Gorgeous: New WestJet Elevation Lounge Calgary

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WestJet is about to open its first-ever airport lounge, and it looks stunning!

WestJet Elevation Lounge Calgary details

WestJet will be opening the Elevation Lounge at Calgary International Airport (YYC) on Monday, November 2, 2020, and it will be open daily from 7AM until 9:30PM.

The new 9,300 square foot lounge looks boast panoramic views and Canadian-inspired details. Here are some of the features you can expect in the lounge:

  • Chef-designed and freshly prepared menu that highlights local and seasonal ingredients
  • Signature beverages designed and delivered by dedicated bartenders; a premium selection of wine, and beer options from Calgary’s breweries, including WestJet’s Elevation beer on tap by The Dandy Brewing Company, and an XPA by Annex Ale Project
  • Dedicated focus spaces to unplug or plug-in for business and leisure featuring wifi, free printing, and reservable meeting space with digital amenities
  • Refreshing spaces including reservable and private shower facilities
  • Curated Canadian products from local companies such as Rocky Mountain Soap Company and Calgary’s own Fratello Coffee Roasters
  • Dedicated family space with activities for kids to interact with and explore

Where is the Elevation Lounge located?

The WestJet Elevation Lounge Calgary will be located in the domestic terminal, concourse B:

  • Guests departing from concourses A, B, or C, will be able to use the lounge
  • Guests departing from concourse D in the international terminal can access the lounge via security checkpoint B or C before proceeding to concourse D
  • The lounge can’t be accessed by those traveling to the US, due to the Pre-Clearance facility

Who can access the Elevation Lounge?

There are quite a few passengers potentially eligible for lounge access:

  • WestJet Rewards Platinum, Gold, and Silver members are eligible for complimentary lounge access based on their tier benefits; Platinum and Gold members get unlimited lounge access (including for their family, plus guest vouchers), while Silver members get four lounge access vouchers per year
  • Guests in business class on the Boeing 787-9 (including connections when a business fare has been purchased) also enjoy complimentary access
  • Priority Pass, LoungeKey, Lounge Club, and Diners Club members may use the lounge
  • Other guests, including those traveling on other airlines, are welcome to access the lounge for a fee — the cost is 59 CAD for those traveling on WestJet, and 65 CAD for those traveling on other airlines

The maximum stay for all guests in the lounge is three hours.

What precautions does the Elevation Lounge have in place?

In the coronavirus era lounges look very different than they used to, so it goes without saying that WestJet probably had to make some adjustments as it prepared to open the lounge. Here are the policies you can expect at the WestJet Elevation Lounge:

  • Touchless, self-serve entry for those passengers who have lounge access through their tickets
  • Face masks are required for staff and guests when not eating and drinking
  • Capacity will be kept under 50%, with distanced seat layout and six-foot markers
  • There will be a digital menu service, so food and drinks can be ordered through your phone and will be delivered directly to you
  • There will be plexiglass shields at high interaction areas, hand sanitizer stations throughout, and enhanced cleaning of high touch point areas

Pictures of the new WestJet Lounge Calgary

Here are some pictures of the new WestJet Elevation Lounge:

WestJet Elevation Lounge entrance

WestJet Elevation Lounge touchless entry

WestJet Elevation Lounge main seating area

WestJet Elevation Lounge bar

WestJet Elevation Lounge bar

WestJet Elevation Lounge comfortable seating

WestJet Elevation Lounge semi-private seating

WestJet Elevation Lounge fireplace

WestJet Elevation Lounge shower suite

WestJet Elevation Lounge family space

WestJet Elevation Lounge family space

WestJet Elevation Lounge artwork (ugh, people who photograph with iPads)

WestJet Elevation Lounge meeting space

WestJet Elevation Lounge beer

Bottom line

WestJet will be opening its first lounge next week, which is a big step for this former low-cost carrier. WestJet has become significantly more premium in recent years, and last year even started service with 787-9s, featuring an excellent business class product.

As the airline continues to move upmarket, it’s now getting its first lounge. I have to say, the WestJet Elevation Lounge looks beautiful, especially for a lounge that Priority Pass members also have access to. I love the design, and I look forward to seeing more about what the food & drink selection will be like.

What do you make of WestJet’s new lounge?

  1. The chaise lounge area with the completely clear glass windows facing the walkway seems… zoo-like? “Look honey, people in the business class lounge we can’t get into! Let’s stare at them!”

    At least frost the glass or put some blinds… that’s just awkward as-is.

  2. They should have excluded priority pass and lounge key.
    The lounge is going to explode due to overcrowding.

  3. @Ben – saw your remark on “ugh, people who photograph with iPads”. You’ll be happy to know it’s actually meant to be an augmented reality app that lets you interact with the artwork

  4. Looks nice enough. But I have to say I’m disappointed in the fireplace. Can we just stop burning fossil fuels as decoration?

  5. @YULtide

    As someone who lives in YUL, shouldn’t you know better? Fireplaces are functional in most of Canada for many months in the year.

  6. @David

    Actually, I happen just now to live in YEG, and I can say these fireplaces are entirely decorative, and a waste of fossil fuels.

  7. Scrolling through Twitter, and having a quick first glance at the (primary image of this article) photo of the bar assumed the article was about Qantas London Lounge… looks very similar to their bar you’ll find on the second level.

  8. Very pretty, understated, and inviting. Looks like they retained the same designers used for United Polaris Lounges.

  9. Looks great. Another step in Westjet’s transformation from the Southwest discount model to the Virgin Australia full-service model. I hope it works! Do they have plans to open up any other own-branded lounges, especially in Toronto at their T3 hub, Vancouver or Edmonton?

  10. I would try it even though the other lounges are in a league of their own compared to US lounges. One pet peeve is why do so many places have gas fire places? Even if you’re not into the global theory its a waste of a finite resource. Unless its bio gas.

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