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I have the “Ask Lucky” page of the blog, where y’all can ask questions at any time, no matter how specific they are. However, I figured I’d made a post to see what more general topics you guys would like to see me cover. Feel free to let me know what you’d like to read about in the comments section (whether it has to do with award tickets, credit cards, airline travel, destinations, or whatever), and I’ll write about the most requested topics in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. 1)What credit cards are currently in your wallet and why? What cards are you planning to get?

    2) Just as you value miles/points, how abotu your luggage/travel gear? What are your must-have carry-on items to make your traveling easier. What items do you splurge on (bang for your buck items) e.g. luggages, gadgets, etc..

    3) How do you exchange $. Methods, tips, tricks?

    4) How do you plan your trips? What websites, maps, apps, etc…Trip planning is consuming so it will be great if we can see tricks you may use. For example, a buddy of mine uses googlemap (my places)to mark all his sites (can be saved down) that he want to see. Then it will be easier to see what sites we will visit on a certian day since certain sites are all cluster in 1 area vs another. The other cool thing is you can save the map down and if you ever come back to the city you remmeber all the places you have visited..

    Thanks Lucky!

  2. Personally, I would love to see a series of post on how to best utilize status matches for Air, Hotel and car rentals. Maybe also include cards that carry status.

  3. I would lie to know which route have the best saver business class space to Europe particularly with OneWorld and star alliance

  4. 1. Credit card rental car insurance
    2. Luggage reviews
    3. Other modes of transportation (Amtrak, Mega Bus, etc.)

  5. Earning miles/ hotels points as cheap as possible without credit cards.

    For readers from Europe it is impossible to acquire a lot of points through credit cards. So it would be nice to read about different ways.

  6. I’d like to learn more about booking last minute trips with miles. Specifically, flights that span weekends/long weekends booked the week of. There doesn’t seem to be much info out there on maximizing miles for last minute bookings, and I know it’d be helpful for people like myself who don’t have the luxury of booking weeks/months in advance because of work.

  7. +1 For credit card rental car insurance

    Maybe some high level international travel topics like if/when/where to get foreign currency when traveling or tips for certain destinations like when to take public transit vs. taxi or things to be wary of.

  8. I’m Canadian and most US-topics aren’t too relevant for me but I still like to read them, thanks Lucky

    I do want to see more BUSINESS CLASS reviews/trip reports. This should benefit worldwide readers

    After all, there are MORE Business class flyers than First class flyers, and it costs “only” 125K Aeroplan instead of 175K šŸ™‚

  9. 1. Your breakdown and opinion of the top 5 *hard* products in F.

    2. Your TR from MLE (which you’ve been promising)

  10. Tips on finding non-united premium award space to Australia. Seems that both AirNZ and AC have almost zero J space over the next year. Tricks? Timing?

  11. How about the topic of scamming tourists (common, not so common). How to detect them and what to do if you get caught up in one. Also, how to prevent and/or deal with a taxi driver trying to scam you. (e.g. Istanbul,Rome)

  12. What electronics does Lucky carry with him? Ipad, Kindle, MP3?

    What are the must pack items that you take on each trip? Not counting passport, credit cards, money and such.

    Would like to see you spend more time on the ground and giving more around town expereinces

  13. For us unfortunate souls who are aligned with Skyteam, I would like to read your analysis of trip reports on Skyteam partners business products and lounges. For example:
    1. to Europe and beyond, DL vs. AF vs KL
    2. to Asia, DL vs KE vs CZ vs MU

  14. I would like to read about Airline, Hotel and Car rental status. It would be nice to lay a foundation on quick ways to get status with each such as Credit Card (Free Status or Spend to get status) and status matching.

  15. Travel with pets. Many of us do and there’s few resources. The hotel situation is especially hard.

    And also second Jon- Amtrak, rental cars and Megabus. No one covers them.

  16. I would like more of what you might call advocacy coverage. The different ways that the airlines and hotels can mprove their programs–not just unrealistic fantasies, but things they could and should do to be more useful and fair. Also some sense of what people can do to apply pressure–there are enough people who are travel and mileage junkies that there should be a way to make the companies more responsive, in ways that fairly take into account that they are for-profit businesses, and it is not their problem to help people game the system. The best case in point where pressure should really be applied is Delta’s terrible redemption system–an outrage that defies logic. In any event, thanks for asking and keep up the great work.

