Which Airlines Offer Escorts Through Security In The US?

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While the onboard premium cabin products of non-US airlines are almost getting laughably good (I mean, do we really need showers and bars on planes? I suppose not, but they don’t hurt!), the ground experience is still an area which varies wildly:

  • In many cases airlines use contract lounges at outstations, many of which are absolutely terrible; this is an area where Emirates is quite good, as they realize the value in operating their own lounges at outstations, in order to control as many aspects of the customer experience as possible
  • Security wait times can vary wildly, so if an airline can save you 30-45 minutes of waiting in line, that’s a huge potential value-add


With that in mind, one of the services I most appreciate when flying first class is when an airline can provide an escort to fast track you through security. The availability of this varies around the world, though it’s especially variable in the US.

Just to give an example, I flew three different airlines in first class out of Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, and had three different experiences when it comes to being escorted:

  • Flying Air France first class, an escort not only escorted me through security, but literally helped me cut everyone in line, including an airline crew
  • Flying China Southern first class, I did receive an escort, though she simply stood with me in the security line, as she didn’t seem to think it was possible to cut the line
  • Flying Korean Air first class, they claimed they weren’t allowed to provide an escort through security due to TSA regulations


With that in mind, I’ve found even the airlines best about providing escorts are quite inconsistent. For example, Lufthansa is one of the better airlines about providing escorts for first class passengers, but even their policy varies based on the airport you’re flying out of.

So I recently had a conversation with a friend who’s a station manager for a major international carrier at a major US airport, and asked him about this. What goes into deciding whether an airline offers escort service for premium passengers? And is it allowed at all airports, some airports, or what?

He explained:

  • For airlines which usually offer escorts through security, whether or not it’s offered is still a function of staffing. In other words, if the check-in queue is long and the desk isn’t properly staffed, they might not be able to offer an escort service, given that the top priority is getting a flight out on time.
  • Policies on this being allowed do vary by airport, terminal, etc. Virtually all terminals will allow someone to be escorted through security, in the sense that an airline representative simply waits in line with the passenger, like everyone else (though I don’t see any value in such a service).
  • Actually escorting a passenger through security and helping them cut the line is sort of unofficially tolerated. In other words, the TSA doesn’t encourage this, but they also don’t explicitly disallow it. Whether or not they get “angry” about it on a particular day depends on how long lines are, or probably to some degree how much of a “show” is caused. So in practice it’s something airlines can get away with if they want.

Anyway, that’s what I was able to ascertain from talking to a station manager who has experience with multiple airlines at one major airport.

So what have been my most impressive security line escort experiences in the US?

  • American Flagship check-in LAX. They consistently do a fantastic job, and it’s probably my favorite part of flying Flagship first class to New York on American. There’s a special entrance, and then a porter escorts you right to the front of the security line, and even carries your bag. They’re usually quite sassy as well, which makes it all the more fun.
  • Air France check-in LAX. As I mentioned above, when I flew Air France first class out of Los Angeles I had one of the most efficient escorts ever. Not only did she cut the passenger line, but she then transferred me over to the crew line, where she grabbed my bags, and pushed them in front of the entire Singapore Airlines crew’s bags. The reaction from the crew was sort of priceless, as crews aren’t used to being cut by passengers.
  • Singapore check-in JFK. So I’ve flown Singapore Airlines Suites Class from New York to Frankfurt many times, though have never been offered an escort. Flying out on Tuesday, I hit it off really well with the check-in agent, and she offered to escort me through security. If you’ve flown out of Terminal 4 at JFK, you know just how much of a time saver that can be. It must have saved me well over 30 minutes compared to waiting in the first & business class line. She even placed my bags in front of the Virgin Atlantic crew’s bags, and they were giving one another glares over how assertive the escort was being.


Bottom line

Being rushed through security is a huge value-add service for premium passengers, especially at airports with long security queues. It’s something I wish more airlines would offer consistently, so that it could be planned around (if so, I’d arrive at some airports very shortly before departure).

Have you experienced a security line escort service, and if so, with which airline and at which airport? Do you think the TSA should allow this?

  1. Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to cut in front of everyone else. How am I that much more important than everyone else? I have no problem with TSA pre-check lines since I passed the background check. But to expect to be escorted in front of everyone else simply because I paid for a first class ticket (or used miles) smacks of elitism. I would be so embarrassed if that had happened to me.

