4,000 United Mileage Plus miles for Netflix

Everyone should sign up for Netflix at one point or another, if only for the mileage bonus. I hardly watch movies and am definitely not interested in actually keeping a Netflix subscription, but for the initial mileage bonus it’s definitely worth doing. While airlines always offer bonuses for signing up, some deals are better than others. Right now United is offering 2,000 bonus miles for signing up and an extra 2,000 miles for paying with a Mileage Plus Visa, for a grand total of 4,000 miles. Just sign up for a one month membership for $8.99, and you’re looking at paying less than a quarter cent per mile. Just remember to cancel within a month. It’s also worth noting that this is “once in a lifetime,” so choose when you sign up carefully.

If you have the Mileage Plus Visa and you collect United miles this is a great deal. If not, wait. American offered 3,000 miles for signing up (no strings attached) a while back, and I’m sure we’ll see something similar again soon.

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  1. Lucky, I signed up for American’s 3k promo awhile back. So isn’t it true that u can only do this 1 time no matter who’s program it is?

  2. @ mommafrica — Correct, unfortunately you can only do this once, regardless of which program you credit to.

  3. @ Chris — I’ve heard they’re pretty good about catching on.

    @ Gary — I had no clue. I just recently got the Mileage Plus Visa, so I never really paid attention to their Netflix offers, since they were always better when paying with the MP Visa.

  4. I have tried for 1 year to get my free miles for paying for Netflix on my Chase Visa and it never works. You need to do something for the existing customers so they may receive benefits for being loyal customers.

  5. I have tried for 1 year to get the extra miles on my Visa card and it has never worked. You should do something for existing customers so you won’t lose them

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