  17. I’d like to see you give a travel tips report-similar to Rick Steves. Showing what luggage you use, how you pack light, how you book the travel, jet lag tips, etc…

  18. Agreed on Amtrak, rental cars. Discount codes, how to save, how far in advance to reserve for best rate, etc.

    Cancellation policies; how to make the most of a cancelled award ticket

    Valuation of current airline/hotel redemption charts so we can apply it to our own cards; right now I have met all sign up requirements and don’t like any current offers so trying to decide which card to use for every day spending.

  19. More AA mileage running opportunities. I too am looking to renew my EXP status. The Brazil and China posts are a good start.

  20. I think you should go take a look at the responses Gary got to a similar question, and help him work through the list of suggested topics! šŸ™‚

  21. Definitely car rental insurance. This one totally confuses me. Should I take out the AMEX at $17.95 per rental. Is there a difference if I have my own car insurance vs not having a car and the appropriate insurance.

    Other area of interest for me is I am thinking of letting go of most of my credit cards, tired of having them taking up space in my life. If I should do so what are the ways the miles can be kept alive in each program.

  22. Who’s a good double dip partner these days for HHonors? Since BD is gone now, no real front runners seem to jump out. Better to just go all points?

  23. I also would like to see more about what you do in the places you visit. What to see, where to eat, etc… I know you can find this type of info online but nothng better to get your personal opinion on a restaurant, tour, etc…

  24. How best to book reservations when one person needs to pay (to get elite miles) and partner wants award space. Upgrades for companion?

  25. Everyone mentions a million ways of earning miles and points but there’s no way each person does every trick.

    How many did you earn last month? How did you earn them?

  26. I would be interested to read about value-based reward redemption, i.e. where are the hotels that offer the biggest bang for the point. You’ve done a great job with that as far as flights are concerned, but I’d love to read your, say, favorite SPG Category 3/4/5 hotels, domestically or abroad.

    To that end, as a recent first time SPG Platinum who has yet to net an upgraded room in four stays ytd, I’d also love to hear about properties that do a good job in terms of delivering award amenities.

    Love the blog, keep up the great work!


  27. For trip reports, I’d like to see some reviews for airlines that are either overlooked or where not a lot of reviews exist for them. Reading about how great EK/SQ/CX are is nice but what about other airlines within the alliance? And would like to read your Santiago trip report.

    Otherwise, would like a post on foreign frequent flyer programs other than BA and AC and which ones could be beneficial to transfer miles to- like how SQ and LH offer more availability than for their partners.

  28. I’d love to see top 10 lists of the best hotels for redemptions based on hotel chain. For example, what are the best Hilton properties for award stays? What are the best InterContinentals? etc.

    I’d also want to know if the hotels recognize status for award nights. Thanks!

  29. Oops meant to type “on their own metal than their partners do.”

    Also would like a “how to maximize maximum MPM rules” post but i’ll dig in the archives for that to see if there’s something there first.

  30. I would like to see the top ‘deals’ for each major airport
    for example, if there is a great point redemption out of San Fran that other airports don’t have, or maybe just the positives of each airport:
    close to these attractions, or these hotel chains, or good launch off point for another continent, or they have lounges for an airline
    I don’t know destinations or airports well enough so knowing a bit more would get me prepared or inspired to go to one

  31. Two topics I like to hear about:

    1) I heard from a friend that he tries to find the longest connection time between his flights. That way, he has time to go to the city and look around. He also said the airlines will pay for his hotel if the connection involves overnight. Is that accurate? If so, does that work if using points/miles as well to book the fight?

    2) A re-cap of the connection (stopover) rules if using points. I know this is probably somewhere in your post. Maybe an update of the previous write up.

  32. How about a recurring series on rental cars.

    Topics could be around:
    – how to rent in the various parts of the world

    – how to get/use miles for them

    – what credit cards are best for paying/insurance

    – what companies are dominant on the different continents (Avis, Sixt, local brands, etc)

    – what kind of cars are there in other nations (i.e. what is a compact in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle east)

    – what relationships do other airlines have with rental companies (if flying Air France, ANA, or Aegean, is there a special deal with them?) For instance, I guess KLM has a rental car code that causes the Disney faithful to drool over themselves, and rumor has it that it includes liability insurance! haven’t been able to prove that, but whatever.

