2 Reasons I Prefer Hotel Rooms With 2 Beds

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The longer I live in hotels, the stranger the habits I develop. Believe it or not, I don’t really care about suite upgrades anymore. When I’m traveling alone I care about a great desk, fast wifi, and a comfortable bed. And as of late I’ve actually found myself booking rooms with two beds by choice (at least when the room has double or queen beds).


While checking in at a hotel the other day the front desk associate was utterly confused by why I prefer a room with two beds when traveling alone, so I figured I’d explain:

Fresh beds + “Make A Green Choice”

I’m a big fan of Starwood’s “Make A Green Choice” program, whereby you earn bonus Starpoints for declining housekeeping. I love bonus Starpoints, and I also love a freshly made bed (isn’t that one of the nice things about living in hotels, after all?). That’s the great thing about getting a room with two double beds. You can decline housekeeping once every two nights and still have a fresh bed every night, all while earning bonus Starpoints.


Limited exposure to coitus-ridden beds

Quite possibly my least favorite part of living in hotels is having to listen to other people have sex. It’s traumatizing. Really.

Along similar lines, as a germaphobe it’s equally disturbing for me to think that said coitus may have occurred in the bed I’m sleeping in. Maybe I’m naive, but I sort of assume (hope?) that less coitus occurs in rooms with two beds than rooms with one bed. So yeah, it does make me sleep better at night.


So, am I the only one voluntarily choosing a room with two beds even when traveling alone?

  1. I developed a habit of always getting two beds because I found I was forgetting things in the room. Now everything goes from my bag onto the second bed, and I haven’t left anything behind in years. As a bonus you are guaranteed to have extra pillows to use to prop up watching TV.

  2. I’m the opposite…I seek out rooms with two beds *specifically* for coitus. That way whilst one has been sullied by the act of “love”, and the other remains pristine for sleeping.

  3. @Adam – You beat me too it. Plus something it can make things a little extra cozy. Now the big question is “Has Anyone Entered A Room When It Was Obvious They Did The Dance On The Bed?” I am sure the maids have stories…

  4. I find that having two beds is good for sleeping in one, obviously and the other for putting my suitcase on and for laying out my clothes that I will be wearing the next day.

  5. Adam beat me two it that’s why I prefer two bed rooms. Maybe you need to start booking 1 bed rooms again?

  6. King beds are not only wider, they are longer, which is great for tall people so their feet don’t stick out from the end of the mattress.

  7. I always ask for 2 beds. Same reason as above. Empty my suitcase onto one bed and sleep in the other. As a solo traveler, a queen or double bed just feels more comfortable – from either side I can still reach the nightstand and turn off the alarm. A king bed would just seem to vast and empty.

  8. You probably hit it anyway, but I like to book each night as a separate stay with SPG so I can hit gold more easily. If not, I’d much prefer the extra 500 points.

  9. Like Adam, my GF and I recently discovered joys of this when we were accidentally given a room with 2 beds and decided to just keep it rather than be swapped to a single bed room. The other bed was christened ‘the sex bed’ for the rest of the stay.

  10. So on your recent trip to the PH Maldives, you must have had a hard time sleeping because those beds see a lot of “action.”

  11. @Adam @Mike

    A bed that isn’t “sullied” and the “joys” of not sleeping in a bed you’ve had sex in? How odd. If you are so disturbed by the remnants of your own lovemaking maybe you should do it at home where you can change the sheets twice a day like Jackie O.

  12. I always ask for 2 beds for several reasons:

    1. I get more pillows, and I like lots of pillows.
    2. When traveling alone, I too like to spread out my stuff on the other bed. And it also lets me chose the bed which is the most comfortable (both mattresses in the same room are not necessarily equal!).
    3. When traveling with my hubby, we can start out the night in same bed, but after some “together” time, each retreat to our own beds. We love each other dearly, but after over 40 years together, we do sleep better in our own beds!

  13. Same as some people mentioned above. I always choose two beds and one is the coitus designated bed.

  14. Those of you putting their suitcases and clothes on the other bed, did you give any thought to bedbugs? I always put everything on a table, dresser etc.

