YouTuber Repeatedly Denied Business Class Upgrade On Emirates, Upgrades Himself Anyway

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Personally I don’t think this is quite as horrifying as the guy who set up his “merch shop” in the Emirates A380 shower suite (though it seems like the airline was in on that), though this is cringeworthy nonetheless.

A YouTuber (with “only” about 7.5K subscribers, so this isn’t some mega-YouTube star) uploaded a video a few days ago about “SNEAKING INTO BUSINESS CLASS,” which shows him self-upgrading on Emirates. Some people will no doubt say “cool, good job,” while others will view this as a pathetic attempt at stealing (I’m more in the latter camp).

The YouTuber flew from Dubai to Bangkok, and first tried his luck at check-in.

“I am like extremely tired, I’ve been in Dubai, then I’m flying to Bangkok. Is there any upgrades available to business?”
“Only paid upgrades available.”
“There’s only paid?”
“Is there any complimentary at all? There’s nothing you can do at all?”
“Complimentary nothing available on this flight. You have an extra legroom seat now.”

Then when he got to the gate he tried again.

“Is there any potential of an upgrade to business class?”
“If they are upgrading then first they give priority to Skywards Gold and Silver cardholder.”
“Is there anything you can do at all?”
“No. Next time.”

I have to give it to the Emirates employees for their friendliness, because I’m sure they get asked this all day long. At the same time, I feel like the joking encouragement of saying “next time” was probably counterproductive, because you know he will ask next time.

It’s simply a myth that airlines will upgrade people for asking. While operational upgrades are quite common (especially on Emirates), there’s a priority they use, and often it’s handled on the back-end so it’s not even the gate agents processing it directly. So I feel like the odds of this working are about the same as the odds of going into a store and asking if you can have something for free.

But then when the YouTuber got on the flight he told his seatmate about his plan to upgrade to business class, and then midflight, after the service, he did sneak into business class… and he managed to stay there till landing, or so he claimed (I’m not totally convinced).

Here’s the video:

  1. I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t have made a post of this – you literally handed them views by posting the video (with less than 10K view) on your blog of much more.

    The best way would have been to let it go. They seek views and subscribers, no matter the quality. That’s the point of YouTube. Monetary gain is equated to the number of views on a video. It’s feeding a troll

  2. I also know some blogger that booked flights likely to be cancelled so he can get vouchers or points and then got busted. Sounds like a similar situation to me.

  3. Why people are so cheap?

    Another classic story is, by telling the entire passengers in the aircraft that they are feeling sick to get a free upgrade. Jeez!

    Get a life people!

  4. @Eugene (February 10, 2018 at 11:26 am) is right, particularly when it comes to inadvertently promoting bad behavior.

  5. @Jackie

    Oh yes wasn’t that a blogger which will be very familiar to every single person commenting here? Haha

  6. Why are you reposting this and giving him publicity? You don’t have to try and drive weekend traffic to your own site if you don’t have new content by highlighting deplorable behavior.

  7. I’ve never understood why narcissists believe their mundane lives are so interesting that other people want to watch them do things like eat McDonalds or use an ATM.
    Lucky maybe do a poll on whether your readers want to continue to read about these idiot wannabe famous youtubers doing stupid things just to try and be famous?

  8. Mega-creepy individual . One suspects that airline staff have well-rehearsed and standard replies for dealing with such ratbags and wannabe freeloaders.

  9. The first view looks like he’s at the bulkhead. But then it looks like he’s waking up in another non-bulkhead seat. Something seems off here.

  10. The thing is, I check out his Youtube page, and “Sneaking into…” seems to be his thing. So this definitely wasn’t a one-off attempt.

  11. Why Why WHY is the video embedded here? You’re giving the guy exactly what he wants (YouTube’s algorithms reward videos that get embedded elsewhere, which in turn gives this guy even more exposure). If you’re going to leave this post up, at least get the video off of here.

    Would it be appropriate to embed a video of someone shopplifting from a convenience store?

  12. Please don’t post about such guys here. Your blog is very popular and you are just giving him more views with your posts.

  13. I would prefer no link to this thief’s YouTube. It would have been equally a good story if there is only a screenshot of the YouTube video and maybe mention of the guy’s username so those really curious can easily find the video in YouTube.

    I did not click on the video.

    I do not think that stealing a premium economy seat is right but going into business class, especially today’s business class, not the economy class-like business class of the 1980’s, is really shoplifting.