  2. Yes. I’ve got this service on JFK. Flown Swiss out of JFK in First.
    The ladie just put me in front of all others and escorted me through the security and into the lounge.

  3. @ Mark F — Definitely a valid point. Curious how you feel about first & business class security lines? Do you think they’re okay?

  4. I flew on Cathay Pacific out of Chicago in F. The lady who checked my bags called a co-worker over to escort me through security. Though, she asked me if it was okay to wait because another first class passenger had just arrived and was being checked in. I said it was fine, of course, and I was kind of glad because I got to speak to her and she recomended a bunch of things to do in Honk Kong. It was also interesting to note that she is from Hong Kong but she told me she actually lives in Chicago and only comes to the airport to check people in or escort them through security, which I found odd because I know Cathay only has one to three flights a day out of ORD.

    Regardless, not only did she take us through the fast track line, but she then proceeded to skip past all the other premium passengers. She also pushed us right through to the x-ray(?) machine and grabbed all our stuff for us. The look on the other people’s faces was priceless. Then she even showed us to the British Airways lounge where she told the Cathay Pacific lady working there our names, and the flight we were on, before handing in our lounge invitations. I definitely appreciated it, especially because she was so nice and clearly she just wanted to make the transition to the lounge as smooth as possible. It probably took three minutes from the time of leaving the check-in counter to getting to the lounge, and I definitely felt valued, especially when you travel first class on other airlines, and they don’t do anything for you.

  5. There’s a value in these services for first and business class customers at risk of missing their flight, but if someone arrived a couple of hours before hand, they can wait in the regular line. There is no right for the passenger to have an extra 30 minutes in the lounge.

  6. I have not experienced the escort service and I doubt I will have the opportunity often. My achievements in this hobby seem to have “peaked” at the Business Class level. But I’m very much in favour of escort service, cutting in line, as an aspirational perk of high flying…

    …and as a disruptive conversation starter. Airport security is a nonsense anyway. It’s a multi-billion-dollar barn door, installed after the last horse has already escaped.

    One day I’ll fly in First and it’ll be fun to experience this perk. Or better still, the nonsense will be partly dismantled and this discussion will be moot.

    Meanwhile, for those whose time is very valuable, or for those who are paying big money to the airline (indirectly subsidizing my cheap fare) and for those few, like Ben, who benefit us even more by drawing back the curtain for us (quasi-journalism, I guess), the time-saving benefit of the escort service makes perfect sense.

    An Internationally recognizable person should spend as few seconds as possible in a public queue, for security reasons, and for privacy reasons. Try being Taylor Swift or Rush Limbaugh in an airport queue someday.

  7. I’ve had escorts at LAX when flying OZ F too.

    Ex-JFK I’ve had one from CX, which was funny, because it was the morning flight and security was about 5 people. I didn’t see the need to cut, but the agent did!

  8. One of the few compensations of being a “spoke” passenger rather than a “hub” passenger is that I almost always pass security at my little hometown airport where a long line is 6 people.

  9. flying SQ F from JFK in two weeks… will report if yours we a one-off or a new standard. 🙂

  10. As I understand it in the US the lines in front of TSA checkpoints are the responsibility of the airport. In practice TSA often ends up managing the line, that is why many people think TSA manages the line along with the checkpoints. If that is the case then if the airport has no problem with airlines cutting the line for some passengers I do not see a problem. As far as the ethics of this it is hard to say.

  11. What about “cultural” differences? Trying to “push in a queue” in the UK could get you lynched, whoever you are.

  12. Good question, Lucky. I wouldn’t be embarrassed by that because I am in a different line, not cutting an existing line. Again, it’s my personal hang-ups more than it being ‘okay’. Reminds me of a funny story about how, in Nashville (where I live), they have to personally escort Dolly Parton through security because if not, she would always miss her flights because she would spend too much time visiting with everyone in line and the TSA agents. i have seen her being driven to her gate in a cart and she is waving at everyone like she’s on a parade float. It’s cute.

  13. I have no moral issue with getting to cut the line. If something is going to save me time, I tend not to ask many questions.

    If I am flying a non-U.S. carrier out of the U.S. where they use a terminal where I could get pre-check, I buy a refundable ticket on a pre-check airline and use that to clear security. Then I call and cancel that ticket. I just cannot stand lines, so even if it saves me no actual time, it saves me from having to wait in line and from having to remove my shoes and belt.

