thanks for your very clever and witty comments. I’ve never read such brilliant use of sarcasm.

    @Sally I appreciate your ability to personalize any comment an to stretch to make any comment into discrimination. Keep it up.

    Oh yeah, Flight attendants need to be rude to show that they are primarily there for our safety.

    I feel so superior and brilliant. No reason to be straightforward in making a comment.

  118. Great comments Sally and Amber. Lucky seems to suffer from a mild case of ageism. This post was particularly bad, but I’ve noticed it before. But as with all bloggers, you take the good with the bad. He generally does very good flight reviews, except when in a huff about some perceived slight, and feels the need to make a special early post to fuss and complain. Seems a bit silly. I don’t see movie reviewers or restaurant reviewers jumping the gun to air a complaint. Wait and cover the issue in the full review. Otherwise this blog is a collection of rants, rather than reviews.

  119. @Amber, after seeing ‘A Very British Airline’ recently, I have a question.
    Did Jodi Paris make it? I.E, did she try again?
    Also, would you consider that the film accurately portrays British Airways Cabin Crew training?

  120. I’m sure there is a flight attendant out there blogging about “The World’s Worst Passenger” right now. And for Mark, who doesn’t care for the colored help, I am a former, twenty-year, veteran flight attendant born into upper middle- class white privelege. And I think you’re quite the cunt. Cheers!

  121. So my worst experience ever was many years ago, Business Class on AA from LHR to LAX. I became Execitive Platinum and got 6 (from memory) system wide upgrades, booked 6 economy tickets and upgraded to Business. There was me, my partner and our 4 kids between 10 and 14 years old. I booked three x window / isle seats, not bulkhead or back row but due to an aircraft change, my partner and me ended up in the bulkhead and the 4 kids ended up in the back row and the one on front.
    Of course I asked the couple in front of our kids if they would swap for a family. Sorry to stereotype, but they were American and when they saw that the swap was to a bulkhead seat, they said, no way! Stereotyping, typical of selfish dumb-assed Americans and I let them know it.
    I spoke with the cabin manager but there was nothing doing for a swap and so we settled in for the flight.
    How many flights have you taken when the other passengers were a bit loud but no cabin crew would ever tell them to “shush”
    My kids were wearing Bose headsets and taking a bit loud, they were little and the seats were 6 feet apart. hers is this stewardess, on a day flight to the US, telling my kids to be quiet. To be fair, they were not boisterous, or LOUD, no one complained and they were bothering no one.
    I had a quiet word with Sabrina. I will never forget her name. Sabrina the Witch. In the galley, she told me to sit down. I said I would sit down when she told me that she would stop telling my children off. This escalated quickly to, IF YOU DO NOT SIT DOWN I WILL CALL THE CAPTAIN AND YOU WILL BE BLAH BALH BLAH… Recognize that I was very calm and very quite throughout my concern and request.
    I sat down and asked for the purser. I then had a chat with the purser and Sabrina trued to muscle in on the conversation.
    Eventually, after a disappointing flight, I was in LAX, collecting my luggage, when I got a pat on the back from the Purser to tell me how sorry she was at how I had been treated on the plane.
    How many of you have flown somewhere and flown home 3 weeks later only to get the same stewardess??!!
    Well, that is exactly what happened to me. ther I am, sitting in Business Class and who should be on the other side of my cabin but…Sabrina the Witch!! Before I know it, I am called to the galley and the captain wants to know if I am going to be trouble on the flight to London since he doesn’t want to land in Nova Scotia (or somewhere like that). Suffice to say, the flight home was equally as miserable as the fight out.
    Now, that is what you call bad service from miserable cabin crew!!!
    Can you tell that I have never gotten over it? I should have written to AA at the time but I didn’t since the whole episode ended up feeling too traumatic. This was pre 9/11 so no excuses for her behavior in that regard.
    I generally love AA and its latest business class product so I am not anti AA at all but this stewardess was genuinely the witch from hell.

  122. @ralphy
    If you were flying pre 911, then there was far less of a threat of diversion, so I’d think you could’ve brought the issue up to the captain calmly, and he wouldn’t have immediately dismissed and kicked you off.

  123. Give the guy a break. If you’re flying TATL for $700 because BA was $50 cheaper than DL, then i’d agree. Shut up and take the service you get.

    When you’re selling a product for $5,000 you need to differentiate yourself to earn/maintain business. Sure, maybe some passengers are more demanding than other but i’d have to think turning off customers can’t be good for business.

