Yesterday I planned…

…literally the craziest trip I’ll ever take. And I’m the guy that has done six transpacific flights in five days. It’s actually for travel very soon (I won’t name a timeframe), though I’m trying to figure out how I can “reveal” this one since there are just a few complications.

This might be my first “secret” in progress trip report. Perhaps I’ll post a different mystery photo every day and see if y’all can figure out where I am?

I promise this will all make sense eventually, so don’t ask too many questions just yet. 😀

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  1. Does that mean we will have to live through more trip reports?

    Also, its interesting how you never commented back when people noted that you didnt care your room at Marina Bay Sands was not available until 7:30. Obviously the comp played a roll in your opinions and reports.

  2. @ R — You know, no one’s forced to read my blog. 😉

    As far as the Marina Bay Sands goes, I was perfectly clear in my stance. I mentioned it was unfortunate and surprising. Not sure what else I could have said? Should I have said that I should be furious and ask for compensation? Then I’d be called a whiner.

  3. probably some tierre del fuego, then to captown from Argentina, then maybe australia and back. a A complete southern hemi run

  4. Are you going to the moon? Some of you (less) loyal readers probably hope you are (and that you booked a 1 way tix)… 🙂

  5. Regarding “six transpacific flights in five days”, how was that done?

    I’m always worried that one delay would cause you to miss the next flight and it would screw up everything. If it isn’t on a single ticket aren’t your options limited?

  6. @as219,

    Thanks for the link. I was browsing through some of the comments and someone named “Gary0101” made some helpful suggestions and lucky thanked him for joining FT. Then Gary0101 never made a subsequent post.

    Lucky, if you are reading this, how did you decide on your FT name? I naively assume it was related to the $1 mint coins but apparently had it long before that was around.


  7. @ rich — Hah, surprisingly you’re correct, my name has nothing to do with the dollar coin program. My dog’s name is “Lucky,” which is where that part comes from. Back when I was younger I used to sell coins on Ebay (proof sets, specifically), which I could make a decent margin on, surprisingly. I wanted the name “LuckyCoins,” but that was taken, so Ebay suggested “Lucky9876Coins.”

    When I registered for FlyerTalk I went with that by default, not knowing that the website would become my obsession (or I would have probably used another name).

  8. Will be interesting to read your upcoming trip reports, interesting reply on how you came up with your Flyertalk handle.

    You know if you fly somewhere and don’t tell anyone where you are going, how are you able to plan any meet ups, unless you happen to be in the same city/lounge.

  9. For the craziest travel blogger to call his own plans crazy is really saying something! Looking forward to the grand reveal! 🙂

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