  14. @Mark F — and do you not sense any elitism when you’re lying in a bed in the front while someone is sitting in the back, knee to back-of-seat and is having trouble to sleep? It’s a service for which they could pay (or redeem miles, along with the rest of the F experience) but they chose not to.

  15. No experience with being escorted to the front of the line for me at LAX. It was a VERY sad day for me when LAX did away with the Premium security line at the Bradley terminal.

    Given their current set up, it doesn’t look like it’s coming back.

  16. Abdel, I distinguish between experiencing a product that I purchased versus cutting someone in line. YMMV.

  17. Asiana F from Seoul escorts through the line, walks you to the lounge, and then escorts you to the gate. Fantastic service!

    I’ve seen Qatar do it in a couple non-Doha airports

  18. I think line cutting is something you are paying for as a first class passenger. I wouldn’t feel bad about it at all.

  19. Buy a refundable F Class ticket to use the expedited service and then cancel it — can’t believe people actually do that and dare to leave a comment admitting that behaviour. Makes you no different than those who physically cut the line in an visibly uncivilised manner,

  20. I know that there are sometimes people in the PreCheck line who don’t know what it is and take off their shoes, but I don’t get why I need to be escorted when I already have the choice of a prioirity line and/or the PreCheck line. I don’t mind cutting in concept, but I’ve never – knock on wood – spent more than a few minutes in the line waiting to be scanned and felt up.

  21. Look icon pays for First Class then why not? As far as showers on planes go, I book EK specifically over other carriers and flight paths for the shower, after that long on a plane a fresh hot shower allows me to hit the ground running.

    Personal escorting has been around from almost day one in civilian aviation and will continue to do so. It’s business nothing more nothing less so people that it offends need to get over it and board. Those of us that also have Recheck pay for that service, not really much of a difference is there? Your paying for the service

    Travel Safe

  22. Do you tip the escorts? I’ve only experienced this once when I flew in F out of LAX to LHR and I tipped the escort, but not sure if it was expected or needed.

  23. Have flown twice on Air France F out of LAX within the past 9 months and have had somewhat varying experiences. My first experience was nearly identical to what @lucky shared above. My second experience (about 3 weeks ago), I was simply handed my boarding pass by the check-in agent and she pointed me in the direction of security. I then asked her if AF had discontinued their escort service and she looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about. I then asked her to check with a supervisor. About 20 seconds later, a very apologetic La Premiere (their first class) agent rushed up to us and ensured us that the service was definitely still being offered. It turns out that AF had recently changed some of their check in agents to a new contractor and I somehow ended up being handled by one of the newbies. It was really no big deal (just the 20 second delay to get someone more experienced). The great part about the second experience was that AF now uses the Qantas first class lounge (which @lucky has written about and we thoroughly enjoyed – much more so than the Korean Air Business Class lounge we used last time).

    On a related note, I’d argue that the ground service in foreign countries is far more valuable. For example, AF drives you to your jet bridge so that you don’t have to endure the aggravation of Charles de Gaulle airport. 🙂

  24. Qatar did that for me when I was flying out of CAI. It helped immensely since I was one of the last people to check-in and CAI terminal 1 was a bit crazy and overwhelming at the time.

    I never had an escort when I flew Virgin Atlantic from LHR but one thing I liked about their upper class check-in area is how you take a private elevator to a separate entrance for security at LHR Terminal 3. That line barely ever has a queue yet it’s still part of the security area. You don’t feel ‘bad’ for cutting anyone in line and yet you still save a lot of time! If something like that could be implemented in US-based airports, I’d be all for it!

    As for line cutting, it depends on the culture. If I’m running late and I’m an F passenger, I’m all ok with it. However, if I arrived 3 hours early, I do not need to cut in line over passengers who may need to run to their gate to catch the plane!

  25. @Mark F. — Except YMMV in the seat product, too, due to equipment change or simply bad product in this aircraft. In this case it would be a worse product (no escort in this case of comparison) because of some kind of disruption or inconsistency (same as short staffing leading to no escort).

    It really is a product that is just less consistently there than the flat bed.

  26. My most recent experience with Air France at JFK was very much what Lucky experienced at LAX. I was a little squeamish, but the escort had no qualms about barreling through everyone to get me to the front. Of course, it wasn’t the same as private customs & security & BMW ride at CDG but what is?