  14. Ah yes, I assume this is the same douche who snuck into the Emmys or Golden Globes last year (can’t recall which one exactly). Sadly, every view or supportive comment he receives will just encourage him more.

    I hope some day he’ll go too far and try to sneak into somewhere like the lion enclosure at the zoo…

    And I’m also getting really fed up of these “self-upgrading” stories which seems to be popping up in the news a lot the last year or so. Didn’t seem to be an issue until the last few years, I guess it’s happening in conjunction with the people’s increasing sense of self-entitlement.

  15. Let’s see how long before lucky gets defensive and say he’s merely “raising awareness” of the behavior ….

    reminds me of a certain YouTuber that shares the same name as Boston’s airport …..

  16. Self upgrading is theft. He’s an idiot

    Sadly the internet has lead to a society who use social media as a tool to threaten and blackmail people

    There is already an idiot in the UK who on you tube going up to strangers throwing water in them pretending it was acid

    Then there are “ bloggers” and “ influencers” many of whom are complete imbeciles with no talent

    I hope Emirates find away to charge him Blacklist him

    Furthermore he refused to comply with the crew instructions

  17. Long time reader, never had an issue with your posts. But I do agree with others here that by embedding the video your only helping encourage his behavior. Keep the post. Remove the link. Tell people if they wanna go search for it they can… most people won’t waste time looking up this loser.

    Sometimes I think you forget the weight you hold as a pretty well known blogger in the travel space. A lot of people visit here and many unseasoned readers who just scan your blog may take videos like this as more interesting and plausible then the actual miles and points strategies we employ.

  18. If the flight was heading into Dubai and he tried this he would get charged.

    I know someone who he tried this on board a EK flight from HKG. Basically “stole” a seat in business class after the meal service and thought he got away with because the crew didn’t notice and ask him to move. What he didn’t know was the crew did know and when the plane landed the police were waiting at the gate.

    Turns out the flight crew knew about him but decided they didn’t want to a confront him on board so instead had the pilots call in the incident. Lets just say this person received a hefty fine and was banned from flying Emirates. I was also told he’s now flagged so every time he enters the UAE he’s taken in for secondary screening. That’s what you get for acting a fool.

  19. I wish you had not posted this. Promoting his negative behavior only gets him more hits and glorifies his thievery.

  20. I’ve politely asked for op ups and been granted many times, often when I don’t have status with the airline in question. The only time it worked on EK was in Taiwan on my birthday, when Y was oversold and they needed to bump pax anyway.

    Higher odds than asking for something for free!

  21. Publishing an article about a shameless dirtbag. Are you trying to lower your readership Lucky by posting articles like this? Or are you trying to hurt your credibility by promoting a loser’s antics?

  22. @Jackie @Suan
    Are you completely retarded? Stealing is the same as booking flights that the greedy airlines overbooked? hahaha “busted” implies illegal… nothing he did was illegal.

  23. He did not sneak into business class. He got busted. Then when the plane landed he went back to a seat to film it. Lucky did not fall for this. You people are so gullible.

  24. Lucky please stop doing this kind of post. As other have mentioned you are simply driving traffic to his post. please also stop linking to awful UK tabloids like The S*n. Again all you are doing is giving them views for their utter drivel. You have a great blog and don’t need to make these type of post. #JFT96

  25. To the people who think he’s hot: Please. He’s fly-over state *decent*-looking/coastal-state forgettable. Weird face.

  26. Agreed with everbody else. You’re really showing your self-evident naïveté with this. Take the video down if you don’t want to encourage this.

  27. Poor post choice indeed : click bait.
    Nevermind the number of excellent posts, reputation is like virginity :
    once lost, cannot get it back.

  28. Should be blacklisted from ever flying Emirates again. And other airlines would be wise to try to get his details and do the same. Looks like a scruffy backpacker to me, world would be a better place without more of them. Probably bagged a bunch of toiletries from the bathroom so he wouldn’t have to buy them in the hostel.

  29. Regular reader, first time poster here. @William Y, there’s some real hubris in that statement of yours, enough to get me to stop lurking and start talking. Generalizations using derogatory terms like, “flyover state,” especially when putting people down based on something as shallow as their looks, are the reason that many from those places throw terms like, “Coastal Elite” back in the other direction. If you’ve been watching the news in the last couple years, you know all the trouble that that kind of division is causing. Why propagate it here? What this guy did makes him look bad on its own, it speaks for itself. But you saying that kind of thing starts to make you look bad as well, and distracts from the issue at hand at the same time.