    I’m not as experienced in J/F travel but have a few longhaul trips under my belt. Most recently a r/t JFK->GRU on Delta where we used miles for 1 ticket and $3,200 for the other. It wasn’t a 5* hotel or fancy restaurant but every Delta employee I encountered seemed truly interested in making sure I was having a pleasant flight, made me feel like my patronage was appreciated and truly appeared to be enjoying their job. While I wasnt looking to have onboard servants, it’s reasonable to expect that for 4* the cost of Y, i’ll have FA’s that provide a level of service rather than just being there to throw food at me and help in the event of an emergency.

    I’ve flown El Al and Ukranian Airlines in J over the past few years as well.

  124. @Mark – I like your attitude of of being responsive. However, neither your attitude nor your ‘intelligence’ makes you a good troll. SAD and SARCASTIC, indeed.

  125. Sorry to hear about the bad service, hopefully the return flight is better. I’ve had hundreds of flights in CW and never had an experience anywhere near this bad.

    One thing to note, 8 across seating does not mean there are twice as many seats in CW as say the reverse herringbone configuration, as the reverse herringbone layout typically has more rows in the same amount of space. I tried to explain this a while back at

    It’s more like a 20-30% increase in seat density, rather than 100% that some blindly argue when they say “BA is 8 across, whereas reverse herringbone is 4 across”.

    Really though, unless you get 62A, 62K, 64A, or 64K on a BA 747, the CW space is very average. These seats are usually taken a few months in advance by BA Gold or OneWorld Emerald members, so it would be difficult to get these seats at the last minute, even if you were flying on a 747.

  126. Wow. I feel like your expectation of the cabin crew was to be your personal butler. You two did not hit it off because her casual humor was not subservient enough for your taste – correct? Sorry you did not enjoy, next time be happy when handed your Gin! Ok?

  127. Mmm as a flight attendant I would like to give some feedback regarding some of the issues raised
    18 years ago everyone sat facing the front of the aircraft some people in bigger chairs than others you watched a movie from the overhead projector
    Your meal was all the same and your flight attendants were all young dollies
    Time has changed flat beds individual sleeping areas choice of meals etc etc
    What I have noticed is how bad customers manners are towards crew often taking out their frustrationsof your crisis day at work on the crew no please no thank you Howeever when that is returned to you people don’t like it
    When you smile the world smiles with you The industry has changed so has company attitudes to thier own staff and the customer expectations are obviously high
    But the next time you think your getting a raw deal go into world traveller swap your seat with someone stuck in a middle seat and endure that flight
    I guarantee you two things the person you swapped with will love you for ever and they will be smiling and happy and you won’t complain about your business seat ever again
    Make friends with the cabin crew as you get on trust me they will take care of you

  128. While I’ll agree AA 77W’s business class seat is way better than BA’s Club World but lets be fair: BA crew outrank their AA counterpart by miles.
    I have flown with both and in the end I choose BA because their crew have the professionalism standard and patience level that their AA counterpart lack.
    Next time you fly on the AA 77W, choose seat 4A and just before take off, tell me if the loud noise coming from the galley as the crew is crushing the ice is considered normal on a plane – let alone in business class.

    What you got was a crew member who probably hit menopause. Let us not blog as if the ENTIRE airline has hit menopause.

  129. SARCASM: The word comes from the Greek σαρκασμός (sarkasmos) which is taken from σαρκάζειν meaning “to tear or rend flesh savagely, bite the lip in rage, sneer”.

  130. “You are not in a first class cabin and there are another 47 people that need to be served. Everything is always handed!”

    @ Dale – Give me an example. I’ll give you ECONOMY flights where things were laid on my table. There were no premium economy or business class experiences, be it on Thai Airways or Korean Air or Cathay Pacific, that stuff hasn’t been put on my table. True, I haven’t tried European airlines upfront (or at all), but unless you own your own travel blog or fly an international flight per week, Lucky’s understanding of business class must be exponentially better than yours. Even if it isn’t it’s okay, as it’s okay to make assumptions based on the limited amount of knowledge you have.

    As for everyone else, people are making good points on both sides. I’m not a Lucky fanboy so the above comment was really the only one that I found obnoxious.