  27. Escorted from check-in to front of line at security to lounge flying Cathay Pacific First out of Chicago.

  28. This is elitism at the expense of others. Remember, all passengers pay for the TSA inspection and all passengers pay the same. You might pay more miles or dollars to sleep in a flat bed but you pay the same as the lowest fare pax for TSA.
    Not to sound like a commie but this custom was pushed in in 2001 when the airlines were afraid high rev passengers would not stand on line.

  29. @ charles — I don’t disagree, but then how do you justify “premium” security queues? I guess to unbundle the argument a bit further, really it’s the airlines paying for airport infrastructure, which is why it’s also okay for there to be premium security lines.

  30. @ Craig — Hmmm, they do have a premium security line at TBIT, unless I’m missing something?

  31. India and Bali come to mind as places where this is expected and almost necessary.

    At BOM, when you arrive they have a list of all F and J passengers on BA and they escort you inside as well as to the faster immigration line.

    In Bali you used to be able to pay for fast track arrival and departure service, though they apparently have stopped allowing this.

    BA does nothing for their F passengers, though they are finally working on a separate security area that leads straight into the lounges at LHR T5.

  32. Flew F a handful of times at various ports around the world, never did I have an escort to cut lines.
    SQ out of LAX did nothing.

    That said, when being F passenger, I do like if airlines do this extra step.

    However, I wonder if MH will now consider charging for this sort of service for F passengers (assuming that they will still keep F for LHR!), since they are bundling all value-adds! (No Lounge for J passengers if you do not pay up remember? )

  33. Got escorted thru security at KUL when flying LH F for FRA. We were brought to the lounge and then the escort picked us up again when it was time to board and walked us all the way to the gate. We were the last passengers to board the plane.

  34. Cgarles, replying to Lucky
    Just the point, Airlines might pay for infrastructure, might also be rent from vendors and often extra passenger fees/taxes. Airlines do not pay for TSA, passengers pay through a distinct fee on every ticket. This fee is the same whether travelling 80 miles or 7200 miles, same whether the ticket is economy $50 or F at $9999.
    I don’t justify elte lines for security, I DO ENJOY them when I am in those lines.

    I have been hopping to Europe for decades and I am proud of my language abilities. I have overheard Upper management type (C) types that were lamenting not getting escorts when landing in FRA. My thoughts were that if that represents the caliber and abilities of our business leaders we are in trouble. (I did write about this previously and was lambasted. I will agree that it might be different landing in some Asian or Indian Countries.)

  35. I wouldn’t pay extra for an escort but I’d happily pay double to have the power to send a spoiled line cutter to the secondary screening room for some extra attention that results in them missing their flight.

  36. Providing personal escort for First Class travellers through security (expedited) and to the lounge (and later, to aircraft door) is a sensible offering. Narkiness about it has little to do with logic, rather more guided by an emotive greenness about “why should they get something I’m not” – answer, they paid huge amounts in fares or points for such a service.

    The small number of First passengers means that the true effect on security processing wait times from these priority access encounters is non-existent. It ultimately makes zero difference in any substantive way to everyone else’s transit times through security. This is just about the mindset that some people have that no-one should get better than they get, regardless of the fact that inputs are different.

    Where such a service does get problematic is where the numbers of people involved start to get too large – say if it was extended to Business Class passengers (unlikely as staff resources needed would be too high) or to all top tier elites regardless of travel class. Then that’d really start to jam security lines.

    But, limited as it is to First passengers (and only then to some airlines) and invite only über elite frequent flyer status types (again, only some airlines), it’s workable and sensible.

  37. I’ve only experienced this once with LH in BOS and quite honestly I felt squeamish about the experience and being pushed to the front of the line. While I understand what a few people saying about premium passengers paying premium fares, to me this applies to the hard and soft product provided by the airline. Security is provided by an equal fee charged to all travelers and provided by a government agency and philosophically to me we should all be equal in front of the government. The whole “airlines managing lines” feels like a little bit of a fig leaf in this instance. I’m okay with precheck but not with cutting or premium lines.

  38. I’ve been escorted at JFK flying SQ R. But I as flying with wife & baby – so that may have been the reason.

  39. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again you get what you pay for. And even though most people in domestic first and international business are using miles of points the fact still remains they’ve purchased a higher level product with higher level services. And if that means being escorted through everyone in line (amazingly btw Delta does that for me out of LAX when booked on the right flight). But 30-49 minute waits are exactly why I stopped flying commercial sine the advent of NetJets…time is money. The only product that I would consider flying commercial for is the Etihad residence…but then again I know two friends who actually OWN their planes (Desault Falcon 9000 and Challenger 604A) and they’re both dying to fly the residence.
    But back to the original post…I’m shocked when any domestic airline gives that level of service to their premium passengers….save American which is about the only U.S. airline with their stuff together.

