Wow, and again!

It’s kind of funny how the title of my first post read yesterday, basically saying that I was losing bumps because of the new routing. As usual, the bumps happen when you least expect them. So as stated above I got two free tickets for volunteering for two DEN-SEA flights which were oversold, and then got rebooked on the DEN-IAD nonstop redeye.

So after getting annoyed at the RCC agents announcing the closing of the RCC over and over, I decided to head to the gate. At around 10:30PM a gate agent showed up (the flight was scheduled for 11:55PM), and there was a massive line of people waiting to speak to him. As it turned out, the DEN-IAD flight right before us was cancelled, so they all wanted to get on this flight. Seriously, at this point I’m wondering if this could be going any better for me. Eventually I make my way up to the counter and ask if he’ll need volunteers, and he said “I think so…. Hmm, aren’t you too young to be a 1K?” I chuckled, and pointed to where I would be standing should he need my seat. He referred to me by my first name, saying my last name is too difficult to pronounce. He asked me not to board when boarding started.

In the meantime he was working his tail off. There were tons of people that needed to be on that flight, from positive space FA’s to positive space pilots to the confirmed passengers. The flight was basically sold out before all of this happened, so it definitely didn’t help.

A few minutes before boarding the gate agent pages “Mr. Benjamin.” I didn’t know he was talking about me because I was tired and waiting for my last name, but then he signaled me over. He told me that he desperately needed my seat, and explained he would give me a free ticket. I just said “sure,” since I was planning on negotiating after the plane left, when he was less busy.

The flight ended up needing about seven volunteers, and we nearly had several IDB’s, including one Premier Executive. The VDB’s were all very happy to be getting a free ticket.

When he worked on processing my reservation I asked in a very nice way if I could have travel credits instead of a free ticket, since it always seems to be a huge fight with the agents. I was totally shocked when he said “of course,” and spit out $600 in vouchers just a few minutes later! He also rebooked me tomorrow DEN-IAD-TPA, gave me a room at the Renaissance for the night, and also gave me a $15 meal voucher.

I headed to the Renaissance for a few hours of sleep, and got up at 7AM. I took the 8AM shuttle to the airport, and headed straight to the gate since it looked like another bump opportunity. Sadly this time around it was booked just right and my upgrade didn’t clear. Economy Plus really is pretty decent on an international 777.

Now I’m at IAD getting ready to head to TPA, so stay tuned.

Seriously, I’m in a state of mileage bliss, I’ve never been this lucky.

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  1. LOL. You should start posting things like: “there goes my shot at the new configuration F seats” 🙂

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