Your chance to deport me!

I’m really struggling to make a decision here, so I’ll leave it to you guys to tell me what you’d rather read about.

Next week I’m trying to decide between the following two trips:

Trip One

Virgin Australia business class between Los Angeles and Sydney using Delta SkyMiles, and a stay at the newly renovated Park Hyatt Sydney using Gold Passport points.

Trip Two

A quick, nonstop round the world which will involve four of the following products:

Please cast your votes below, as I need to decide by tomorrow. Also feel free to leave a comment if you have an especially strong opinion or want to cuss me out. 😉

Either way it would be a very quick trip. I’ll be in LA through Sunday for Frequent Traveler University (hope to see lots of you there), and have a commitment the following Saturday, so that’s the extent of the time I have to travel.

Still, always happy to burn Delta SkyPesos or US Airways miles before either currency is even further devalued. 😉

Besides, I’ve decided to get into the clothing resale business, and there’s no better place to do that than in a premium cabin of an airplane…

Which trip should I take?

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  1. I voted for #1, but #2 is fine as long as you include US Envoy. I don’t think you have ever done a review on it.

  2. Tough choice…but personally I’d do Australia! How many days would you have on the ground there?

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend 🙂

  3. I voted for option 2 since you have a short period of time- option 1 would be the better if you had a long period of time IMO since you’re going to a specific destination- might as well do something there.

    As for option 2, would like most to see reviews of US Airways, Brussels, Austrian, and EgyptAir.

  4. Trip1: Enjoy Australia, it is a great country and I would like to see an extensive review of PH Sydney
    Trip2: I would be weary going RTW nonstop like that but I guess that’s what u do. More airlines for review too.

    Maybe it comes down to what miles you want to burn first?

  5. I voted for trip 2 for purely selfish reasons since I really want to hear your thoughts on these various business class offerings.

  6. I vote for #1 and will offer you a Pretzel in the Lowenbrau restaurant in the Rocks (central Sydney port)

  7. This should be more like Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right. If we get within $100 of the actual price of the package, you have to go on both trips!

  8. I voted trip one, but I’d be interested in reading trip reports for either. However, if you decide on trip two, I’d suggest avoiding Egypt at the moment. 🙂

  9. I’m actually leaving for a trip to Paris tomorrow on US Airways (Envoy). Cost 190K miles (saved 10K with the US Airways cc).

    Also with points, cash and points, and the Hyatt anniversary night, I managed to get the hotels (4 nights Park Hyatt, 2 nights Sheraton in Brussels, 3 in Hyatt Regency Cologne and the last night in CDG-Sheraton) for ~$200.

    I really don’t need anything as fancy as the Park Hyatt but Hilton didn’t have anything and my points were limited in other programs.

    After this trip I will have to find ways to build up points for hotels. With my limited time off I have enough air miles for a few years.

    Thanks for all the tips.

  10. You guys aren’t making this easy on me based on the comments. 😀

    @ stacey — I’d have about two days on the ground.

    @ rich — Congrats on the success and enjoy your trip!

  11. Voted for trip 2. But would like to hear about 1 on an extended trip. Need to be there longer than a few days. Have fun!

  12. Would love to see a PH Sydney review (going there in Feb), but I would like you even more to give a review of new business class products. Really, this is going to add value to your blogging/reviewing/comparing.

  13. Actually, you’ve only booked LAX-SYD on Virgin Australia going the one way right? So if you need to book the return leg couldn’t you just burn some points on either Asiana or Air NZ to NRT and then fly ANA’s 787?

  14. Of course Trip 1 is the better trip – but having never flown on Egypt Air or Turkish, I’d like to see the reviews! So I vote Trip 2.

  15. Trip 2 – Sydney is having some issues with Red Tide right now, so some of the best beaches including Bondi are out of commission, so you should save the trip back down under – plus according to my friend who lives there the weather is not great yet and supposed to get nicer in the next few months. I’d much rather go to Australia than flying so much, but I’d love to read the trip reports for option 2!

  16. I vote for trip one. That way you can concentrate your limited time on enjoying a great world city, one of my favorites and also do a thorough review of the PH Sydney, a property that I have been. Plus, I would really like to read your take on both!