  40. Had Qantas First Host escort through MEL flight to LHR last month. Did appreciate it as MEL is a shockingly bad airport. Only problem was I was paired with another pax who was slightly disabled and very slow. She also wanted to stop at an ATM to grab some British Pounds, and was distracted by the glitzy shopping opportunities as well. She should have realized that a wheelchair would have propelled her to the front of both Immigration and security lines~ I would have gladly tagged along as an interested party in those circumstances!

  41. Really like it when airports have fast-track lines for premium-cabin members — that’s very convenient.

    Recently flew SQ R (Suites) NRT-LAX and we weren’t offered an escort although it wasn’t really needed. I think we jumped into an empty Star Gold / Premium line.

  42. yes, Airlines should offer anything they can to enhance the passengers comfort AS LONG AS IT IS THEIRS TO OFFER. Security is provided by the TSA on behalf of the US Government. All fees are paid in equal dollar amounts by every passenger and therefor access to faster or cutting lines is not the airline’s to offer.

  43. Super impressed arriving at JFK last month on an LH flight in F, where an agent escorted us from the airplane door (all four F passengers and one HON passenger), pushed to the front of the immigration queue (which was epic levels of long) at which point we went through instantly. The escort was then waiting on the other side with our luggage!! Amazing! 4mins from airplane door to kerbside at JFK!

    AA Flagship First check-in at LAX a couple of weeks ago, the porter literally pushed his way (with out carry-ons) to the front of the security queue, ignoring the death-stares from other passengers. I get why other people were put off, but for us it was surprisingly great service.

    I have no problem with airlines doing whatever they can to make the entire trip a premium experience, rather than just the product once on-board. If only AA had lounges, hard product or soft product to match the airport porter service!!

  44. I struggle with the fairness of all this as well. I don’t mind a separate line for F or F and B pax, but to allow anyone to be able to pay their way in front of a line I’ve waited in is just wrong. And, Lucas. Ick. Just ick.

  45. My kids skoff and whine when we travel together… because they’ve experienced zero queuing (and pretty much zero screening) when traveling as Unaccompanied Minor on cheapest economy fare. There is airport crew member dedicated to them, and getting to plane or to curbside is a breeze. First class experience at rock bottom prices.

    I often wish to pay those paltry $250 per person for round trip, just to skip the lineups and so-called security screenings. But then, I would prefer that there is no line up at all (for everybody), maybe instead we all should pay for more security personnel?

  46. The best? TG at BKK. Staff won’t even let you touch your hand luggage between check-in and the lounge. Dedicated first security and helpful staff all the way to the lounge (including the cart to get there). LX is excellent with this at JFK, where security is often a disaster, even with premium-class security. LX is also good in DEL, where transfers are a nightmare. (LX uses TG for arrivals at BKK.) I have also always had excellent experiences with AF when flying out of LAX to PPT. The worst? LH out of IAD. Staff think their job is to show you the way, as you might get lost, but do not help with lines or luggage. What’s the point? CX, SQ, and NH are surprisingly poor in this department — no option at all — given the quality of their in-flight service.

  47. Ben, re:LH, what is the policy for F passengers to be greeted on deplaning? I’ve read a few mentions of folks including yourself who have been met on landing and escorted speedily to the curb. However, when we flew LH F BOS-FRA-BOM with a 8 hour layover, there was no escort from the plane either at FRA or BOM.

  48. I agree that expedited security should be available to premium passengers in airports where it is permitted. Some airports like BKK have an independent escort service available for a fee, and if airlines are able to offer this for passengers paying a higher fee, I don’t think it is elitist to take advantage of it.

    As for other airlines that offer such services, JAL/ANA have an unpublished service where they have staff in most airports to escort their VIP thru security (usually higher ranked corporates/government officials). As a Oneworld emerald, Malaysia has offered me escort service even when flying business, allowing me to cut through the large queue at LAX, which was a great plus. Am not sure if they offer this now with their current financial situation…

  49. I have only been escorted and cut in line twice as a first/business class passenger, and both times (Athens Airport flying Lufthansa and Hong Kong Airport flying Cathay) were because I was late through no fault of mine.

