You know you’re at a fancy hotel when…

…they have robot lawnmowers. Or maybe the parade of Bentleys and Rolls Royces gives it away…

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  1. I have to imagine this is not an American hotel as I could not see them doing this for liability purposes. While that may sound lame I can see a little kid running up to play with the neat robot and losing a finger.

    Still very cool.

  2. You know youā€™re at a fancy hotel whenā€¦
    the towels are so thick and plush, you can’t shut your suitcase.

    Good ol’ Joey Adams gag!

  3. Hey! I have one of those Husqvarna lawnmowers. Ours is named Hal. It’s awesome, we love it. No kidding, the thing rocks. It works like crazy and will work until told to sleep – it mows, heads back to it’s charging station when it’s low on battery power, charges, heads out again…Our is 3 yrs old and works like a charm. We often run it 24/7 (we have a huge lawn). Well, well worth the $$.

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