  131. I flew with BA last time on my birthday to RIO and everything what you say is happening! They made me cry for the last3 landing hours, treated me and everyone else around like they doing favour , not their job. And it really takes one or two of staff to be rude and your expierences are ruined. I still know that there are some of lovely staff, but it’s really minority! When I wrote complain they even didn’t bother to answer. I tried few other times to send in all list of emails they give on website, If I would be a boss I would definetly will start sending ” mystery flyers”. Shame that they don’t care and thank you for your blog! We need to stop being over polite and say how it is!

  132. I’ve just had the same experience SIN-SYD. They were just awful. Never again. Luckily there are plenty of better alternatives: ANA, JAL, Garuda, Singapore, Malaysian, Vietnam.

  133. It irks me to know that there are people working in a role that they shouldn’t be, and yet there are those that would do anything for that job. I know his because I am due to start with BA as a flight attendant myself in a months time. The interview proceeds is rather gruelling, the pre employment checks, medical, visa applications, and the actual training. It’s an insult to me and to many other that this person even had the opportunity to get this role. Whilst I agree that a FA is there for the safety of the passengers, our job spans wider than that. We are ambassadors, we are the face that a passenger sees right away and first impressions count. To be greeted by someone who is supposed to look the part, who looks like they’ve not long since rolled out of bed isn’t acceptable either. I can’t speak for other members of staff but in my opinion when I look immaculate, I feel it. And that good feeling is reflected in how you go about your job. Well, if I ever see you on a flight I’ll be sure to say hi!

  134. ^^^
    op is pretentious and self entitled.

    No one is above taking a drink that has been poured for them out of the hands of the human being that poured it.

    bread is bread, you have eyes? Look and decide what you want. like you do with most other choices in your life.

    Finally: the fa has been working more hours in 3 days then you do all week. Maybe she’s tired of complete dickheads like you.

  135. I love how some people expect to be treated as royalty.. bear in mind that you are purchasing the ticket to go from point A to point B. Being a premium airline gives you more benefits than normal ones but they dont give each and every passenger a butler. Plus.. many passengers treat crew like slaves and expects them to answer every call bell they press which usually are quite a lot. Stop being a little pussy winning about the service and just start acting as an adult. Just because your life is shot dont expect to make other people’s life shit as well. Eat you food, have your drink and just fucking sleep!!! You don’t have your chicken choice get it on ground. In case you are not aware no airline is catered with 100% choice on every meal. Its because of little shits like yourself that leads people to become worst professionals. Personnal advice, find your pair, be polite and respectful.

  136. I just flew in last night on BA Club World. I had a fantastic flight. My biggest complaint is no Wifi ??!! STILL with BA!! I understand they are fitting most of their planes with wifi, as we speak. But, that is like switching from dial up in terms of keeping up with the rest of the industry. It shouldn’t be a BIG announcement. The BA employee was ecstatic to tell me that BA will have wifi by this time next year. That is like my dry cleaner setting up a fireworks show and balloons while telling me he will have my pants ready by Wednesday. Ummm ok thanks ??

  137. Just another See You Next Tuesday.

    Oh well.

    Better to drive these days, the experience, while tiring, is much more pleasant.

  138. This is exactly the reason I avoid flying club World the service levels are just too inconsistent but even the good ones are still below most other major airlines. The last time I flew with them I wasn’t able to get any of the options I wanted on the menu because “We are full you know!” and when I requested water I was told it was available in the club kitchen if I wanted any. Charming. I would much rather pay more for Korean Air and have a good experience with excellent service.

  139. Try getting that kind of crap service in FIRST. Rather than suffer the PTSD, I’ll include one, final gem of her behaviour. I paid to upgrade from Club World to FIRST LHR – SEA February 2008. I lost my passport, or misplaced it. We’re on the runway in Seattle. I ask her, “Have you seen my passport?” This after 10 hours of disinterested, borderline surly service. No, I didn’t think she’d seen it, but one would imagine it’s a code for I CAN’T FIND MY BLOODY PASSPORT! “I haven’t seen your passport”, she says. And walks away. BTW, this was after reverse thrust when it was safe to walk in the cabin. Now, I didn’t want to get stroppy with her and explain that until I found my passport I would be unable to exit the aircraft, wh. was British territory. The CSD and First Class purser were on their feet within seconds. The CSD found it. It had dropped over the divider between my seat and the middle seat. The upholstery is navy blue and I was wearing navy blue slacks. But it was the ‘sod off, don’t bother me’, attitude that really ruined the whole experience.

  140. This guy is complaining about service in first class. First class… I’m about to board a 10h flight in economy during which I will die a little bit inside. And this guy is complaining about first class service.

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