    I actually really like the system set up by Thai Airways in Bangkok, where they have dedicated immigration counters and security check for First/Business Class passengers flying Thai Airways. They are separate from the other lines and no one gets upset from being cut in line. The queue is always short because only Thai passengers are allowed to use it. The same happened to me at Frankfurt flying Lufthansa. I was arriving as a transit passenger so I didn’t get to use the First Class Terminal, but I and two other first class passengers on my flight were escorted from the lounge to a separate security check area away from the main area. We were the only 3 people there.

    The US differs in that it doesn’t have a national flag carrier, unlike Thai or Air France, and while I don’t know much about airport security setups, I think a flag carrier can get away with offering at its “home” airport separate immigration and security for its own first/business passengers.

  50. @Lucky @charles: I think there is quite a difference between premium security lines and ‘cutting the line’ via airline escorts:
    Premium security lines: They are arranged by the airport and there are agreements with the airlines who is allowed to use them. Of course it is elitism but so is premium travel in general.
    Being escorted to the front of the line: From what is said in the post, this is not agreed with the operator of the security lines but just tolerated. For me this is not different and equally impolite than just cutting to the front of the line on one’s own, just that no one dares complaining if the one cutting the line is an airline/airport employee instead of just a passenger and it is them being impolite.
    So – from my point of view – your experience with your Singapore escort even cutting the crew of another flight was not ‘exceptionally good’ but them being exceptionally rude.

  51. I have mixed feeling towards escort services. On one hand they are an absolute time saver, especially at CDG or LAX and when you are traveling with family. I’ve never experienced it at a US airport but in Europe security agents often try to help you cut the line or even open a new lane for you if they see that you are travelling with a little child in a stroller. And it’s usually regardless of your booking class. (I love traveling with my baby cousin 🙂 !) On the other hand I find it awkward as well. With a baby I can settle it with myself saying that I’m with a small child and they’re just being attentive. But if I travel alone and I’m being escorted I have this uncomfortable smile on my face. I switch to inner-bitch-mode to be more comfortable telling myself that I worked hard for those miles to be able to book First Class. 😀

  52. Having read everyone upthread (including the flame meant for me about my “aspirations”) I just realized the problem: the visibility of the escorting service.

    I have arrived BKK in a premium cabin, been given a “fast track” ticket to use the exclusive area for Immigration control and cleared quickly, out of view of the economy passengers. Out of sight, out of mind.

    So, maybe we should be looking at this a different way. The airlines (airports?) are cheaping out, exposing premium pax to the jealous “death glares” of the unprivileged.

    In YYZ, there are so many tiers of “premium screening” it’s hilarious. This lane for Amex Platinum cardholders, This lane for NEXUS members, this lane for diplomats and airline crew, this line for disabled, etc. All end up at the same screening point, but each has a different amount of floor to cover to get there. So silly.

    Put premium screening in a separate room.

  53. @ Gaurav — You won’t typically get one upon arrival in Frankfurt, unless you arrive at a remote stand. That being said, you should get one upon arrival at non-German airports. Surprised you didn’t have one in India.

  54. Does Swiss offer an escort service for first class at airports outside of Switzerland like MIA or ORD? Also do they have an arrivals service in ZRH?

  55. @ Ted — I don’t believe they have an arrivals service, and I don’t think they consistently offer a service outside of Switzerland, though in practice they often do.

  56. I had a pretty different escorting experience from anyone else’s in here. I was flying Cathay Pacific from LAX to HKG on J class a few days ago. The agent found that I was under 21 (actually even under 18), so she offered me a meal voucher or a lounge invitation but with an escort all the time. I chose to insist on going to the lounge anyway. So I sat in the designated area for a couple of minutes, updating my social media accounts, then a sweet Filipino-American girl came to me and escorted me through security with using the “special assistance” lane which let me pass through tons of economy passengers and many business/first class passengers. After security, she committed me to a Mexican lady who could barely speak English, she sat somewhere she could see me (it was not that bothersome and creepy as you can imagine) in the lounge all the time (except I was taking shower). Anyway, it was a pretty interesting and unique experience.

  57. I always get it in the US stations. In one particular location both LH and LX do not pay for nor recognize TSA PreCheck so they escort you to the front of the queue. Not sure if I agree with it but they know us and I won’t start a brawl over it…

  58. Flying out of IAD on Air France in F I’m embarrassed to say I don’t remember the looks of the people waiting in line as we were escorted to the front. It was quite a nice experience.

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