Whoops, I over mattress-ran!

Doubt that title is in any way coherent, but then again, it’s not really meant to be. I’ve been taking full advantage of Priority Club’s “Sweet Dilemma” promotion, whereby you earn one free night at any Priority Club hotel outside of the Asia Pacific region after every two stays. Since Hyatt doesn’t have a particularly compelling fourth quarter promotion, it seems like a no brainer. Five free nights at InterContinental hotels in Europe in the new year sounds like a good deal to me! Some of you might even recall that I made a local “mattress run” a couple of weeks ago just to take advantage of the promotion.

Well, the one downside of this promotion is that your free nights are capped at five, and instead of earning base points you earn the free nights. In other words, if you make 20 stays, you would earn five free nights for the first 10 stays, and would earn squat for the next 10 stays. So while it is a very generous promotion, it doesn’t exactly encourage incremental business beyond the 10 stays.

I thought I had it planned out perfectly, but apparently I don’t. I’ll need to stay at LAX on Saturday night and with my bookings as of now, I’m already at 10 stays. My plan, if going over the 10 stays, was to just stay at Hyatt hotels, as I usually do. However, they don’t have a practical LAX option for a quick overnight. Priority Club of course has lots of reasonably priced options, though I can’t bring myself to book a revenue rate without earning points.

Does this mean I…. P-P-P-P-Priceline?

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  1. You will earn bonus points, a qualifying night, and a crack-the-case night, so it’s not a total loss. Also, check for rates that include 10,000 points. I recently stayed at HI LAX on one of these rates and got 10,000 points by paying $39 + tax extra.That’s a good price for PC points!

  2. @ Quasiconvexity — More expensive than the other options and I really don’t get any good benefits there.

    @ mirobatka — That’s actually what I was thinking, I would do it in a heartbeat, though I have no corresponding Delta flight. Drats.

    @ Gene — Wow, those are some very reasonable 10,000 point package rates. Might just have to spring for that.

  3. Lucky,,, Easy solution.

    I have my account that I will max out, but I also have a surrogate account through my mom. She doesn’t stay at many hotels, so I just opened an account in her name. It was great because she never had a priority club account, so I was able to get the instant platinum upgrade for her before they deleted the supposedly targeted offer.

    This also allows me to knock out two or three stays in a weekend by alternating between my priorty club membership and hers. (because as you know the requirement is for 2 stays not days)

    So I have control of her account, and when I go to redeem I will have access. It’s easier with people with the same last name, then you can ration that your mother / father / sister / brother gave you a stay as a gift. Or you can even claim to be them if the similarity is there. (not in the case of my mother šŸ˜‰

    This will easily allow you to double your stays to 10 days. I have found on the entertainment discount the Elk Grove Village HI in Illinois is the best bet for me at $42 fri/sat.

  4. Haven’t paid much attention to this promo, but I guess it’s not too late. And I do have some hotel needs coming up.

    How easy are the free nights to redeem? Are they cap controlled at all?

    I’m mostly a rook when it comes to PC.

  5. Are there any PC options that are giving 5000 bonus points for any stay? Most are 1000 but I’ve got one affordable CP in AZ that’s giving 5000 for $5 above the best, $10 above AAA rate. And you get the 5K bonus even if in the Sweet Dilemma.

  6. I see the other comment about 10K points. Wish I had those options around Phoenix, just don’t see any. 1K is worthless for the cost, 5K not so bad, 10K for an extra $20-$40 is ok.

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