    I’m a 1 king guy as the bed is longer.

  15. Although I usually prefer a two bed room for many of the reasons above, I am a bit fearful that housekeeping may have not changed one of the beds in the room that did not appear sullied from the previous guest – even though it may have been used for dirty luggage, eating, etc.

    Whereas in a room with only one bed, I am fairly confident the linens on the only bed in the room have been changed between guests.

  16. Hmmm…. strange how these froums can reveal people’s neuroses, psychoses or phobias 😉

    My stays tend to be long and I work a lot while on the road, so I greatly value suite upgrades — to have “living and working” space during a long stay — and fast internet, preferably with a single huge king bed.

    I just returned yesterday from a trip in Chicago where I had initially booked a 4-night stay the Embassy Suites Downtown Lake Front, which, incredibly turned out not to have a working wireless internet connection in the suite that I was assigned! Because I said that I had to have internet but the hotel was booked to capacity and they could not move me to a different suite, they decided to move me to Conrad Chicago, which was just a 5-min walk away. Not only was the Conrad a much nicer property with high speed internet, they also upgraded me as a HH Diamond to a King Deluxe Suite (second best after the presidential suite)!

  17. So, Lucky, does this mean that you’re more squicked by the aftermath of two-person sexual activity than that of one-person sexual activity?

  18. I don’t mean to sound like an I-told-you-so, but I did: suite upgrades for single travelers aren’t that great, whether in Vegas or no. That is unless, as DCS points out, you need to use one room as an office.

    We give the second room to our progeny.

  19. Anyone see @DCS’ name and automatically expect another round of Hilton glorification / SPG denunciation?

  20. To everyone that takes double beds without needing them, I hope you know the hotel hates you. I’m not kidding.

    First, the front office or rooms division hate you. There are nights when lots of small groups will stay at a hotel, either friends or a big family, and they really do need 2 beds in a room. The hotel has only a set number of single and double bedded rooms, it’s not going to change, so when all the doubles are taken and it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you business traveling professionals are occupying a double bedded room unnecessarily to ‘spread your stuff out’ is unkind and selfish. I realize most people don’t understand this, but I work in the business so it’s my life.

    Second, Housekeeping hates you: Lucky chooses to forego the daily service to gain points, and I don’t blame him at all for that. But the housekeeper will still have to replace an entire set of sheets for each night, since you will sleep in both. And if you don’t sleep in both, the housekeeper has to decide whether or not to change them – what do you think they chose? Hopefully the outside of your suitcase is clean… I’m sure it isn’t. My hotel offers $10 F&B credit for every day you skip housekeeping, I love the idea.

    And sometimes it’s the opposite, a lot of business travelers are in for a convention, and all you have vacant are double beds – well Dr. Fuchtardt will not sleep in anything but a king bed, so he puts up a fight and costs the hotel a valuable suite or other upgrade that could have been given to elite members or guests looking to pay for an upgrade. If there is a king bedded room available – some times there really aren’t any left!

    Lucky, if you appreciate my great perspective from the hotel side, and want to see if something more could be collaborated on, let me know.

  21. I’ve always booked kings and thought I was stuck with a double bed room whenever I’ve had to book one. But being a bit of a germaphobe there are some good arguments here for booking a double. It seems a bit wasteful to me but the proof if I’ve been swayed will be in my next booking.

  22. Make a green choice = green washing and cost cutting by reducing staff. Drying up a swimming pool would have real impact and would be more respectable. Makes me want to avoid this hotel brand.

  23. I book for 2 persons /double bed instead of one kind bed sometimes because I always thought the 2nd person won’t get lounge access or breakfast with me? For example, if I book hyatt room with lounge access and breakfast, do I have to have the 2nd person added in reservation as ( room for 2) to get the 2nd person those benefits? Same thing with Hilton?