  17. US Airways envoy would be interesting, but I’ve been eyeing the australia trip myself and want to read a review!!

  18. Always Sydney! One of my favorite cities. I voted for this since the sky pesos need to go -either way have fun!

  19. You could also burn Chase UR points for a KE redemption in first class on Saudia, joining me at the Park Hyatt in Jeddah next week!

    But I’ll take either option.

  20. Trip two for sure. I’m really interested in hearing reviews on most of those airlines and it would allow you to diversify from mostly F reviews. Plus a lot of those J flights are in top-of-the-line products that are arguably best in class. Would be really useful to hear comparisons of how they stack up against each other and also against other J products such as CX.

    Basically you can review 1 airline and 1 hotel or 6 airlines. I vote for 6 airlines!

  21. I voted for one because I’m not into vicarious self punishment and I’ve not seen much, if any, Turkish Airlines business class award availability on flights from/to the USA (at least not out of LAX).

  22. As a trip I would do #1 for myself
    For your work to keep you up to date I think #2 wins.
    Also you asked us for our views

  23. The choice is obvious. #2 all the way.

    We’d like for you to go absolutely nuts and rant like a mad man from lounges in Cairo, Istanbul and/or Tokyo.

    Can’t wait! #Firstworldproblems

  24. A) I think more of your readers collect *A points than Skypesos
    B) A round-the-world trip with no overnight stops is ridiculous. And awesome.

  25. Whichever trip doesn’t involve Lufthansa 😉

    Just saying, I think that airline needs to take a break from this blog for a while…too bad ANA’s new suite isn’t one of the options we can choose from.

  26. #2 sounds cool, but as an avid Delta flyer I had to go with #1. I wouldn’t mind burning some of my SkyMiles on such a trip.

  27. I don’t hate you so I voted #1. Plus I want to hear anything you have to say about Sydney ’cause I’ll be there next year.

  28. Something’s not adding up. I voted for number two, but after further examination I’m not 100% sure how you can actually sample all of those long-haul J products without a little back-tracking. Am I missing something? Frame looks of it, it will require one or two “not-so-direct” legs to make it possible. In any case, I can’t wait to hear about this one! How long would it take in total travel time?

  29. @ Ari — US to Asia via Europe means four longhaul business class segments. 😉

    Total travel time is roughly 72 hours…

  30. I am on the ANA 787 business class NRT – SEA on Dec 8th. Let me know if you end up on that one, would like to grab a drink in the lounge before.

  31. I spent 4 nights at the PH in November. The staff, service, location, beds, decor and amenities are all fantastic. I could sit on the balcony and watch the harbour all day. Nicest bathroom I have ever seen too – Toto toilets! If you are there on a weekend there will be people getting married everywhere you look, since it is Spring!

  32. I voted for trip #2. Not because I don’t think Virgin is great, but the trip report for number 2 will feature many more products and experiences than just comfortable service on Virgin and a nice stay at the PH.

  33. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!Toucheeeeee. I’m literally cracking up – hope I’m not on the couch tonight. Back to school for me 🙂

  34. I’m looking at the US Airways off season awards for Jan/Feb 2014 so I’d love to hear a review of their Envoy product.

  35. I vote #1. But while we are on the subject, I just started looking into off season awards myself for Envoy. What is the best place to search for availability on US metal itself?

  36. @ frank — I have a couple million, though I’m constantly earning and burning to try and keep that number pretty constant.

    @ Katie — Best place is either on the ANA tool with the seven day calendar search or just directly on

  37. I took Brussels’ A330 biz class between Belgium and JFK. Avoid the single seats. I know they seem good for solo travelers, but legroom in flatbed position is VERY cramped.

  38. I would like to see the envoy and Brussels air reviews. I plan to fly Brussels Air Biz this spring and would love your review. Australia and the Park Hyatt have been done. Not that it wouldn’t be great!

  39. Voted for Trip 2. Would love a review of Brussels Airlines Biz – flying them home on my mini-RTW in March.

  40. I’m voting for Trip #1, just because my husband and son were just there a couple weeks ago and loved Sydney. They also stayed at the PH and hated – really hated – to leave. Their only complaint (and believe me, it was very minor), was the food falling just a wee bit short. But they’d both go back in a heartbeat.

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