Rapper Misses Alaska Flight, Offers “Peasants” $15K To Quit Their Jobs

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Rapper Young Thug was scheduled to fly Alaska Airlines from Atlanta to Seattle last Thursday, though somehow missed his flight, which caused him to miss his show. Rather than taking responsibility for missing his flight, he blamed Alaska Airlines.

So he took out his anger on the Alaska Airlines employees at the check-in desk in Atlanta, and made them a “generous” offer. He took out a Bentley branded bag and offered them each $15,000 cash to quit their jobs. They refused and asked him to stop pointing the camera at them, at which point he insulted them for their “nappy hair,” called them “peasants” and “ants,” etc. Here’s the video:



Per BET:

“These two ants are so rude,” he taunts. “Look — these two ants are so rude, they’re peasants! They’re saying their manager is on the way. I don’t want to talk to the manager. Y’all are ants. Your manager is a peasant. And y’all are ants.”

After following up with the cash offer, he tells them, “I’m giving you bums one more chance.” When the ladies refuse to entertain Thugger, he directs the person behind the camera to “sink in” on the Black woman’s hair.

“Their hair nappy as a motherf**ker,” he laughs. Before continuing the slander, he expresses his nonchalance toward the manager, who the employees have informed is on the way to hopefully diffuse the situation. Not to mention, he attempts to shame the women by saying they are “African-looking.”

He got quite a bit of backlash on social media for his outburst, so apologized by explaining that the disrespect was just intended at these two “black burnt women,” and not all African American women…

He rescheduled his show in Seattle for December 12:



It’s sad to see there are people who look up to people like this, and many even see nothing wrong with what he did. Maybe Young Thug should fly private from now on?

This has to be the second worst airport outburst I’ve seen, after rapper Azealia Banks, who spit in another passenger’s face, punched him, and then called a flight attendant a f*ggot.

  1. Another piece of crap wannabe. Are there any “rappers” that shine a good light on that whole musical genre?

  2. I’ve never heard of this person, and hope to never hear anything about him again. Why was he offering them money? What was that supposed to accomplish? Odd behavior

  3. I have actually flown on a plane with this guy, from Atlanta to Chicago, and I had the “pleasure” of actually flying back with him the next morning, he was loud, rude, and crazed on both flights, but he had people coming up to him all flight, asking for pictures and autographies and he tipped the flight attendances 100 bucks each the first flight and 300 bucks on the way home, crazy

  4. I’m really afraid for the comments section on this. You might want to shut it down before stuff gets vile.

  5. Another racist black man—–an Obamaite. He should have his “fame” confiscated. Now you know why FF Mile programs have been “devalued”—to keep people like him off the planes.

  6. Hopefully he will get banned from Alaska Airlines after this (like that other person who got banned from Delta recently after a rant……..).

  7. And the “security” guy in the background is doing NOTHING! I’ve seen people hauled away for doing much less.

  8. Can’t believe what I’m seeing. I am a regular reader and never had I seen vitriol like this in just a few comments. I am a white man and I have supported Obama since the day he entered office. This belief that his supporters can do whatever they want in order to get what they want is off-base. Not to mention, this is a travel blog, so why make that assumption in the first place. This story was about what happened when one person had a meltdown while traveling, that is it.

  9. The amount of racism, not only in these comments but throughout the comments on this site, is really alarming. It’s no surprise to me that a blog largely about premium travel attracts some Republicans (even some Log Cabin Republicans), but a lot of what I’m reading, to quote the People’s President, is downright “deplorable.”

  10. Hopefully the manager was empowered to tell this fine gentleman that he was banned from ever flying Alaska again – but I doubt it.

  11. @Louis:

    Yes, there are tons. Here’s a few for you to start with:
    -Chance the Rapper
    -Brother Ali
    -Talib Kweli
    -Eric B. & Rakim

    List goes on, my man. Educate yourself.

  12. This guy is an a-hole. He doesn’t represent Democrats or Republicans or even other rappers. Why do you guys have to judge an entire group of people based on the actions of one just to further your own personal agenda? There are plenty of divas of every race and political persuasion who represent nothing more than their own despicable attitudes and senses of entitlement.