    – Best place to find rental car discounts

    – when is it best to use a car service or public transportation versus rental car

    – what licensing requirements are there globally

    Big hole in this area that could help/hinder mileage accrual/spend and travel in general.

  33. – Management of issues with bookings, wrong/bad treatment at hotels, airlines, lounges ( you used to mention your encounters with TSA agents)

    – learn what are you doing now better than lets say 4 years ago in terms of bookings, trips and product selection; so we can compare using your experience.

  34. I think is funny how people ask you about so many different things, and is GREAT! I would actually like to know straight and forward about TIMING. When is the best time to book First, Business, Economy by airlines and by zones (from US to Asia, from South America to Europe, etc). This could save us so much stress!!!!
    I know this could change at any moment without notice but maybe if is a master thread with updates, it could work.
    Thanks again for all your work!!
    Once Again I LOVE YOU!

  35. I would like to see the following:
    1) Best ways to use miles to fly to Europe this summer especially using AA or United miles
    2) Also whether if you have hotel points you can use them to book hotels for other people if you are not traveling with them?

  36. I struggle with stopover/open jaws on awards as I usually go point A to B in J and don’t know how to add cities in between to maximize the award –
    Also with US merger I need a new Star partner to earn non-flying miles (out of PHL I fly US or BA so will be OW)

  37. Delta/Sky Team redemptions and resulting trip reports. You like a challenge and some of us are stuck with lots of Delta points wandering how best to use them.

  38. Lucky,

    I follow your blog everyday – it’s one of the best mileage/points resources in the world.

    I am based in Asia, though, and I would appreciate any attention you can give us non-US based followers of your blog.

    All the exciting credit card deals that US based readers means little to us, and I would really like advice on how to maximise points/miles without the easy credit card route. Perhaps your advice will be that it isn’t even worth pursuing points/miles without the credit card sign-on bonuses…but let’s see what you say! Any advice appreciated!


  39. Please post your Maldives trip report, am hoping to visit there next year and I find your TRs very helpful!

    Also, did you ever finish the India TR as well? (with flight posts, etc)

  40. Do you think the AA merger will affect the value of a UA mile due to industry consolidation and also what would be a fair trading ratio between a UA ff mile and Hyatt GP point? Thanks!

  41. I would like you to breakdown the difference in using priceline orbitz etc. VS booking straight up with hotel for status, bennies, etc. Which one is more worth it and whats the benefits and costs(travel portals, elite status, etc)

  42. How about redemption opportunities for families of 4? Ie which airlines and routes give chances for families to get seats in premium cabins.

  43. Tips on getting from the US to Australia using Oneworld.

    I appreciated the recent post about using non-United Star Alliance to get there.

  44. I’d like to fly pdx to shanghai with stop in Hong Kong and fly first class all the way using united miles. Is it possible to do this with Asiana through Chicago?

  45. Lucky,

    We are family of 5 (3 kids). My q is:

    Which Alliance is the best option for 5 tickets of RTW? We can be separate part of the trip and then meet at some stopovers. We would like to do the below: USA->Europe->Middle East (Egypt, Morocco)->Africa (Safari)-> Southeast Asia or Oceania or Australia-> USA (tack on a free one way to Hawaii or Alaska if we can for a later date).


  46. 1. Best business class redemptions in the 3 alliances
    2. How to get a business credit card (do you have to be the owner, what if you have no business income)
    3. When is booking through a 3rd party site (Orbitz, Priceline) worth it
    4. Intro to fuel dumping
    5. More uses of Skymiles/Skyteam partners

  47. I’m interested in rules on changing award tickets on airlines, specifically United. I booked a Saver award to Hawaii over the holidays in Dec 13. It’s not the ideal date or time, but it was the only Saver award I have seen for that time. If something else better comes up, what are my options to rebook? Thanks.

  48. Would be great if you could share your thoughts on the best trans-Atlantic premium products (and perhaps award availablity?)


  49. @Lucky Got a *very* miscellaneous question for you straight from A11 at DFW! Do you ever find that when you’re using in-ear headphones on a flight and the captain/FA turns on the PA, that you literally feel like your ears are about to explode? Is there no way the sockets could be manufactured to take into account your volume settings (which with in-ear phones I usually find on the very minimum!).

    Surely I can’t be the only one to find this frustrating!

  50. @ Pete — Hah, have faced the same issue before as well. Wish they’d do something about it, but doubt it’s their top priority.

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