    Thanks for any answer on this in advance

  24. Lucky, as a daily reader of your blog, I’m amazed by the number of your “issues”.

    Perhaps you could get a great fare or mileage redemption to Vienna…

  25. @italdesign — Sorry to disappoint you this time, but please hang in there; our host will not fail to provide me with the opportunity to do ” another round of Hilton glorification / SPG denunciation.” 😉

  26. this is a bit much. If you wanna go down the germaphobe trail, why not obsess over the door or toilet handles? You have a much higher chance of catching something from those.

  27. “I love bonus Starpoints, and I also love a freshly made bed”

    But apparently, you don’t give a shit about the environment, which is the ostensible purpose of the Green Choice program.

  28. Well I guess “to each their own” so I need to respect your self confessed status of being a germaphobe.
    But why do people (or at least us Americans) have such a hag-up about “coitus”. I’m guessing that you’re not doubting if the hotel changed sheets before your arrival; that you’re obsessed only by the fact that other “did it” in that bed.

    Have you ever been in your parents bedroom ?
    Are you clueless about how you were brought into this world ?
    Sex is not a nasty filthy act. It’s the reason we’re all here.
    Clean sheets and I don’t give a 2nd thought about earlier guests did in this bed. I take it as common knowledge that sex has happened in this very bed, as if it’s another fact of life. As others have noted, double vs single bed is irrelevant.

    I prefer a king bed.
    When the rate for “2 queens” (the room’s bed type, not my personality) is lower than a king, I book the queen rate. I also add a note that “double was booked for the rate, single person traveling so actual bed type is irrelevant”. I usually end up with the double as booked. I don’t care either way. It counters what @Brad said as most times the hotel IS NOT looking to change my double/queen booking to a single/king.

  29. I specifically request two beds so I can have sex on one and then sleep in the clean bed.

  30. You make some good points, but as you can see, everybody has their own preference. It never occurred to me to be bothered that someone had sex in the bed, or fret over that one of the beds hadn’t been made up (easy to see), but I do prefer a king bed to sprawl out on, or for sex purposes. However, the important things (imho) are cleanliness, fast internet and peace & quiet.

  31. My girl and I love having sex in hotel rooms. When we get a double bedded room, we make sure to use both beds.

    You might also consider whether or not to touch a) the bathroom counter, b) the remote control and c) the cordless phone. All of those do come in handy sometimes.

    And, did I mention what we do on the desk in the room?

  32. Two beds are much better. I really like a clean bed for sleeping in, so then I can have one bed to chill in, watching TV in my clothes, while the other is only for sleeping.

  33. I’m going to hate myself for this, but I guess Billy wins . . . my Best Post of the Day prize. For the surprise if nothing else.

  34. @omatravel – unless the dresser or table you’re using is entirely made of glass, steel, or plastic, it’s just as likely to have bedbugs as a bed itself – they love to rest in the gaps between wooden furniture parts or in the wood itself. Using a dresser instead of a second bed accomplishes nothing in terms of bedbug avoidance, and is actually harder to inspect for signs of bedbug contamination than a mattress.

    @brad – if the hotel expects to be short of a given room type, they can decline special requests at check-in and give a customer the room type they originally booked. This doesn’t stop a traveler from booking their preference up front, but unless you suggest hotels interrogate every customer at check-in and if a single traveler has booked a two-bed room demand he/she take a king instead for your convenience, I don’t see how you can completely stop the practice.

    And if all this “hating” is the way you approach your customers, I’ll pass on reading your “great perspective”, thanks.

  35. @ earth inhabitant — What am I missing? If housekeeping doesn’t have to change the sheets or towels for additional nights, why does that matter?

  36. @ jim — Why the bed type impact whether or not they think you have two people in your room, though? In theory you do have to register the person to the room, though in practice if you paid for two people you’re usually fine guesting in that many people.

  37. @ Brad — To clarify, there are a finite number of king and double bed rooms. Presumably you should only be selling as many of each room type as you have (plus a bit of overselling across the board, presumably). All Gold Passport members at Hyatt are guaranteed their preferred bed type, and sometimes in the past I’ve booked a king room and received a room with two beds. So do you hate those of us booking rooms with two beds because other people that “need” two beds aren’t considerate enough to book their preferred room type to begin with, or…?