  13. @ London

    Oh I don’t know, things like:

    “I hope and pray someone kills him.”
    “Another racist black man—–an Obamaite. He should have his “fame” confiscated.”

    Not to mention the general racist BS about how the entire genre of rap is evil.

    Racist jerks belong on Breitbart and other similar fake news platforms for the alt-right. There’s no reason for the infection to spread to OMAAT.

  14. Listen, please don’t reach for the low hanging fruit and make this a race matter to justify stereotypes. I am black myself who loves hip hop and cant stand low life losers such as Young Thug for many reasons, the main of which being the picture they paint of themselves and other young black youth. Because of this buffoonery and others like it, I personally get looks often as my choice of clothing resembles something a rapper would wear but I’m probably one of the most respectful person you may meet. So please, don’t let this self hating fool make you view a stranger in a negative light just because he/she may share the same choice of fashion designer and/or skin color.

  15. “These are the same guys who protested when their candidate didn’t win the presidency….”

    Only a truly stupid person would think that.

  16. @ Lucky — I know you’ve mulled comment moderation before, but it may be time. Repeat trolls like Melissa contribute nothing to the discussion, and only create a crap comments section where everyone spins their wheels trying to counteract the stupidity. I know having a free and open discussion is ideal, but it’s becoming tiresome.

    The stupidity isn’t even unique to posts about hot-button social or political issues, it’s rampant. I’m not suggesting censorship of anyone because of their specific viewpoint, but simply because they have nothing of value to add.

  17. To the people who want to make this a race or political mayer: It’s appalling behaviour no matter the ethnicity. Call it was it is rather than making it about your own prejudices.

  18. Obviously, “Young Thug” is a very unhappy person, who immaturely attacks others to make up for his own insecurities.

    Next trip, he should “Go Greyhound”.

  19. Another trash Rapper..I hope he is not only banned from flying with Alaska but from that airport for his lifetime.

  20. @Jo145 That’s a cop-out. The comment above are blatantly racist, and if you’re going to contribute a counter-opinion, they only way to do so is with forceful denouncement. What you just said is congruent to “All Lives Matter.”

    On second look, I do have to wonder why Lucky would post an article so rife for commentary from racists, knowing what he does about his reader demographics…

  21. @ Robert Schrader
    Because I don’t choose to be vitriolic doesn’t mean my comment is not heard. I refuse to lower myself to the level of a lot of those commenting on this blog. You understood what I wrote so the message is obviously clear.

  22. If he was really rich he would fly private. To those who must make every comment political, please don’t. Some of us come here to escape that. I would bet that if his Mother was around and he pulled that she would slap him silly.

  23. @Robert Schrader

    Anything said in this blog, even the most outrageous comments pales in compassion to to the RACIST crap that came out of this POS rappers mouth. Or are you comfortable with a black man degrading black women , calling them ants, peasants, nappy headed and they looked like “Africans” and calling them “Tokens” ? Or do you just like to wear safety pins and rag on Republicans…

  24. I’d like to see this creature* be banned from all the major carriers or get on TSA’s SSSS list. If he truly had $15k in the bag, he could have afforded to do a general aviation flight. I know of many people who own Bentleys, but can’t say I’ve ever seen one of them carrying $15k cash anywhere.

    *I can’t call this creature a man. At least the way I was raised, a man was to treat women with respect.

  25. Why is bad behavior promoted instead of punished? This may look “cold” and “fun” and “defiant in face of the oppressor” but it generates contempt from people who are not supporters or admirers of the “rapper” community.

    A good punishment would be being banned from Alaska Airlines and the Atlanta airport for life.

  26. @john and @robert, thank you for saying that!
    I’ve been an omaat reader since ben’s college days and haven’t seen comments like this on boarding area since gleff “outed” a bunch of nigerian muslims wanting to redeem miles with his company….oh wait #rolleyes

    here’s another vote for him chartering a plane with his baller lifestyle….but wait, he probably can’t afford that if he feels the need to videotape airline employees JUST DOING THEIR JOB.

    also, props to @ben for calling out talib kweli, eric b, common, bahamadia, and a WHOLE BUNCH of other rappers who will never reach the commercial heights of these other “artists”

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