WOW Air Opening A Cafe In DC?!

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While details are limited as of now, a retail space in DC’s West End has branding for “wow air & cafe,” with a message saying “landing soon.”

That’s all we know as of now, other than that 2020 is a really strange time to be alive.

As many of you are probably aware, WOW Air ceased operations in March 2019, though an American business maven and Somali pirate negotiations expert is trying to bring the airline back.

Initially the airline was supposed to launch in October 2019, then in December 2019 (the ideal time of year to launch flights to Iceland, natch!), and then they announced that they’d start out as a cargo airline, with the goal of commencing passenger service in 2020.

So what on earth is this retail space? First of all, I don’t really get the “WOW Air & Cafe” branding — shouldn’t it be “WOW Air Cafe,” or something?

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Capital One Cafes. But how does this fit into the airline business model?

Apparently WOW Air plans on having a sales office in DC, where people can sit down, have a coffee, and explore the possibilities, as it’s described.

How a sales office fits into the business model of an ultra low cost carrier that plans to eventually offer one route from Washington is beyond me.

Then again, at this point there’s very little about the airline that makes sense.

A bankrupt low cost carrier is being brought back, and the way they’ll differentiate themselves is by offering a lounge for all passengers, by offering biometric boarding, and by working with a Michelin chef to bring better nutrition on planes. How this new cafe fits into all of that remains to be seen.

Perhaps the craziest part is that this is only one of two airlines with an Iceland focus that are in the process of being launched, with the other one being PLAY.

Anyone have a guess as to what WOW Air & Cafe will be?

  1. This is a better business plan than the actual airline.

    It’s akin to setting money on fire in a small heating stove rather than an open pit.

  2. Wow will open a sales office and cafe but no actual airline with aircraft and crew I’ll tweet them and see their reaction.

  3. What a great concept.

    They put their $80M investment to brew coffee.

    Even Somalis can’t even pull this kind of heist.
    Now who are really the pirates?

  4. I can’t type today.

    That’s supposed to say “Better than an airline saying it’s a ‘rooftop bar’, I guess.”

  5. There’s so much fraud and corruption in the United States. Stop BSing me about how Italians are corrupt…

  6. This Wow Air saga is sooo interesting. It has so many twists and turns and keep surprising me. I haven’t been this entertained in a long time.

  7. The West End of DC is not a high foot traffic area compared to other parts of the city. I”m not sure how many people would trek over there to visit this location. Public transport to the West End is not high volume either and there is little to no parking. Sounds like this spot will just sit vacant.

  8. This will be a huge success. They will use the same business model as their airline used. They will charge you $1 for coffee, and $1 for a breakfast sandwich. Then they’ll tell you to do something to yourself that’s anatomically impossible and lock you out of the cafe without giving you anything.

  9. @Lucky – I live in that building. Hoping it’s a source for free morning coffee. I’ll report back once it opens.

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