Worth going up in the air for “Up in the Air?”

I have a dilemma. On one hand the answer seems obvious, but on the other hand I’m trying to convince myself I’m not insane. I think I’m failing, though. There’s an “Up in the Air” preview in San Francisco on December 2 and a friend has a spare ticket. Typically I’d fly out in a heartbeat given the reasonable fare and the fact that this will be the best movie ever as far as I’m concerned. It just feels so right to fly 3,000 miles, be tired as hell, and watch this movie.

The issue? Well, this is December 2. I would return on December 3. On December 4 I have a 9,000 mile trip planned to the west coast and back. I would get back home at 1AM on Thursday night from “Up in the Air” and would have a flight at 9AM to resume my other trip. Between driving home, working out, repacking, and showering, that leaves me a few hours for sleep. So do I basically do a four day mileage run to be able to see “Up in the Air” a bit early, or do I make the responsible (sane) decision and stay home and see it some other time?

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  1. Isn’t the answer obvious? Clearly you should wait until UA gets their hands on the movie and watch it on the tiny overhead monitors of an unconverted former TED plane while on a MR.

  2. how could you miss the opportunity for the sneak preview of the movie?

    I can see both sides, and I suppose you don’t need any more 2009 miles.

    You can sort of sleep on planes, and if you need a workout, there are a few options at UA hubs, ORD Hilton comes to mind, as I’ve used it for that purpose several times between flights.

    Either way, safe travels!

  3. If you do decide to go, make sure to say so (I’m assuming this is the Van Ness screening) as I’ve got two tickets to that screening too and would love to meet some other FTers.

  4. No way. Not for a preview just before the release and across the country. If it were a red carpet event, with Clooney in attendance – that would be worth it.

    That said, it sounds like you made up your mind already. Enjoy the film.

  5. That said, don’t be surprised if you’re disappointed in the movie. His mileage running won’t be as featured as much as you hope. It’s a relationship movie with his mileage running serving as a crutch for his lack of being able to emotionally connect, and in a larger sense, a metaphor for how people can be lonely even when surrounded by others.

  6. I have tickets, but won’t be able to attend as I will be inflight somewhere over the Pacific. I wonder if they will be airing it on SQ 11 😛

  7. isn’t the limited release suppose to be Dec 4? is there a way to find out if the city you’re heading to on the 4th one of the cities with limited release.

  8. Lucky, you are building up this movie too much….you are bound to be dissapointed, as you are setting expectations way too high. If you don’t need the miles, you might as well stay home and take a nap.

    Then again, this type of mileage run appears up your alley.

  9. I am with Rambuster — no way am I going to pay $10+ to see the movie in theater. Seems like a good fit for DVD or, heck, even my laptop during a flight.

  10. Lucky–

    If you decide to not go, since I’m local to SFO, I’d be delighted to take advantage of the pass to the preview! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. If BOS is more reasonable you are more than welcome to be my guest at the Dec 2nd 7.30pm screening at the AMC Loews Boston Common 19.

  12. Lucky- I have a spare ticket for the screening in Washington DC for Tuesday Dec 1st. Got two and my MR partner is holding out so he can go with his wife in a few weeks. If it was me I’d just go see it twice, but……. Just let me know if you are interested.

  13. Sam- Below are the cities hosting the screenings:

    Los Angeles
    New York
    San Francisco
    Washington, DC

  14. I might as well throw in that Lucky is welcome to be my guest in Philadelphia…

    You’ve got a lot of choices!

  15. Hi, does anyone have an extra ticket for the Boston screening? I missed out on the contest. I live down the street from the theater and can wait in line early.


  16. I’ll add a second if you need a ticket for the Boston screening! I’ve got an extra and would be happy to host a lucky guest. Its the least I can do for all the tips I’ve learned from this blog!

    BTW, if you do “MR” anywhere for a screening, keep in mind the added risk that seats are not-guaranteed, the shows are likely oversold and there is no denied boarding compensation! Also no elite status for movie theaters!

    So, you risk showing up in SFO or anywhere else and being bumped–who knows how early people will line up!

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