  30. My dad was once in CX business and a guy tried to upgrade himself. but then the flight attendants went around the cabin and basically “took attendance” and he was caught.

  31. Ugh I just noticed that the dude who put up merch in the bathroom was LOGAN PAUL. I didnt know who he was back when u first posted that article, but now with his whole scandal and stuff going on I know who he is.

    Anyway. stupid people.

  32. Suggest you take the link to the clip down ASAP, keep the story but don’t give the idiot any more fodder. @Eugene has it right!

  33. Agree: please take down the video.
    Highlighting awareness is worthwhile, by the text, so that if we see it we are not so surprised, but just call the cabin crew.

  34. I in no way condone this behavior, but I can see this being extremely easy on the A380 by creeping up the stairs in the back by the bar, and just pretending you belong and go to an empty seat.

  35. I did go ahead and watch the video (I know, I know). Four observations

    1. He said he would have tried to sneak into the lounge had it been anywhere but Dubai, as he didn’t want to go to jail. So he’s not as brave as makes out, he’s a coward
    2. He says he’s sneaking into business mid-flight, so at least he probably didn’t get a free business class meal (and of course he probably would have been found out at meal service anyway)
    3. He announces he is sneaking into business while walking towards the cabin. What an idiot! He doesn’t say it quietly so no doubt people heard him
    4. As a lot of others have pointed out the seat he sits in business initially, and the seat he gets up out of at the end of the flight are different seats. The first one is bulkhead, the second one isn’t
    5. He appears to be the last person to disembark the plane, so I’m in no doubt what happened was that he did sneak into business, was caught, and then at arrival in Bangkok he asked while disembarking could he sit in the empty business class cabin just to try the seat and take some photos.

    Like I said above, he’s a douche.

  36. What an idiot, really. I just do not get why people think there is a way of getting an upgrade by asking. As Lucky correctly stated, op-ups are the only way and this is usually strictly by status and by booking class. What he does is just plain stealing and I actually hope that it has legal consequences for him. How can someone even applaud to this? Funny enough it is usually the people with the lowest booking class who think they are the most entitled to everything. I don’t go to Mercedes to buy an A-Class and then expect to drive home in an S-Class.

  37. You guys are calling him a thief and dirtbag.. I’m confused.. the thieves are the Airlines that charge 15,000-20,000 for a ticket!!! How can any working joe afford a ticket like that . I encourage more people to sneak into first class and business class seats ! Most of the workers probably don’t care anyway because they are not getting paid what they should be! I believe there was a British study that indicates a leading cause of air rage was by having different classes! How about eliminate business class and first class and provide comfortable seats at reasonable price !

  38. @Scott
    You do realize that if your communism dream of having no airline classes were to happen, the working Joe wouldn’t be able to afford it, right? Like it or not, airlines cramming seats into Y is the only way some people can afford a ticket.

    Unless, of course, you want to pay $1k for a three hour hop one way like in the good ol’ days of flying.

  39. His name and image were included in a few social media sites of American Airlines crew members and ticket/gate agents. Flight attendants are fortunate to have tablets with passenger data and seat assignments. This allows them to monitor their premium cabins and curb this type of behavior. This kind of passenger is thoroughly despised. Ingratiating and smarmy.

  40. This guy is a serial offender; ‘sneaking in’ is his thing . He sneaks into events ( as lmentioned), airport lounges, hotel breakfasts ( including Marriott and Holiday Inn), monuments ( Eiffel Tour), onto trains, including several in France and Holland.
    Now he’s in Bangkok. For his sake it is hoped he doesn’t push the sneaking in envelope too far in Thailand. Most hotels /lounges would just give him the boot….but if he tries sneaking in somewhere royal or religious he could well end up with expenses paid stay at the Bangkok Hilton, for a couple of years.

  41. See, I LOVE this guy. He shows just how dumb systems are. You should see his other videos of wondering into hoteks and having free breakfast!

    Of course this is all illegal and one day he will get caught. However… in the meantime id much rather watch this than those dumb BA promos.

  42. I’m actually in Flavour of publishing this YouTube-wannabe because now the company can place him on a blacklist and perhaps award him the dreaded SSSS…

  43. On another note: what Business Class product is featured in the main photo? That’s not a product I am familiar with!

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