  38. @ Chi — Ultimately they have hotels everywhere, so I guess their guests love the consistency of staying with them. Otherwise sort of beats me!

  39. My question is, do you have to select ( 2 persons) when booking room to get the benefits for the second person? benefits means such as lounge access or breakfast.

  40. @ jim — In practice it shouldn’t matter much at US hotels where the rate is the same, but technically you should.

  41. @lucky @chi I signed up for the Ritz card (which gave me Gold status) when it was @ the 140k bonus…I have since stayed @ a few Marriotts (when there was no SPG avail) and I HATE HATE HATE to admit it, but I’ve been throughly impressed…I know their redemption rates are among the worst (hello Hilton), but the service I’ve received as a RC Gold has been great, and more importantly CONSISTENT …!!! No haggling over UG’s, if it’s been avail, I was given it, NO arguing over what breakfast benefit I received (love SPG, but sometimes they act like a decent Platinum breakfast is equal to giving you their first born), and most importantly, no arguing over my benefits being offered to me when my company has booked a corporate rate w/them (again, a common issue w/SPG if I haven’t booked the room personally)…Do I still prefer SPG, yes, but only because of how it benefits me on vacation…IF I only travelled for work, and point redemption were not a goal, I have to say, I would be all in @ Marriott…which is a long way to say, I can totally see how they win so many awards…

  42. @Billy

    Thanks for sharing how you and your girl use every surface and object in hotel rooms for sexual purposes. What’s yucky is that you’re getting bacteria all over yourselves. Instead of high fiving each other how you’ve christened the room with your lovemaking, try considering what other people have left on those surfaces before you arrived.

  43. @Brad – I hate hotels that charge more for king beds than 2 doubles. My preference is for a king, but not so much that I’d pay more. So I’ll often book doubles even though I don’t need or want them, solely because of price.

  44. Your voters have spoken and I am also in the one bed for sex and one bed for sleeping category……..so Lucky your research should center on which is the most likely sex bed? I would bet that the sex bed is closer to the window so that you would want to sleep on the one “away” from the window for less soiled slumber……….

  45. Well if single sexually-frustrated people like me have stayed in your room it’s not so much the bed and bedsheets you need to worry about but more so things like the TV remote and wash cloths if you catch my drift.

  46. Just reading the comments about what people do on desks in hotels makes my butt hurt. Lots of memories from before Frank died.

  47. @chancer… With the lifestyle I lead, the risk associated with some germs on the things in the room is low on a relative basis.

  48. It’s amazing how people are going out of their way to prove just how much they like to dirty up hotel rooms, leaving behind their bodily fluids for other guests. It’s rather like fetishists who leave their urine and feces unflushed in public toilets. To the “I’m so proud of having sex on every hotel surface” people, pat yourselves on your backs for lumping yourselves in with people who enjoy others seeing their excrement.

  49. @brad: “To everyone that takes double beds without needing them, I hope you know the hotel hates you. I’m not kidding… And sometimes it’s the opposite, a lot of business travelers are in for a convention, and all you have vacant are double beds – well Dr. Fuchtardt will not sleep in anything but a king bed, so he puts up a fight and costs the hotel a valuable suite or other upgrade that could have been given to elite members or guests looking to pay for an upgrade. If there is a king bedded room available – some times there really aren’t any left!

    Lucky, if you appreciate my great perspective from the hotel side, and want to see if something more could be collaborated on, let me know.”


    Bad customer service *and* a contradictory argument for your pitch comment? Yeah, no.

    You do realize that bed choice is independent of how many people are actually traveling and hotels have tons of statistical data at hand to decide their breakdown of rooms, right?

    As for the OP, I’ve started preferring 2x beds because a queen or double is plenty comfy for one person and the other serves as a far better luggage rack than anything most hotels have.

  50. You guys really put your luggage and clothes all over the other bed?!?! I know that most hotels in major chains are fine, but bedbugs are a lot more prevalent than we’d like to think. Those things LOVE to crawl into luggage, where they can lay dormant for six months without eating. I’d think twice about putting luggage on a bed, because you really don’t wanna bring those guys home with you.

