Zeel Offering $40 Off First Massage

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Several weeks ago I wrote about Zeel, which is an app for on-demand massage service. The app connects you to a massage therapist in your area for a fairly reasonable price, and you can get a massage in your home, a hotel, etc.

In addition to being a great option for home massage, as I explained last time, this can be a great alternative to paying hotel spa prices, since you can just have a therapist come to your room.

Zeel works in a similar way to many other apps. Zeel therapists are independent contractors who typically have private massage businesses, and Zeel helps them find more clients, and takes a cut on every transaction.

In December I had my first Zeel massage, and I had a great experience.

Anyway, if you’ve been considering your first Zeel massage and haven’t yet pulled the trigger, it’s worth noting that Zeel has improved their offer for first time users.

Zeel has a referral program, and usually if you refer someone to Zeel, both the person referring and the person being referred get $20 in Zeel credits. However, through January 31, 2019, Zeel is offering $40 in Zeel credits both to the person referring and the person being referred.

So if you’ve been holding off, this is a great opportunity to score an even better deal on your first Zeel massage.

You’re of course more than welcome to use my promotion code, 1e1lqq, when you sign-up (and I’m grateful if you do). Readers are also welcome to leave their own referral links below.

  1. I signed up but did not see anything about receiving $40 unless I refer someone and they receive a massage. Nothing about $40 for myself at this time . The welcome message does say that I will receive $20 off my first massage.

  2. BIGGER DEAL – you can use spa finder gift cards on zeel, you just have to email them your certificate numbers so they can add them to your account. You can always get spa finder gift cards 20% off at Costco in orders of $100, or 30% off at spafinder.com with a promo code. Both stack with zeel referrals. I got 50ish percent off our last in room massage by stacking this way.

  3. Lucky, you should say something like, “Who doesn’t want a massage after a long haul flight” at the beginning of this post so it makes this post seems a bit more relevant to OMAAT.

  4. 1fc86

    Lucky’s code didn’t work. I guess there must be a max per code. Mine is above and available to use. Thanks!

  5. I can’t wait to book one! Thanks for the tip! Here’s a code for someone else to get $40 off! Thank you!

    use promo code 1fdj2 to save $40.00

  6. I am confused….is January 31 the deadline for the referral or for using the $40…because I enter the code and now on the zeel app it says I have $40 in credit but since today is January 31st will it say I only have $20 in credit tomorrow or will I keep the $40?

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