You’ve gotta love angry elite mobs!

I’m not trying to point any fingers here, because to a large extent I belong to the “mob,” but I do find this to be hilarious. Just a few days ago I posted that I was anxiously awaiting Hyatt’s upcoming promotion. I even speculated that the newest promotion would be announced yesterday or today. That was totally baseless speculation on my part, and no doubt influenced more by what I wanted to happen than what I actually expected to happen. All Hyatt has ever publicly announced is that there will be a promotion in March.

Yet, collectively, we’ve been absolutely convinced (or convinced ourselves) that means there will be a promotion come March 1. Some even feel betrayed by Hyatt. Check out the comments in the FlyerTalk promotion speculation thread, which can be found here. A few of my favorites, all of which were posted the first possible the day the promotion could be announced:

  • “Hyatt is really dropping the ball here.”
  • “what is going on this is scandalous”
  • “Wyndham Rewards is starting to look a lot better.”
  • “NADA YET! I’m getting really annoyed!”

The mind is a powerful thing, isn’t it?

As far as my situation goes, I’m loyal to both Priority Club and Hyatt. I can deal with no immediate major promotion from Hyatt, though the bigger issue is that the Gx bonuses  (offering up to 2,000 bonus points per stay) expired yesterday, February 28, without many being renewed. Historically Gx bonuses have been plentiful, so this means stays for the time being aren’t very rewarding points wise. Hyatt still has great elite benefits, so I’m not complaining.

That being said, I do pay for my travel out of pocket, and I want my travel dollars to go as far as possible. As an example, right now I’m booked at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport for a night next week. It’s definitely the nicest airport hotel near SFO, though for a little less I could stay at the (new) Holiday Inn. The Hyatt is nicer, though Priority Club still has the “Crack the Case” promotion I need to finish qualifying for. I feel like I should cancel my stay at the Hyatt and stay at the Holiday Inn, so that I can focus all my stays on Hyatt once their promotion starts. So it’s not that I’m boycotting Hyatt by any means, but I do plan my stays strategically. The week after I’m booked at the Andaz Wall Street, though I might switch to the InterContinental if a promotion still hasn’t been announced (though I have a deal at the Andaz that’s pretty unbeatable, so probably not).

So I guess what I’m trying to say is… Hyatt, you’re making me lose sleep. Sorry that I’m genuinely excited about what you’re going to come up with next. 🙂

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  1. Sweet Dilemma’s not still going on. Accumulation of nights/points ended on 12/31/2010.

  2. I just don’t get why people are so hostile at Hyatt just be cause something that was NEVER PROMISED wasn’t delivered. Whiners!

    just like the people who whine about CO/UA selling upgrades online or at the kiosk. CO/UA NEVER promised to reserve F seats for free upgrades. They only promised to let F seats that did not sell go to elites as free upgrades.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I try to save getting upset for when something that the company said would happen doesn’t happen – like when UA says the flight will have video but then it doesn’t.

    Let the flames begin…

  3. just wondering Ben, did you actually stay the 25 nights needed last year to renew your diamond status?

  4. @ Helixcardinal — I’m an idiot, I meant “Crack the Case” promotion.

    @ Sam — Yes, I actually more than double requalified on stays last year. Ended the year with about 50 stays and 60 nights, and that doesn’t include award redemptions. 🙂

  5. There’s only one property with Gx right now, and I wonder if that is a mistake.

    In my decade with Hyatt I don’t think I’ve ever seen a period with zero Gx bonuses. That does seem to be unprecedented.


  6. +1 to HunterSFO

    The described phenomenon isn’t even half as bad as the vitriol directed at Glenn Tilton and Jeff Smisek…who pretty much no one knows and who are vilified on every detailed issue.

  7. MS, that is certainly a good rate. I have a AAA rate of $176 booked, which is quite good too. Havent seen anything lower however so would appreciate it if Lucky were to elaborate.

  8. Sorry folks, didn’t mean to over-hype the rate I got. I got the same $176 AAA rate mentioned above. For New York I consider that to be an incredible bargain, given free breakfast and that I used my expiring suite upgrade. Anything under $200/night base for a luxury hotel in NY is a steal, in my opinion. The new IC is running over $100/night more.

  9. Well you are also lucky for being able to use your upgrade! I tried to use mine and there were no suites available.

  10. @ MS — Did you try calling? They seem to not display suites online, which seems to be part of the issue. So the agent has to call the hotel directly to find out sometimes.

  11. was able to stay @ Andaz wall street in deceomber on the deal – as a diamond, they will treat you well – $176 imho is a steal for this property!

  12. Got $204 for the 5th Ave. Andaz next week using the ‘thrill’ rate – looking forward to checking out that hotel – the Andaz Wall St. rate looked good, but for a few more $$, I think the 5th Ave’s location is worth it.

  13. If the info Tim posted about Stay More Play More is accurate, there is going to be a riot of Hyatt elites.

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