  51. I usually go with two beds as well for the same reason as the others posted….sex in one and clean sheets in the other!

    I just stayed at the Palazzo in Vegas and noted they charged $35 more than a king bed just because there are two beds in the room. I confirmed that the price difference wasn’t due to number of people int he room, but for the two separate beds. Needless to say, I had to make due with just the King.

  52. If you’re worried about bringing home bed bugs (I am and I’ve encountered them in the past), buy a Packtite. When you get home, put everything you had on the trip in the Packtite and cook the bastards to death.

    Other than electronics and medicine, everything I take on a trip goes through the Packtite before entering my home.

  53. My usual problem with 2 beds is that the room seems smaller and less usable space. I like a king and a sitting area and/or desk. As for germs; flying is a lot germier than staying in a hotel room. You are basically in an airborne Petri dish tube with no where to escape. (Lol). Not to mention the airport and those lounges. The hotel is the cleanest place you spend time in. Thinking of it as a gym membership for your immune system. It just keeps getting stronger. Fret not about coital incidents. Just frequent the ‘clean duvet for every new guest’ type hotels.

  54. but when you constantly live in hotels, don’t you yearn for some of your own-cooked food? Seems difficult to keep the kilos off if constantly eating out, no?… Though guess hotel gyms come in handy. Also, laundry?

  55. At “69” comments and counting, I sort of feel guilty for wrecking the number…ha ha ha –

    I will let the cat out of the bag –
    Reserving a double increases your chances of upgrade. The hotel would be more apt to give you one level higher, if it means that they could sell a room which could accomodate 4 people, instead of just one. This doesn’t always work. But it does work maybe 30% of the time (my experience). So I play the odds.

    The other reason that I do it – is because if one bed sucks, then the other is usually OK.

  56. Gotta say…you cant be that big a germaphobe if you willingly live in hotels, spend most of your life in planes, surrounded by hundreds of people, in seats that have been sat on, coughed on, breathed on, by countless people that day. All before arriving in a bed that no matter if the sheets are clean or not, has been slept on by hundreds (or thousands) of people, doing all manner of things.

  57. Germ-wise, I’m more worried about the TV remote control (hint: I’ve installed hotel Spank-o-vision systems… I know what (and how much) you people watch..and pause…and rewind…………..and I use my Samsung phone as a TV remote because of it!) and the water glasses provided by the hotel.

    Bed-wise, as a single traveler, I prefer a single bed. State-side, Residence Inn is my #1 choice. I like having a fridge, the ability to cook a full meal, a good desk, and separate working/sleeping areas. Free breakfast and free reliable internet to boot. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a full-service hotel and all that goes with it. BUT when I’m traveling for work, I want something which feels like home.

  58. Just carry sanitary wipes for the remote, the phone, the light switches, etc. if you want to be reasonable without going off the deep end about cutting chances of picking up a bug. You still can’t account for whether the housekeeper who made your bed has a cold and contaminated your pillow case or towels, eg. It’s recommended to use the same on all the common places at your airplane seat: the seatbelt buckle, the air adjuster, the armrests and tray table. I’m embarrassed to do that unless it’s just my husband and me, but they say that stuff is why you get sick on trips, as opposed to the air on the plane—the latter is a myth according to what I’ve read. Meanwhile, your cell phone is filthy and bears the remnants of everything you’ve touched all day, so if you wash your hands and then pick it up you might as well not have washed your hands. My brother, a doctor, says all of this can be made moot if you just avoid touching your eyes and your nose unless you’ve just washed your hands without touching anything else. That’s at least how cold viruses enter. I’ve gotten way fewer could since I started heeding that advice. For rhinoviruses you can even share food utensils. They did an exhaustive study of this decades ago.
    Anyway, my fears are greater about bedbugs, though I still don’t inspect mattresses. Even thought we’ve never gotten bedbugs, I’m curious about the Packtite but I’d probably be too lazy to use it.
    As for preferred bed types and personal habits, I seriously doubt any of you give a flying whatever about my preferences!

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