W Hotels Drops Bliss In Favor Of Davines

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This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since this change has already slowly been implemented at some properties, though it’s now official.

For years W Hotels has had a partnership with Bliss, both to provide their toiletries at hotels, and also to brand some of their spas, as many W properties have Bliss Spas. Well, that’s going to be changing.

Bye bye Bliss…

W Hotels is switching up their toiletries from Bliss to Davines this year (2020), including the introduction of three new products exclusive to W Hotels.

…hello Davines

The hotel group describes Davines as an Italy-based, luxury sustainable beauty brand with a “cult following.” The switch will include Davines and /skin regimen/ best-sellers, as well as exclusive new formulas, available only to W guests.

While they are initially rolling out toiletries in individual containers, by the end of 2020 W Hotels plans to offer amenities in waste-reducing, full-size bottles, as part of Marriott’s plan to eliminate single-use toiletries globally.

You can expect to find the following products at W Hotels:

  • Davines MOMO Shampoo
  • Davines MOMO Conditioner
  • Davines MOMO Shower Gel (W exclusive)
  • /skin regimen/ Body Cream (W exclusive)
  • /skin regimen/ Cleansing Cream
  • /skin regimen/ Vegetable Soap (W exclusive)

As Anthony Ingham, W Hotels’ Global Brand Leader, describes the new partnership:

“W takes a bold approach to self-care and this new brand collaboration is no exception. In choosing a new amenity line, we road tested many brands and formulations and not only love the way the Davines Group products look, smell and feel, but the values they stand for as a company. We are very excited to bring these products to all of our guest rooms across the globe.”

Along the same lines, currently W has both AWAY Spas and Bliss Spas, and going forward they’ll simply have AWAY Spas at all of their locations. These products will also be featured there.

Bottom line

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Bliss fan, though I certainly feel more favorably towards those products than many of the other toiletry brands that hotels use. In particular, I also liked that W Hotels had face wash from Bliss, which you don’t often see at hotels.

That being said, I’ve heard pretty good things about the new toiletries, so I’m hoping that this is in fact an improvement.

I’d be curious to know what caused W and Bliss to cut ties, since they’ve had such a close partnership up until now. When I think of W Hotels, Bliss is one of the first thing that comes to mind (along with rooms without trash cans, comfortable furniture, or private showers), and vice versa.

How do you feel about this transition for W Hotels? Did you like their Bliss products?

  1. Davines is very high quality stuff (no I don’t work for them or am in anyway associated with them) .

    I have used it for several years and I find it to be very nice. Enjoy!

  2. Serious question here. What makes one brand of soap or shampoo or pick a toiletry…better than others? I stay in nice hotels generally and none of the stuff seems any better than the cheap Suave stuff I use at home.

  3. So spoiler alert most of these are all pretty much the same. They outsource to Sysco Guest Services / Gilchrist / Marietta who backs whatever fly by night brand they’re funding and then uses the same base with different scent.

  4. @Dave, cheaper shampoos tend to be more harsh on the hair or scalp. Their fragrances also tend to be more cloying or artificial.

  5. I don’t really care about this other than the apparent elimination of the face wash, which was always something I appreciated at Ws.

  6. Bliss fabulous foaming face wash is pretty good. They now sell it at target (albeit in smaller containers).

  7. Just on the looks the bliss brand looks cheap and nasty.

    ‘Soapy Suds’ does not indicate a quality product to me mre like something you’d see in a £/$/€ 1 store!

  8. Tried it at W Montreal last fall and I liked it! Very herbal/mossy. I just finished the shampoo bottle this morning actually. It’s not Le Labo, but still good

    For me, the soap in a very important part of the hotel brand. I like what my skin and hair smell when I’m at a Design Hotel or a Fairmont and the smell follows me at home.

  9. This probably has somewhat to do with Bliss’s re-branding over the last few years and their move into mass market outlets, it doesn’t have the premium brand feel that it used to. Many of those working in the Bliss Spas have made similar comments on recent visits.

    They don’t appear to be getting rid of a face wash, the cleansing cream from momo is a face wash, but it doesn’t have the “scrubbers” that the Bliss one did.

  10. @Jason but there are “cheap” shampoos, soaps, etc that are gentle and not expensive. You see that a lot in skincare with brands like CeraVe, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, etc. The “luxury” brands aren’t even anywhere as gentle and compatible with all skin types as dermatological brands like Sebamed. They tend to just contain unnecessary and potentially irritating colors and fragrances. As someone with sensitive skin I would prefer it if hotels just offered solid basic brands with gentle cleansers suitable for sensitive skin types. I honestly prefer Neutrogena from Hilton brands over every luxury toiletry brand they put in hotels.

  11. I was surprised when these were in my room in Chicago last week. They were actually a nice change from Bliss who had gotten just stupid expensive. A good move!

  12. Tried the new stuff recently at the W DC. The shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel smell AWFUL. Thankfully, the other stuff is good / better than the old Bliss stuff.

  13. Awesome, I was never really a fan of the bliss scents.

    I actually really like the ThisStuffWorks products they are rolling out at Marriott.

  14. We’ve been the first and only salon for many years in Santa Monica, CA featuring Davines products- it has a huge following. So much for being niche.

  15. LOVE Davines products!! Would I stay at more W hotels because of this? Maybe. I generally don’t fit into the W target audience, but they are tolerable in Asia. This is definitely a trade up from Bliss.

  16. I racked up 155 nights last year and on track for 100 this year, switching it up between Marriott’s ‘Luxury’ brands. I’ve used both products and I do love the new line, although I prefer Le Labo, Byredo, and Laboratoire Remède (Edition, Luxury Collection, and St Regis). This is a great move for the W brand though, as they have been working diligently on their new image.

    My favorite part about my stays is being able to take home the amenities that I use, so it’s a shame that Marriott is doing away with this. I understand why they might make this move at ‘Longer Stays’, ‘Select’, and even SOME of the ‘Premium’ brands, but I highly disagree with this move in their ‘Luxury’ brands.

    It would be great if Marriott could still offer individual containers in the Luxury segment (I love how they give you larger sizes in suites; such a nice touch), but focus on environmentally friendly packaging, like they did with Davines/Skin Regiment. Sadly, this seems like a way for Marriott to add pennies to the bottom line and sell it as a sustainability decision.

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